Friday, 27 March 2015

The Taming Of Japan

In the tumult and chaos of the 21st Century ''Global Society'' one could be forgiven for thinking of Japan as an oasis of calm where tradition and  homogeneity are fused with the high tech and modern. In actual fact you would be mistaken, according to the UN Japan is a hot bed of ''racism'' and ''intolerance'' and needs to get its act in order quick sharp. Japan has long been a thorn in the Cultural Marxist's side, not just the Jewish overlords but the idiot SJWs who have to explain why becoming like Pakistan or Mexico is better than remaining a homogeneous nation such as Japan. At first glance the issue seems to be the eternal desire of the Global Elite to break down every society into a consumerist spiritual dead zone where the sons of Africa mingle with Nordics and all are levelled by their desire to own a new Telephone or car. This, in the West, always begins by sowing doubt and a ''Culture of Critique'' into the native population so they are already psychologically weakened and broken when the diversity arrives. Examples of Japan's alleged ''Hate Speech'' infringements are documented by one NGO as :

'' In 2010, a 12-year old half-Filipino girl had been persistently bullied and molested by others at
school, who continuingly hurled words such as “dirty” or “stinking” at her for one year, and the
girl committed suicide. The parents of the girl has brought the case to the civil court and, in 2014,
the Maebashi district court has recognised the responsibility of the school.''

 '' On 25 May 2014, three teenagers (16 – 19 years old) were arrested in Saga prefecture on the
suspicion of violence that these persons have thrown raw eggs several times from a car to a
Nepalese student, who was on his way on the street by bicycle. According to the language school,
where the Nepalese student is presently learning Japanese, in total 19 foreign students have been
attacked with raw eggs and air guns since December 2013. The case is currently being
investigated by the police.34''

 Even in a ''progressive'' basket case such as England these ''Hate Crimes'' wouldn't warrant much more than a couple of days coverage in the MSM, and more, the targeted society will not even be made uncomfortable by such reports until after they have had a good dose of self loathing and historic guilt driven into them by Cultural Marxists, which Japan has not, indeed, the Japanese education system has consistently tossed out ''progressive education'' and remained a doggedly proud unapologetic people.

 And that would include World War 2, and that brings us slightly closer to what is happening.

 Unlike here in the ''Free West'' the Japanese people are free to discuss and investigate anything they like about World War 2, both the forces which instigated the conflict, who gained, who committed which atrocities and why. 

The Yushukan War Museum in Japan greets visitors with:

 ''Yasukuni Shrine also operates a war museum of the history of Japan (the Yūshūkan), which some observers[who?] have criticized as presenting a revisionist interpretation. A documentary-style video shown to museum visitors portrays Japan's conquest of East Asia during the pre-World War II period as an effort to save the region from the imperial advances of the colonial Western powers called the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere". Displays portray Japan as a victim of foreign influence, especially Western undermining of trade''

Japan, of course, was a nation allied to Nazi Germany in World War 2, and Hitler was far more blunt when describing just who and what controlled Western finance and, presumably, many Japanese people with an interest in history are starting to join the dots. But even more importantly, if Japan has freedom to question these events and the people who shaped them, then why can't Europeans? How ''free'' are we, people may well start to ask and further, who is silencing us and why?

 This is the real reason the Globalist Establishment are now trying to silence the Japanese, not moronic protests against Koreans.

 In the 1905 war between Russia and Japan the Jewish banker Jacob Schiff, who would go on to bankroll the Bolshevik coup, gave Japan massive financial aid. This led the Japanese to start thinking of Jews as ''Fugu'' or Puffer fish, you treat Fugu very carefully and you may be rewarded, become careless and the Fugu will poison you.

 It would seem the Fugu now has its spikes primed and is moving toward Japan, let us hope the Japanese have not forgotten how to handle it.

                                           The Poisonous and deadly Fugu.

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