Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Anti White Advertising-Sky Movies

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the new Sky Movies commercial, if you pause it at 30 seconds in and scroll the bar along with the mouse there appears to be an actual white man with two white boys, it lasts for 0.3 seconds and then we return to the diversity. Unlike the blink and you'll miss it scene of a normal white man the camera hangs on another white man and his down syndrome daughter for an extended period of time. I couldn't help but ponder, if this is all the white man is capable of producing by way of a next generation then who on earth will keep the NHS ticking over? Fortunately I didn't have to wait long for an answer because the next scene was of a white woman with a powerfully built black buck.

Phew, thank heavens for that, perhaps this couple will be capable of taking care of the sad white loser who can't keep a woman and whose seed is faulty. Just to hammer the message all the way home we are then graced with yet more lavish displays of ''vibrant'' and energetic kids, almost all of whom are Asian, half caste or black.

 We are then introduced to two more white men, aha, I thought, a couple of white lads sitting down to watch the footy. Alas, no, they are queer! and seem to be having trouble with the remote control. We then flash back again, using an uber modern rapid editing technic which is like a strobe  pounding your brain stem to more multi racial kids. These queers aren't even going to manage a handicapped kid, so thank heavens for all of those Alpha blacks, and all the white women who are being brainwashed by bilge such as this into obliterating 50,000 years of evolution.

I guess as a white man I'd actually be considered Sky's core audience, despite it all my demographic still represents the most lucrative share of any market, yet Sky's message seems to be ''You white guys go fuck yourselves while the blacks take your women''. And they can do it because white men will put up with it, isn't it about time we told Sky and other Anti white organizations to go fuck themselves?

 The logical next step from portraying white men as seedless weaklings or queers is to phase them out completely, and that is precisely what Sainsbury's have done in their Easter TV commercial.

Behold the future, white men are extinct and white women serve as baby making machines to produce mulattoes for Global Inc.

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