Sunday, 12 April 2015

Chevrolet Traverse - The New Us

This one from Chevrolet is a jaw-dropper, the new us indeed. It's a veritable Agenda™ Gatling gun. Apparently this was big news a while ago.

0:00 Nice, non-threatening middle-class black family. Matriarch surrounded by children/grandchildren [stability] Reinforced by lots of family photos. Presence of implied daughter/daughter-in-law and son/son-in-law [black men abandon their kids? No way!]. Don't worry everyone, the future of our society is in safe hands.

Paging Norman Rockwell.

0:02 Mixed race couple of some sort. Her - partly black. Him - Asian. Thus a real rarity. Only one child but only a baby and they seem young [plenty of chances for more]

Quick, pretend we're a real family.

0:03 White couple with children, some sort of normality, so award at least +1 point for that. But they there to remind us that the other families are just the same - normal. Note that dad is balding [unattractive/low value]. Also he never looks at the camera at all, minimising his presence.

We're going to be a minority, pretend you're happy about it.

0:05 Black nuclear family (with some white admixture presumably). Put in just in case we were to start thinking the stable black family at the start were some kind of anomaly. Note the kids art work on table [high parental investment].

The future belongs to us kids

0:06 Well blow me down, another mixed race family! This time him - white, her - Asian. Again with the family photos in the background.

Win/win. He gets to parade his diverse credentials and the kids will learn the violin.

0:07 Now what have we here. Single white dad [failure/weakness] and two boys. Where is mother? Has she died, left him? And the kid in the red top rings a false note, what's his ethnic origin? [Non-white mother/adopted]

Stop teasing the cat Cuckoo.

0:09 Another white couple. I assume just to remind us that all families are the same. But they only have one older kid [infertility/no more to come]. Also the visual assault of such hideous whiteness is mitigated by fractionally less screen time than other families and the woman is never clearly depicted, just a blur. (see earlier white family). Dad is wearing glasses [weakness]

It's my wife Doc, she's out of focus all the time.

0:10 The advert opens a second front in the culture war! A gay couple with kids! (that sound you can hear is the thud as a thousand female Daily Mail commenters swoon in ecstasy and hit the floor). The depiction of homosexuals is a passive/aggressive meme in it's own right. Officially it's the most wonderful thing in human history - ever! (Well, until trannies took that position about five minutes ago) But note that both men are white, so in fact the dog whistle tells us white = gay = weakness or rather [weakness].


0:11 It's anyone's guess as to what the deal is with this scene. Mum (mixed race?) and girlfriend plus mixed race son or mum and two mixed race kids with different dads? Either way the message is being delivered good and hard. All I can say is: I don't fancy yours much. Bonus lulz - they are at a climbing wall, such an implicitly white activity that it might as well be explicit, almost no one like that black kid will ever be seen there (voluntarily) and certainly not after he leaves school.

You've got your daddy's eyes son, whoever who he was.

0:12 An all white gay/lesbian/SJW mash-up. As with the previous scene, the details are not quite apparent, suffice to say white = gay [weakness]. And they're at a bowling alley, a strange contrast since, if anything, this lot would be more likely seen at the climbing wall. An Orwellian switch around. Note three out of five wearing glasses [weakness]

Nope, I've got nothing.

0:14 What we see is white gays [weakness] with black adopted kids. Gays with adopted black kids!? Those female Daily Mail commenters will have to be put on life support now - the human body wasn't designed to take this much bliss. Of course what the script might say it's two dads with adopted black kids but thats not what we are seeing on screen.

Dad and, er, dad - why are none of the boys from school allowed to sleep over at our house?

0:15 Ambiguous. Dad is white, balding [low value] and wears glasses [weakness]. Mum is...what? I think it's subtly, visually implied that she is partly black, but maybe that's because she is never really in focus as with two previous white people in the ad. The jury is out.

What's the one-drop rule mummy?

0:16 Yet another mixed family, he's black, young [fertility] while she's white. Although with that, never mind, what we see is a white girl. And what we see is the most important part while our mind fills in the blanks.

Don't get too comfortable love, those boys must be around two and statistically...well, you know what happens then.

0:18 It's once, twice, three times in the bullseye here! White man - older [weakness] single [failure] lone child [infertility]. Of course the script might tell us he's actually grandad doing some babysitting or an older uncle or whatever. Doesn't matter, it's what is seen that counts. But at least they are still us for all that.


0:20 Back to the third family, all white, but here they are even more disconnected from us than last time, now none of them really look at the camera. As a bonus we get the full-frontal *gasp* display of dad's baldness [low value] thrown right at us.

Oi, stop that baldy you vandal!

0:21 Finally, after all that nonsense the real advert starts and the normal white people who will actually be buying this vehicle are featured but it's all rather indistinct and cluttered, we see enough to know they are normal but it's vague enough to imply some continuity with the multicult menagerie in the rest of the advert.

As I keep saying, it's what we see that is most important with this propaganda. I did this one without ever having the sound switched on.

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