Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Drama On The High Seas And In Liberal Hearts

The MSM is working itself up into a frenzy over the amount of Africans drowning while trying to cross the Mediterranean to reach Italy, and from there into Northern Europe.  After 400 Africans drowned last week estimates are that another 900 have drowned this week bringing the total to around 1500 people already this Spring. As I browsed the reports and further commentary, the hysterical preaching and of ''Hateful Rhetoric'' I realized I wasn't in the least bit bothered by Africans dying, strangely so. It's easy to play the part of a Far Right hardman and laud these deaths in a superficial way. But I genuinely felt a slight sense of relief, 1500 dead Africans, 1500 people dead and I was completely at ease with it, even happy. Sitting comfortably at home reading reports of people dying far away is easy, of course, but even if I imagine myself standing on the Italian shoreline in the Spring sun watching a boat full of blacks sink sending them all to their deaths I would still feel the same.

What kind of a monster thinks this way?

 Each morning before I leave for work I walk my dog, I usually come across a white girl of around 13 who delivers newspapers, she's slightly tomboyish and more than a little cheeky, she calls my dog a ''Gerbil''. She is able to wander the streets at the break of day being a little mouth piece because she lives in an area which  is around 99% white and she is very safe and secure, though she takes it for granted. Biologically speaking, and relative to Asians and Africans, that girl may as well be my daughter or niece. A homogeneous society is basically an extended family, under normal circumstances the family offers safety and sanctuary, thus, when outsiders manage to breach the boundaries of that sanctuary the safety and well being of the ''family'' is directly threatened. One of the primary reasons African men want to 'break in'' to the living space of my extended family is to have access to white girls such as the girl I mentioned.

It stands to reason that the more outsiders who burst into our living space the more damaging it is for us as a  group, therefore the ideal amount of African people living in England would be 0. Furthermore, they are obviously not wanted, I grow weary of mantras such as ''we shouldn't blame the immigrants themselves'' why not? These people are imposing themselves and thereby destroying what we are. The brutal reality is, the more Africans who drown the better it is for my people, the more Africans who arrive in my country the worse it is. A while back I engaged a Liberal in debate on the subject of African immigration. His point was that no matter what we do Africans will keep coming, there then followed a farcical exchange in which I ratcheted up the defenses and he repeatedly replied ''They will still come'' eventually leading to a scenario where my borders had a standing army of 10,000,000 men, 100,000's of gun emplacements and jets and helicopter gunships.
He then replied that that was ''morally untenable'' but by which moral code is a people forced to allow themselves to be swamped and raped out of existence? Western Liberal morality, presumably, but if that is the case then I reject that morality out of hand. My people do not lose legitimacy to life and land because the death toll of the invader is too high!.
 And so, when I look to the news and see reports of Africans dying trying to get to my country I can't help but be relieved, it means less death and destruction for my group. I view the arrival of Africans as the Carthaginians must have viewed the arrival of the Roman legions, if the Mediterranean had swept away the Romans would Carthage be better or worse for it?
 Survival of kind is a zero sum game.

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