Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tepilo -TV advert

Cor blimey, buxom British property babe Sarah Beeny has only gone and built herself an online estate agency.

Kerb appeal

But more importantly for The Agenda™ she's got TV adverts for us to watch:

I would characterise this advert as largely negative Agenda™ in content*. By this I mean that whiteness is associated here with negative qualities while non-whites are largely absent. The aim in this ad is to illustrate has-beens who just can't get to grips with happening technologies. Who else can embody that more plausibly than say, I don't know.....naked stone age cannibals from New Guinea? Albino eating witchdoctors from the African interior? Cargo cultists in the South Pacific? Chinese men who think ingesting powdered rhino horn will help them with the laydeez? But no, for some near inexplicable reason, it's none of those.

*Positive Agenda™ is where non-whites are depicted positively in contrast with whites.

0:00 Older white man, somewhat over the regular breeding & fighting age [weakness] also bald [unattractive, lower value] struggles with overly complex quill pen technology, getting ink all over himself demonstrating his ineptitude [weakness]

0:04 The only piece of positive Agenda™ in this ad. A black woman stands over him, quite unable to contain her mirth at, and contempt for, his pathetic attempt to control the quill. If only she were in charge eh? (This is also a classic example of a cliche/trope. Non-whites cast as observers, with varying degrees of amusement or world-weary resignation, the clown-like attempts of white people to master the rudiments of technology, logic, dignity and public standards of decorum or mimic the trappings of civilisation, inviting us, the more sophisticated white viewer, to distance ourselves from the toxic white identity as best we can) Sarah stands in the foreground expressing patronising contempt, she has her back to him emphasising her separation from him.

0:09 Sara passes a white woman in the street using an ancient Motorola phone. She's dressed in a dated fashion plus dated hairstyle [low value] and talks posh [out of touch innit] More knowing smirks from Sarah, again with her back to the woman to emphasise separation.

(Bonus continuity error, nothing to do with the Agenda  - Sarah is shown walking past a short section of fence just before she meets the woman. But in the next shot, as they pass each other, she still just arriving at that same fence section)


0:11 The actual advert.

0:13 The actual target market, a young white couple. Here we have the schizophrenia at the heart of The Agenda™. These are the people they want to sell to but they also belong to the group who are the butt of all the jokes and denigration. They need to be reminded that they aren't like those other old, stupid, out of touch, racist, bad white people so a lot of The Agenda™ is devoted to emphasising markers of age, class, style etc

Look pet, I've found a great site, it's called Morgoth's Review!

 0:24 Another white man still living in the Victorian era with his Hansom cab, just to remind us that the wrong sort of white person just can't get with the program.

The negative Agenda™ is the key thing here. In a normal, homogenous white society this sort of thing wouldn't matter so much but in the wider context of anti-white media and the constant positive portrayal of 'the other' it looks toxic.

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