Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Globalist Mixed Race Robot

Much has been made recently of the first ''Japanese'' Miss Japan being mixed race, Ariana Miyamoto has an African American father and  Japanese mother. Nobody could objectively argue that Ariana looks like what people think of as ''Japanese'' you could make the case, though I would not, that she is beautiful, but to claim she is a beautiful example of Japanese womanhood is false, and grossly insulting to real Japanese women. But Ariana is not concerned about that, according to her anyone on earth can be Japanese, stating in a recent interview with Globalist outlet Bloomberg ''

If people say they are Japanese, that’s enough to make them Japanese in my opinion,” she said. “It’s not a question of what they look like, it’s what’s in their hearts.”

                                     Odd one out?

 In actual fact the Japanese ethnic group have been living on their Pacific archipelago for at least 21,000! years relatively undisturbed but Ariana is now making a career out of ensuring that that people will be ''opened up'' to the whole world:

''“It’s very good for Japanese people to be challenged, and made to think whether their stereotypes about who looks Japanese are really correct any more,” she said. “The more that people who look slightly different from the stereotypical image of Japanese come to represent Japan, the more people will get used to that idea.''

The mixed race person will never be truly accepted by a healthy society taking care of the preservation of its identity, in times gone by they would be seen as oddities, tragic victims of circumstance which it is better to avoid having at all. But today, armed with reams of Neo Marxist garbage, the person of ''mixed heritage'' has the means and the ability, and even a perceived moral right, to side with ''The Other''. Rather like Jews they will seek to make their existence in a homogeneous society more comfortable by breaking down the very fabric of that homogeneous society. 

If, as Ariana tells us, the Japanese conception of themselves is scrambled and replaced by a civic ideal then anyone can ''be Japanese'' and people such as Ariana will be more at ease. This will mean the end of what the Japanese, or any other distinct ethnic group, actually are, but the most amazing thing about the mixed race person is their lack of self awareness or caring for what they are killing, the alternative would be a world in which they can never really be a part, that is true, but the comfort with which they support the destruction of that world is truly shocking. The moral codes and intellectual weaponry they can use in this fight were invented by another group of outsiders, who eschew race mixing for themselves but encourage it in others.

 Reading through the Bloomberg piece it's hard not have an image of a snide merchant rubbing his greasy hands together:

 ''The notion of Japanese uniqueness is challenged by the fact that much of the language and early culture are derived from China, while the predominant religion, Buddhism, was imported from India.''

 Here in Europe we have all heard these deconstructionist, critical theory mantras before. If your notions of yourself and your people can be proven to be nothing unique then on what grounds can you lay claim to your identity? And while you're off looking for an answer that isn't overtly ''racist'' here come 500,000 Africans to ''enrich'' you.

 If you're in the business of creating a ''New World Order'' then it makes perfect sense to have a New Citizen to populate that world. And that is why a Globalist rag such as Bloomberg reports on this story with such delight. What Ariana represents is the great leveling of humanity, it is the replacing of distinct and wonderful biological groups with a bland ''Global Citizen'' who is interchangeable, who can be sent round the world to fill labour gaps with the same ease as money can be shuttled through the internet. The Half Caste is a WMD, born to destroy, biologically infused with a desire to swap the blood and the kin for  Jewish abstractions, values which are as interchangeable as they are themselves.

 It is a World of Robots to serve an elite, let us hope that with the Japanese people we have a new ally in our fight.

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