Friday, 3 April 2015

V For Vendetta: Reality Inverted

I've seen it argued that some of the Anti White Liberal propaganda which spews forth out of Hollywood is so extreme, so moronic, that it is some kind of inside gag on the part of the Director, who might be a secret reactionary of some sort. Whatever the merits of that argument it cannot be used for V for Vendetta, the 2006 hit Directed by non entity James McTeigue and Produced by Jewish mogul Joel Silver and the Jewish Wachowski Bros of The Matrix fame, now merely ''The Wachowski's'' after Larry became Lana.

 V for Vendetta is set in a dystopian Britain where Far Right, racist, Christian fundamentalists have gained power and have created a police state, John Hurt is ''The Chancellor'' in a telling nod to Orwell's 1984 in which he played the main character, Winston Smith, now he is Big Brother. V for Vendetta is essentially a Leftist, Jewish version of 1984 rebooted and rewired so that now Cultural Marxism and their drones are the victims. Standing up for the oppressed and uttering line after line of pretentious hypocritical rubbish is the lead character ''V'' who also wears a Guy Fawkes mask that went on to become popular with real life Cultural Marxists, the mask is actually made by slave labour in Brazil, but this is nothing compared to the mind bending ''Double Think'' within the film itself. Jewish actress Natalie Portman is the central protagonist, we know she's good because some ugly slavering  whites almost rape her in her first scene. Luckily V appears and saves her by killing the white men, on a nearby wall is emblazoned ''Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Strength'' V tears it down, presumably ''Diversity Is Our Strength'' is less sinister in his opinion.

Soon after V blows up the Old Bailey and sets about murdering members of ''The Party'' the viewer is taken on a trip in which we discover the Far Right Christian take over was a plot hatched by Big Pharma in what became a concentration camp. In this camp Homosexuals and Blacks and Leftists are experimented on, complete with Gitmo jumpsuits and shaven heads, we even get images of bodies in pits. Along the way we meet Stephen Fry, the Jewish Homosexual TV presenter, here he plays a Homosexual TV presenter but he is ''oppressed''. He also has a den which contains verboten material such as a Union Jack with a Swastika and a Koran. Muslims are the ''New Jews'' in this world, and being caught with a Koran means death, the Muslims themselves have been driven out during the ''Reclamation''. Holding the Koran Portman asks Fry ''Are you Muslim?'' to which Fry answers ''I don't have to be a Muslim to appreciate the beauty and poetry within''. Because, as we all know, unlike a radical Christian state, Islamic Sharia states are tolerant of gay Jews. There are many truths inadvertently revealed in this movie, one being  Jews seeing  Muslims as fellow victims of whites and useful allies just so long as the Israel issue is held in check.

What  this appalling film reveals about the Left, and the Jews who created it, is their astounding lack of self awareness. Even back in 2006 when this film was released the ''Political Correctness gone mad'' mantra was prevalent, already there were white people being jailed for Thought Crimes, the progressive agenda under Blair was reaching its crescendo and all defiance was ruthlessly crushed. V for Vendetta is not a reflection of a Far Right takeover, it is a reflection of the present Liberal Hegemony. In a shockingly mawkish flashback we are told the story of a lesbian who is in a concentration camp, she tells of her great love and the roses she gave to her woman, then the state thugs burst in and its all over. Rather like Emma West, then, a woman who actually exists though having ranted on a tram at an African  ''You aren't British!'' was arrested and jailed, her kids were taken and she was forced onto drugs for her ''psychological disorder''. Thousands of death threats were made and the UAF leaked her real address, where she was told she would be fire bombed.

 The Unreality and Double Think of Vendetta reaches a new high when V hijacks the Far Right controlled media and gives his keynote speech:

''There are of course those who do not want us to speak, I suspect even now orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will be on their way....there is something wrong in this country, cruelty and injustice, intolerance, where once you had the freedom to object, you now have censorship and surveillance coercing your conformity..''

Like the movie itself, and Leftists in general, V is completely unaware of his own authoritarian nature. In a particularly disturbing scene V enters the bedroom of a middle aged white women, the woman was involved with the Pharma concentration camp but shows a great deal of regret. She expresses her sorrow and asks V ''are you going to kill me now?'' and is answered with ''I killed you 10 minutes ago as you slept'' showing a syringe, she then dies. At no point does V show any concern or doubt, either for the many people he murders or the actual cause he is fighting for. Like Leftists in the real world, it is a religious duty, it is a desperate need to satiate himself morally, no matter how many die, or how many suffer. Indeed, what would be the nature of the society V would support? The answer is we are living in it and it stinks, everything these Jews and Leftists have spewed out in this movie could be chucked right back at them but the difference is, the media is theirs and it is they who can warp and twist reality, mirror it and reflect it, so despite actually being ''The System'' they can produce multi-layered propaganda such as V for Vendetta to bamboozle the masses into embracing the very ideas that are killing them.
What would it take to convince V of its folly, lies, deceit and destruction? As we have seen in the real world, it cannot be done.
 And so in the real world it is people like V who will have to be destroyed and resisted until they are no more.

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