Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Walter Scott Killing, Segregation Is The Answer

It's looking like Chimp-Out season will be off to an early start this year as we are once again subjected to howls of outrage and fake tears over yet more viral images of a white cop standing over a dead black man, who, as usual, Dindu Nuffin. The cop has been arrested.

My heart goes out to any white policeman who has to deal with the multi-racial dystopia being created across the West. The demographics of North Charleston are stark:

 ''The racial makeup of the city (2010) was 48.60% White, 45.12% African American, 0.46% Native American, 3.22% Asian, 0.18% Pacific Islander, 1.78% from other races, and 1.93% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.97% of the population.''

 European cops are therefore expected to maintain European standards of law and order on a population which  is nigh on 50% ethnically African, while being despised by their efforts both by the blacks on the street and the Jews in media and politics and Cultural Marxists everywhere. Because discussion of racial differences is disallowed these same Liberals stand back appalled by the increasingly militaristic garb of the American police, but at the same time being blind to the reality that it takes the military to hold a Third World population in check.

The problem is, of course, both blacks and whites are being shoved into the same living space, and both seem miserable. Yet for whites to request freedom and their own living areas is the gravest taboo of the age, but blacks seem strangely reluctant to ask for the same, even though there is no restriction on them doing so. Despite their supposed oppression and historical victimhood they are seemingly determined to remain exploited and used and abused by the white man's system. At the same time, while Liberals and Jews are relentlessly weeping on behalf of blacks they too are reluctant to state the obvious remedy for a people suffering oppression.

 One black blogger writes ''17 Honest Thoughts From a Black Man After Watching Shooting Vid'' some ''his thoughts'' include:

 5. Since late last summer, we have marched, protested and sung under the banner #BlackLivesMatter, because some in this country still don't believe they do. 

10. But already, we are getting used to the equation: A black person who allegedly committed a crime when engaging a police officer might end up dead while the officer, at best, might end up jailed. 

16. Now is time for change, people say. This is a 21st-century American tragedy of epic proportions. None of this should be normal.

17. And yet, it already is.

Every year in America 30,000 white women are raped by blacks, that is why I, as a white man, want Europeans to be separated from blacks. Even if every argument put forward by the Liberal  camp were true, even if this cop, Michael T Slager, shot this black man down for absolutely nothing and even if he is part of a white privileged society based upon institutional racism, then that only strengthens the case for segregation! But blacks, and Jews and Liberals do not want that, so we can only assume they want more shootings and more dead blacks. We already know they don't care one jot about the rape and murder of whites.

 If black representatives were not liars and charlatans they would be advocating Neo Segregationist policies, when what they are doing is the polar opposite, aided and abetted by their intellectual superiors elsewhere. So who is really suppressing and exploiting black people?

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