Friday, 29 May 2015

Kristiina Ojuland, I Think I'm In Love With You

Just browsing through The European Guardian I happened across this little story from what I can only describe as a perfect specimen of White Womanhood. Kristiina Ojuland was once the Estonian Foreign Minster and an MEP. Just for once I'll stop rambling in order to let the Lady speak, as she did on Twitter recently:

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Spartacus: Marxism And Rome (2/2)

The end result of the Slave morality is only more slaves struggling under a Jewish yoke, the Jew having replaced the European master. The Master morality allows an upward mobility if the individual is up to the task. Thus, an in-egalitarian morality will, overtime, drag the whole civilization ever upwards while the Slave morality will drive the civilization downwards, under Jewish domination. Rome was built by Masters!                  
                                                 Crassus-Not a SJW!
The people who  created Spartacus seem to have understood this to a degree, which is why Crassus stands in for any other Gentile with scant regard for a moral code which turns his people and society into a mass of debased  slaves, the Hollywood Mind Benders take these things very seriously, while the muddled Liberals are correctly seen as dead-wood waiting to be cleared away, by both sides.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Spartacus: Marxism And Rome (1/2)

During a recent holiday weekend I finally had the chance to revisit a classic ''Swords and Sandals'' epic. I knew Spartacus was ''a bit Left Wing'' and I was also aware that Spartacus as a historical figure was an icon of Marxist revolutionaries the world over. However, on further investigation I became fascinated by the movie, both its background and what was happening on screen. To be brief, during the 50's conservative white Americans began a belated, and ultimately, doomed attempt to regain control of the Movie industry which they now recognized as being in the hands of Marxists, the vast majority of whom were Jewish. Spartacus was a reaction from the ''subversive elements'' while at the same time  containing more of the Marxist themes and subversive ideas which had angered white conservatives to begin with. Jewish actor Kirk Douglas was the driving force behind Spartacus, eventually settling on Jewish director Stanley Kubrick to direct, David Lean having turned it down and Jewish director Anthony Mann not being able to handle the vast scale of the film.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

From Green To Pink: Gay Marriage In Ireland

Those dapper Social Justice Warriors have clinched it, the Irish people have decided to allow ''Gay Marriage'' which is a miracle when you consider the only resistance to the Christian Conservative hegemony was the United Nations, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, George Soros and his thousands of NGO's, Hollywood, all of the Hollywood stars, The Music Industry, all of the MSM, the EU, Global Finance, Multinationals, pretty much the entire Irish and European Political establishments and Stephen Fry. Somehow this marginalized group of the oppressed managed to pull it off! Of course, to hint that gay marriage might not be a ''grassroots'' movement of this week's Jews oppressed is to mark yourself out as a paranoid loon, and homophobic hater.  However, if the demand for 'marriage equality'' is to be taken seriously then why is it only happening in countries of European ethnic groups? And why has it all ''spontaneously'' became an issue within such a short time span?   

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Jack And The Jews

The fascinating series of interviews at The Occidental Observer with Jack Sen, a UKIP candidate, are of particular interest because they tell us where we are in terms of getting our message across and the Jewish, and mainstream, response.

Friday, 15 May 2015

A Gay Dilemma At The Guardian

I was recently browsing through The Guardian when I came across this :

'' I am a 28-year-old gay man. In previous relationships I was – mainly – the top. I have been with my current partner for two years and in this relationship I have only been the bottom, as my partner has a fear of it. I am very frustrated, and have contemplated cheating, which fills me with guilt. I love him very much, but feel as though we are incompatible on this basic level.''

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Response To ''Goldsmiths Students' Union Officer .''

A ''Student Union Officer'' at Goldsmith's University recently caused a stir by banning white people from a ''BME'' event. For some reason she has responded with a video refuting many of the allegations against her, generally running the gamut of Lefty student cliche. 

 Dear Bahar

    I viewed your video speech with a mixture of annoyance and amusement, pretty much every line was straight out of the Neo Marxist Tool Kit and as an ''Ethnic Minority Woman'' this makes sense because the reason you and other minorities are in my country in the first place is not because we ''colonized'' your countries, it is because our political class is Neo Marxist. Your country, Turkey, also had an Empire, one of the most brutal in history, I have to ask if you also support Turks being reverse colonized ?. I doubt it, because Neo Marxism is directed exclusively toward Europeans. 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Willing Dupes: Lefties And The Corporate Hegemony

The post election hysterics of the Left have been quite something to behold. A minor riot broke out in London and on Twitter the celebs poured out their hearts at the rise of ''Hate Politics'':

Owen Jones:
Don't mourn. Organise. And this time, let's actually mean it.
10:49 AM - 8 May 2015

Chris Addison:
That Russell Brand thing worked out. Woo! That showed 'em! Smash the system!*
*Sit at home and scratch your arse. 

Charlotte Church:
The politics of fear is the politics of control and we've given the reigns of power to the boogey man

Lilly Allen:
Just thinking about which other facist regimes I'd rather live under than a Tory led Britian .....

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Election Special: Britain On The Brink

 Well, election time is here in Britain. We get to choose the make up of our Government for the next 5 years, and what a choice, we can have the Liberal Pro Mass Immigration ''Conservatives'' or the Anti White Pro Mass Immigration Labour Party, headed by a Marxist Jew. Otherwise we can go for the Pro Mass Immigration Liberal Party, who are basically just Cultural Marxists. Then there's the Greens, they favour Mass Immigration as well, and don't think spraying concrete across England to house them is a contradiction. Then there's UKIP. The ever watchable Millennial Woes gives an analysis of the Party Leaders.....


Monday, 4 May 2015

Pammy Strikes Again

Free Speech Warrior Pamela Geller has succeeded in riling up the Muslims into another episode of blood splattered carnage at her ''Everybody Draw Mohammed Day''. It seems to me the logical conclusion to this dispute would be to campaign to have Muslims returned to the Islamic world and leave them alone. Geller's approach is slightly different, Pammy considers ethnic considerations to be Nazi, the way to victory is to secede our living spaces to racial aliens but somehow try and make them accept 'Our Freedoms'' and the way to do that is draw cartoons of their holiest figures and generally insult them and their values at every turn. However,when I say that Pamela considers ethnic activism to be Nazi or evil that is not entirely true, she does campaign relentlessly for Israel to be the Homeland for Jews, her people. One of Geller's most prominent campaigns was the ''SION'' movement, and no, I didn't spell that incorrectly:

Saturday, 2 May 2015

I'm Voting UKIP

After the collapse of the USSR Neo Con war hawk types such as Mark Steyn were fond of quipping '' We have slain the Dragon, now we face a multitude of vipers'' referring to the existence of groups and people who annoyed Washington based  Jews. Here in Britain we are witnessing something similar, the ''LibLabCon'' triumvirate is slowly dying and we too are witnessing its corpse spawning all manner of Liberal Leftist freaks and villains. This time last year it was UKIP vs LibLabCon, now it is UKIP vs LibLabConSNPGrePla! The standard Tory response to the rise of UKIP was ''Vote UKIP, get Labour'' but because the Conservatives and Labour