Friday, 15 May 2015

A Gay Dilemma At The Guardian

I was recently browsing through The Guardian when I came across this :

'' I am a 28-year-old gay man. In previous relationships I was – mainly – the top. I have been with my current partner for two years and in this relationship I have only been the bottom, as my partner has a fear of it. I am very frustrated, and have contemplated cheating, which fills me with guilt. I love him very much, but feel as though we are incompatible on this basic level.''

 It took me a few seconds to wrap my head around''top'' and ''bottom'' the Left Liberal word smiths having been at it again to take away the sting of ''anal penetration'' adding a little bit of lube to the psychological programming of the unwary reader. Nevertheless, any normal person knows what's happening here, a young SJW has been buggered relentlessly for two years, probably off an older man, who is fat and stinks.

 But that kind of talk would be ''Homophobic'' and we can't have that at The Guardian so what the aptly named ''Agony Aunt'' says in response is:

'' Nevertheless, your feelings about sexual bottoming are perfectly valid. A conversation about fairness, in which you honestly express your feelings and ask for change, is needed. Try to delve into the metaphoric meanings of topping and bottoming for both of you. Once you feel truly understood, attempt to renegotiate that contract, expressing yourself calmly and clearly. If there is an impasse, discuss other options, including outside arrangements.''

 The ''metaphoric meanings'' of ''topping'' and ''bottoming'' mean one guy will be incontinent and wearing a nappy in 3 years and the other will not. But finally the Cultural Marxism reveals itself:

 ''But note – in consensual sex, the person bottoming is in control (psychologically topping, since he has the power to withdraw his permission). Do you really want to give that up?''

 You get that? the guy who has spent two years having his rectum violated was actually in charge all along and he didn't know it. This is the same mentality which has a white girl feel guilty for being raped by an African. Like Homo sex, Leftist thought runs counter to nature in every way possible, they have built a house on shaky foundations and in order to compensate they are relentlessly forced into tweaking a rafter here and reinforcing a wall there. What matters more than anything else is that the notion of equality isn't left to collapse. It's an inverted hurricane of madness and lunacy.

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