Saturday, 23 May 2015

From Green To Pink: Gay Marriage In Ireland

Those dapper Social Justice Warriors have clinched it, the Irish people have decided to allow ''Gay Marriage'' which is a miracle when you consider the only resistance to the Christian Conservative hegemony was the United Nations, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, George Soros and his thousands of NGO's, Hollywood, all of the Hollywood stars, The Music Industry, all of the MSM, the EU, Global Finance, Multinationals, pretty much the entire Irish and European Political establishments and Stephen Fry. Somehow this marginalized group of the oppressed managed to pull it off! Of course, to hint that gay marriage might not be a ''grassroots'' movement of this week's Jews oppressed is to mark yourself out as a paranoid loon, and homophobic hater.  However, if the demand for 'marriage equality'' is to be taken seriously then why is it only happening in countries of European ethnic groups? And why has it all ''spontaneously'' became an issue within such a short time span?   

That Brazil is also included is telling because a future of hedonistic mongrelized wage slavery is precisely what awaits European man because, again by an amazing coincidence from the SJW point of view, besides South America all of the other historically European countries are also the countries which are ''Celebrating Diversity'' and ''Multiculturalism''. Also aided and abetted by ''grassroots'' Social Justice Warriors ostensibly fighting for ''equality''.

 So one way to view that map from wiki is try and wrap your head around how and why all White countries on earth, which are spread from New Zealand to Sweden and from Canada to Germany have, within a ten year time span, all decided Gay Marriage is a pressing issue which needs to be addressed. An objective outsider would consider that something is being done to Europeans, that some sort of parasite or disease has infected them....
  Israel's stance on the Gay Marriage issue is typically obscure and self serving, according to wiki:

 Israel's High Court of Justice ruled to honor same-sex marriages granted in other countries, in line with its recognition of other civil marriages; Israel does not recognize civil marriages performed under its own jurisdiction. A bill was raised in the Knesset (parliament) to rescind the High Court's ruling, but the Knesset has not advanced the bill since December 2006. A bill to legalize same-sex and interfaith civil marriages was defeated in the Knesset, 39–11, on 16 May 2012.[267]

 Strong traditions and family bonds for me, hedonistic obliteration and degradation for thee.

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