Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Jack And The Jews

The fascinating series of interviews at The Occidental Observer with Jack Sen, a UKIP candidate, are of particular interest because they tell us where we are in terms of getting our message across and the Jewish, and mainstream, response.

 First of all there is the insane power of Jewish people whatever their party political affiliations. Labour's Luciana Berger was able to have a member, a highly popular member, of another party instantly suspended because she disliked what he had to say regarding her national loyalties. Jack should perhaps consider himself lucky, Berger has had other people who annoyed her jailed. As always Jewish loyalties to Jews transcended petty party politics and Jack was then instantly stabbed in the back by fellow UKIP member and Jew, Shneur Odze.
 The UKIP faithful have made no attempt to shield Jack from this attack, or defend him  at all. As far as UKIP are concerned Jack is now an ''Unperson'' he simply doesn't exist! And that would also go for the UKIP supporting press, a search at Breitbart reveals just one article which features the name ''Jack Sen'' and it is in relation to Leftists sending death threats. If these Leftists happen to be Jewish then Breitbart is in complete silence over them having UKIPers suspended. The Express has likewise remained silent , but of course, like Breitbart, it is owned by Luciana's and Shneur's people. Just imagine the response if a UKIPer had made the same allegation of dual loyalty to Sayeeda Warsi regarding Pakistan, and then Warsi had him suspended during a General Election. Breitbart and the Kippers would be spitting feathers, but when it's Jews, Jack is thrown to the wolves.

 Non of the above will be much of a shock to regular readers of this blog, what is a surprise, however, is that despite having Indian ancestry Jack Sen was fully aware of the ongoing dispossession of Europeans in all of their living spaces, totally clued up on the Jewish role in that dispossession, well informed of the true origins of the various tentacles of Marxism and, when the heat came down, did not engage in a futile attempt to persuade Delingpole at Breitbart to fight his corner, but contacted Kevin MacDonald at the Occidental Observer, shortly followed by a speech at the London Forum . And all of this from a man who was on the verge of becoming an MP. If only more people with Indian ancestry were so sympathetic to European race replacement.

 In a movement which is beset by doom and gloom this is a small sign that we are getting somewhere. How many more Jack Sens are there out there? how can ''The Establishment'' be sure there are not people with Jew Wise heretical thoughts walking among them? The future could be one in which the Liberal Globalist class drive themselves into a paranoid frenzy trying to put out White Nationalist brush fires within their own sanctuary. 

 Lets make it so.

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