Friday, 29 May 2015

Kristiina Ojuland, I Think I'm In Love With You

Just browsing through The European Guardian I happened across this little story from what I can only describe as a perfect specimen of White Womanhood. Kristiina Ojuland was once the Estonian Foreign Minster and an MEP. Just for once I'll stop rambling in order to let the Lady speak, as she did on Twitter recently:

 Today yet again I see a fully able young Negro begging for money in Italy, from people who have worked hard to earn a lunch. I think that we should start a pan-European campaign to collect signatures to ensure that not a single so-called refugee gets across the Mediterranean. Enough of this nonsense!” Ojuland, the former high-ranking politician who for years campaigned Estonia to join the EU, wrote.

''For those who think I’m just nagging luckily you’re wrong. The Negro question is for Estonia an existential one and it’s an non-reversible one. Once we let them into our country we won’t be able to undo it.

When people began attacking Kristiina for being ''racist'' she replied :

Stop using a word 'racist'! As a white person, I feel that the white race is threatened today! Are Estonians also so brain-washed now that they start talking some kind of politically correct bullshit?” Ojuland said.

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