Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Spartacus: Marxism And Rome (2/2)

The end result of the Slave morality is only more slaves struggling under a Jewish yoke, the Jew having replaced the European master. The Master morality allows an upward mobility if the individual is up to the task. Thus, an in-egalitarian morality will, overtime, drag the whole civilization ever upwards while the Slave morality will drive the civilization downwards, under Jewish domination. Rome was built by Masters!                  
                                                 Crassus-Not a SJW!
The people who  created Spartacus seem to have understood this to a degree, which is why Crassus stands in for any other Gentile with scant regard for a moral code which turns his people and society into a mass of debased  slaves, the Hollywood Mind Benders take these things very seriously, while the muddled Liberals are correctly seen as dead-wood waiting to be cleared away, by both sides.

  As Spartacus and his increasingly large and imposing army rampage their way across the very heart of the Roman Empire Gracchus and the Mob in the Senate send regional garrisons and regiments of Roman soldiers against them, all of which are easily defeated, the camera hangs lovingly on the tattered masses of the downtrodden and poor as they march onward. Their goal is to pay pirates who are also hostile to Rome to take them all across the sea and away from Rome, Gracchus, meanwhile, has actively assisted Spartacus, knowing that the longer the slave army remain in Italy the more likely a Crassus take over will be.
However, Crassus has paid off the pirates and now Spartacus's army is trapped in Italy, and more, Crassus has finally been given the full command of Rome and its Legions as the Mob and Senate panic. Now with full power and command Crassus sends two full War Legions in a pincer movement against Spartacus, this time, the slave army is smashed and its leaders rounded up. What follows is one of the most famous scenes in all of Hollywood history, the survivors are asked to point out and name Spartacus and, in a resounding act of Marxist ''Solidarity'' all of the men stand up and proclaim ''I'm Spartacus!'' which was a nod to the Marxist sympathies of many Jewish Hollywood moguls under investigation.

''The hearings, where witnesses were demanded to "name names" of supposed communist sympathizers, closely resembles the climactic scene when the slaves, asked by Crassus to give up their leader by pointing him out from the multitude, each stand up to proclaim, "I am Spartacus".

 That is to say, second generation Jewish immigrants were caught subverting the mass media and cultural life of another people, when challenged they did not return to Europe or change their attitude. Instead they adopted the stance of martyrs suffering persecution. Chutzpah indeed. 

The reaction of the Romans to this selfless act is to have every last one of them crucified. But nevertheless, Crassus understands that this new Slave morality is a danger, he singles out both Antoninus and Spartacus ''in order to test this new found brotherhood'' they will fight to the death and the winner will be crucified. They do indeed fight, but out of love for what they belong to, which is a univeralist ideal, not out of self preservation. As Crassus acknowledges, this is the real danger. Spartacus is crucified, a Bolshevik Jesus, a martyr to an, as yet, not fully formed world changing morality, but it will be, one day. It is also worth mentioning again that the two men who had just fought to save one another from a fate worse than death were both Jewish, thus Crassus had made Jews fight each other, surely the ultimate of  all taboos. As a reaction to Tony Curtis's death Spartacus hisses what now seems to be a deeply sinister threat '' But he'll be back, and he'll be millions! ''

 And if those millions are not around then, presumably, they can be imported, and if the host society isn't happy about it then words can be invented to scare them into silence.

 Spartacus is brilliant propaganda, it's a damn fine movie, well acted and written. It is intelligent and thoughtful and skillfully checkmates the audience. Compared to the dross we get today which sends out the same message but in a moronic and insultingly lowbrow fashion Spartacus is a masterpiece. 

 The fact that our ancient enemy is no longer as skillful or smart in their string pulling might just mean the return of a Crassus, one day ....... 

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