Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ursula Haverbeck Destroys Holocaustianity On German TV

It remains to be seen whether Mrs Haverbeck will once again be dragged before a court for speaking unpalatable truths to power, presumably the TV station executives and producers should also be hammered. ''Holocaust Denial'' is an understatement in regard to this interview, Ursula Havenbeck meticulously demolishes not just the Holocaust, but the hypocrisy of the ''Je Suis Freedom Of Speech'' farce, the manner in which the Jews relentlessly shut down inquiry. But most of all, I found Mrs Haverbeck's utter contempt for the present moral order simply wonderful, truly a formidable woman. 

 It's small wonder that our Hebrew overlords are desperate to silence such people, a mind such as this is more dangerous to them than mad Muslims or Civic Nationalist gloop, by many orders of magnitude.

“It becomes clear that the Holocaust is the greatest and most enduring lie in history. It was needed in order to finally complete the centuries-long struggle for world domination by the chosen people – that world domination was once promised to them by their god Yahweh and they believe in that promise firmly, it was their conviction. Whether we call them Zionists, Khazars, oligarchs or globalizers, it is the same. World Wars I and II were merely a preliminary stage for this achievement…» ~ Ursula Haverbeck.

“We do not live a real democracy, which one can easily see when everyone lives in fear. The Controllers are afraid of the people, and for this reason, they have made “muzzle laws”, and so the people live in fear of those who rule over them. Therefore. the people do not dare to speak their minds.” ~ Ursula Havenbeck, before the State Court in Dortmund, 11th June, 2007

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