Sunday, 10 May 2015

Willing Dupes: Lefties And The Corporate Hegemony

The post election hysterics of the Left have been quite something to behold. A minor riot broke out in London and on Twitter the celebs poured out their hearts at the rise of ''Hate Politics'':

Owen Jones:
Don't mourn. Organise. And this time, let's actually mean it.
10:49 AM - 8 May 2015

Chris Addison:
That Russell Brand thing worked out. Woo! That showed 'em! Smash the system!*
*Sit at home and scratch your arse. 

Charlotte Church:
The politics of fear is the politics of control and we've given the reigns of power to the boogey man

Lilly Allen:
Just thinking about which other facist regimes I'd rather live under than a Tory led Britian .....

 To be fair they have a point, the Conservative Government is going to bring in economic hardship for the poor and they are the Party of Big Business. But the question is are they, the Left, not a movement of the ''Corporate Hegemony'' why, after decades of activism, does the Money Power go from strength to strength? The brother of the now politically dead Ed Miliband, David, also took to Twitter writing 'Deep and honest thinking required to rebuild progressive politics''. David Miliband should know a thing or two about ''Progressive Politics'' having been part of the Blair Team which also happened to be the most Jewish dominated Parliament in history.There are now whispers that David Miliband is to return to British Politics, presumably as the new great hope of Cultural Marxism. So what has this High Lord of Social Justice Warriors being doing recently? according to Wiki

''David Miliband is one of six members of the Global Advisory Board of Macro Advisory Partners, which advises multinational corporations, sovereign wealth funds, investors and governments.[87]

In January 2012, David Miliband joined the Board of Directors of Mauritius-based private equity group, Indus Basin Holdings. IBH operates Rice Partners [88] in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It specialises in managing the end-to-end supply chain for major global users of rice.[89][90]

According to the Financial Times,[86] "Mr Miliband’s jobs include advisory roles with VantagePoint Capital Partners, a Californian group; Oxford Analytica, a UK advisory company; and Indus Basin Holdings, a Pakistani agrochemical group. He is also a member of the advisory board to the Sir Bani Yas academic forum, which is hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates. Despite supporting Arsenal, Mr Miliband is vice-chairman and a non-executive director of Sunderland. As a speaker he commands a fee of up to £20,000."

Miliband is also on the Advisory Board of VantagePoint Capital Partners.[91]

David Miliband is a member of the Trilateral Commission, founded and chaired by David Rockefeller.''

 The painful truth for Leftists is that they are ''useful idiots'' the values they cherish most are not some kind of spontaneous awakening of the human conscience, they were carefully placed there by the people they think they are opposing. 'Progressive'' values are born in Think Tanks run by the Corporate Hegemony, they are guided not by egalitarian utopianism, that is for the plebs such as Owen Jones at the Guardian, they are guided by profit and loss, percentage margins and control over market shares. The issue of Mass Immigration is such an obvious attempt to suppress wages and break down borders I need not go into it here, lets take some other  examples:


 What the Left think: 

Women have been suppressed by (Western) patriarchy for thousands of years, we must smash this system of oppression and free women to be what they want to be, on an equal footing with men.

 Bottom Line for Global Inc: 

 The advent of female participation in the work force effectively doubles the Labour pool and opens up an entirely new market of consumer driven women with a high degree of expendable income.

Gay Marriage:

 What the Left think:

All people and all sexual preferences must be seen as equal, the ''Family'' as a hallmark of ''normality' is oppressive to non Hetero-normative people. 

 Bottom Line for Global Inc:

 The Non Prioritizing of ''Traditional Marriage'' increases the spending potential of an increasingly ''single'' populace with far more purchasing power relative to the committed family unit.

 The EU:

 What the Left think:

It might not be perfect but the EU is the best chance we have of collectively standing up to the Multinationals.

Bottom Line for Global Inc:

 Streamlining access to resources and Labour pools is crucial if the EU zone is to be exploited effectively in terms of market accessibility.

 The fact is Global Finance has no truer friend than the Left, on every issue the Left act as a battering ram with Global Finance piggy backing its way into the, now, open fields of plenty. The difference that a Conservative Government makes is that the money masters are more blatant in their greed. But that is all. If retards such as Russell Brand and Owen Jones were serious they would propose more barriers, more separation of racial, ethnic , cultural and religious groups, as Nationalists do.

 But they won't, because they are ''Raging For The Machine''.

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