Monday, 29 June 2015

Hey, Anjem, Why Don't You Mention The Jews?

In the aftermath of the Tunisia shooting spree, in which Allah's warriors gunned down women on sun loungers, everybody's favourite Islamic pantomime villain, Anjem Choudary, reappeared to wheel out his usual justifications, threats and warnings. Anjem is, of course, a fat parasite who should be on the next plane back to Pakistan, but for some strange reason, and to the utter bewilderment of the British public, this maggot gets a remarkable amount of opportunities to needle and goad the people he openly states should be slaves under Shariah law. The funny thing about Anjem is, he seems totally unaware of the Jewish Question. 
Islamic Anti Semitism

 According to the ADL website 74% of people in the Middle East and North Africa, the Islamic heartlands, are Anti Semitic, but you wouldn't get that impression from 

Choudary, indeed, the only time Choudary ever mentions ''Jews'' is in relation to the Israel/Palestine issue and even then his tone is not much stronger than the average Guardian header. On Choudary's Twitter feed there are endless references to ''Cameron's Regime'' and ''Obama's Regime'' he wails over and over about the press vilifying Muslims but never does he address who actually runs the press, or the media generally. There are various hysterical ''debates'' featuring Choudary , here Choudary debates the Counter Jihad Queen, Pamela Geller, a Jewish woman who has just caused a stir with her ''Draw Mohammed'' campaign

Geller trots out the usual Counter Jihad platitudes about freedom of speech, the implication is always that Islam can't stand up to scrutiny, and on that they may have a point. But Geller's own people in the European Jewish Congress are relentlessly agitating for vastly increased ''Hate Speech Laws'' which are tailor made to shut down, not just Nationalists, but Muslim extremists such as Choudary. Geller then moves on to state, with typical fake earnestness, that Jews simply accept that they can be mocked and get on with their lives!. It is an open goal, all Choudary has to do is shoot the perfect ball passed to him  into the back of the net and score a crippling goal against his supposed enemies, but he fluffs it and continues to ramble on about Shariah.
Anjem wouldn't understand this Arab Cartoon
Choudary is just as incompetent on foreign affairs as he is on free speech, here too he confronts a Jew, a Neo Con Jew called Ezra Levant and once again he plays the evil American Empire trope rather than address head on who or what is controlling America.  If I was a Muslim I would be asking why Anjem Choudary wastes such opportunities, he has the chance to expose the power of Jews before the world but seems blind to the obvious. It's also worth pointing out that Europeans have been crippled with guilt via the Holocaust myth, it was intended to have that effect and it worked. Muslims do not have that burden, let alone Muslims who support terrorism and the construction of a World Caliphate. Compare and contrast David Duke's infamous exchange with Wolf Blitzer:

David Duke landed more punches, revealed more truth and did more damage to the Lords Of Zion in just 7 minutes than Anjem Choudary has ever done by anything he has ever said or any placard he has held aloft in his greasy little hands. And that is precisley why Choudary gets to act as the public face of Jihad UK, he's safe, contained and sanitized. He's a shill.

 Either that, or we are so far gone that even our terrorists are Politically Correct drones.

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