Monday, 1 June 2015

Is ''Rational Wiki'' Rational?

My attention was recently drawn to an online encyclopedia called ''Rational Wiki''. As the name suggests it's similar in format to Wikipedia. After a brief period browsing I started to realize something was a little off when I clicked on their article for ''Europe'' this is their information on Europe:
Feeling rather disappointed I decided to click on their ''Africa'' page, this is their information on Africa:

Almost the entire entry on Africa relates to Europeans exploiting Africans and enslaving them. So, within just two clicks I had a non existent European Civilization and the positioning of Africans as having no identity except as victims of Europeans. This blatant bias is what many people call ''Cultural Marxism'' it is the crippling of Europeans with guilt and doubt about their own identity while empowering perceived ''Victim Groups''. I wondered what Rational Wiki would have to say about Cultural Marxism and discovered :

 ''The term "cultural Marxism" is most commonly encountered as a snarl word decrying everything right-wingers don't like, alluding to a conspiracy theory to destroy Western culture. With bonus anti-Semitism.
In academic circles, the term describes a school of Marxist thought that concentrates on the non-economic cultural dimensions of class struggle, i.e., what Karl Marx called the "superstructure" of society. The chief exponent of this is the Frankfurt School or the product of that school, critical theory.[1] Some key British figures in the school include Stuart Hall[wp] and Raymond Williams[wp].
Outside of graduate seminars in intellectual history, the term is primarily used by reactionaries to red-bait anyone with progressive tendencies.''

 The ''non economic dimensions of class struggle'' are, as already stated, the marginalizing of Europeans by using a huge array of minority groups, including Africans, which is essentially what Rational Wiki have done on their own pages. Also interesting to note that Rational Wiki managed to dig out a couple of non Jewish Marxists, after all, the bonus Anti Semitism is a bonus because it is and was completely dominated by Jews. Why not actually  give a quote from one of the true Godfathers of Cultural Marxism, which of course is just a crazy conspiracy theory, Jewish intellectual Herbert Marcuse:

  "Given this situation, I suggested in Repressive Tolerance the practice of discriminating tolerance in an inverse direction, as a means of shifting the balance between Right and Left by restraining the liberty of the Right, thus counteracting the pervasive inequality of freedom (unequal opportunity of access to the means of democratic persuasion) and strengthening the oppressed against the oppressed''

So, despite Rational Wiki claiming that Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory they actually do an amazing job of propagating its core doctrines. Keeping in mind the quote by Marcuse above lets try an experiment, given that one of the men most influential within the ''conspiracy'' openly advocated ''restraining the liberty of the Right'' then I'm going to take a chance and say that Rational Wiki takes a rather soft line on ''Hate Speech'' laws and that they will also see it as a means to attack conservatives and Christians:

 ''Due to power dynamics in many multicultural societies, most hate speech laws are designed to protect historically persecuted people from groups with power. [1]''

'' Indeed, the fact that some Christians regard any critical examination of Christianity or the Bible as hate speech against Christians[3][4][5] shows that one person's hate speech is another person's critical speech.''

 Yup, Rational Wiki could have cited the various Hate Laws and Freedom of Speech issues surrounding Muslims and Jews but, because they are Cultural Marxists, they went for the Christians. Something I've never seen answered by Cultural Marxists is, if the idea of a subversive movement is just a conspiracy, then from where do ''Progressives'' or Liberal Leftists get their moral code? from where did these ''progressive tendencies'' arise and why is it identical to what would be the morality of a Cultural Marxist if they existed and were not a conspiracy theory?

 As it stands, the situation of explaining to a Cultural Marxist that they are a Cultural Marxist is pretty much like explaining the nature of water to a fish.

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