Saturday, 6 June 2015

Je Suis Ursula Haverbeck

I recently posted a  video of the fascinating Ursula Haverbeck in which she meticulously takes apart the Holocaust myth, not just the statistical and technical issues within the story, but the morality surrounding it and the manner in which the Jews use it as a hammer to batter Europeans into submitting to Jewish domination of our cultural, political and economic life. Needless to say, this 87 year old woman has now been subjected to a police raid and possible, probable, criminal charges. 

 Here is the report from the Mindener Tageblatt, it is translated using Google so it's rather clunky:

 ''Vlotho / Verden (northwest). The Bielefeld public prosecutor's already against the neo-Nazi figurehead Ursula Haverbeck sedition. Now comes yet another method to: Investigators of the State Office of Criminal Investigation Lower Saxony, supported by officials from Herford, have searched the apartments at the Vlothoerin and other three accused.

In the investigation it go also to sedition in connection with a publication in the journal The Voice of the Empire, a spokesman for the prosecutor's office Verden. In the past, the local prosecutor's office had investigated in charge of the magazine.

In the current process was extensive material during searches in Vlotho, Verden, Kerpen, Regensburg and Baden-W├╝rttemberg has been ensured - including the current issue of the journal. The material must now be examined.

The 86-year-old Ursula Haverbeck busy for years because of the denial of the Holocaust West German investigative authorities and courts and has therefore already been sentenced.

The Collegium, founded by her husband Humanum in Vlotho was used to ban by the Minister of the Interior in 2008 as a neo-Nazi training center.''

 So once again we see the obvious and stunning hypocrisy of the Liberal elite in Europe, if you are a Left Wing cartoonist who repeatedly mocks and insults Christians and Muslims and you are shot, the Political elite will march in solidarity with your bullet riddled corpse on a pro Freedom of Speech platform, if, on the other hand, you're an 87 year old lady sitting comfortably in an arm chair expressing an opinion on Jews then the police will kick your door in on the orders of the same Liberal elite!

 People can rant and rave about Muslims all they want because Muslims are not any real  threat to the present hegemony, indeed, it serves the interests of the establishment to have Europeans and Muslims at each other's throats. But question  and express doubt about the hallowed and unique status that Jews occupy in the West , then the elite will show just how far their ''Je Suis'' proclamations extend. 
 What is it they are afraid of ? is the system they have created this weak? are they really such a bunch of crooked bastards and swindlers that they feel threatened and intimidated by one elderly lady with an opinion? 
 It would seem so....

 You can forget clowns such as Russel Brand and Alex Jones, leave aside the lies of the ''Counter Jihad'' and the fawning of controlled political movements, this is the big game, it is the game itself. In terms of popular culture, the Jewish Question and the blatant hypocrisy regarding what and who we can criticize, is akin to the small opening on the Death Star in Star Wars, you keep shooting that, and the whole thing blows up.

 Je Suis Ursula Haverbeck!  

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