Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tony and the Jews Strike Again

Tony Blair's reign of terror upon the Islamic World and the white British would never have got off the ground if not for a Zionist called Lord Levy. Tony Blair's radical immigration programme was designed and implemented  by Jewess Barbara Roche and Jew Jonathon Portes, his foreign policy was led by David Miliband, another Jew, and further, Tony Blair's ideological ''War Against Terror'' was entirely a product of Jewish Neo-Cons in Washington. So, when a Muslim rapes and tortures a 13 year old white girl from Yorkshire he can take some solace that the girl's people were the soldiers and pilots who shot and bombed his fellow Muslims. Tony and the Jews are also responsible for dropping fire on his brothers and sisters in the ''Ummah''. At the same time, that white girl can thank Tony and the Jews for allowing millions of racially alien fanatics into her living space against the express wishes of her family and people. Now, however, many people are starting to say ''Hey, wait a minute, Blair is a bastard but have you not noticed that the Jews are always there in the background?''.

 And so now, inevitably, Tony and the Jews are back in action to Shut Down any such Hate Thoughts. 

'' Tony Blair has announced his first new public role since resigning as Middle East peace envoy, taking up a position to tackle anti-Semitism and religious extremism across Europe. ''

''In an article authored with Moshe Kantor, a Russian-born Jewish philanthropist and businessman, he writes: “We live in dangerous times. There have been three periods in the past hundred years when the annual GDP growth in Europe went below 1 per cent: first in 1913, just before the First World War, second in 1938, just before the Second World War, and third in 2014. Economic decline fuels instability.”

 That's an interesting admission, Tony and the Jews are pretty much telling us that despite our Diversity being a Strength, the whole tent will collapse unless the masses are kept quiet with an endless supply consumer junk. Japan and Germany were utterly ruined but because they were homogeneous nations they pulled things together without ''extremism'' and tribal bloodletting. Words can hardly describe the sheer unadulterated scumbaggery of Tony Blair, the Wiki definition of a ''Shabbos Goy'' is:

 In certain households and synagogues a particular non-Jew (invariably not a member of the home/synagogue) may be designated as the Shabbos goy for that place. This individual is usually one who would be present regardless of this role, such as a babysitter, a security guard or a synagogue maintenance crew member, and is typically paid for the work.

 Tony Blair is worth anywhere between £50 and £100 Million!   Perhaps one of the most useful Goys to have ever served World Jewry. Long ago I read Dante's Inferno, I was always surprised that Dante had set aside the final and most excruciating punishments to Traitors, after all, is not raping a child or murdering a loved one the greater crime? but now I understand, the Traitor deserves his lot in the very bowels of hell because all other hardship and misery flow from his cowardice and lack of character.

 May Blair roast, forever.

  through me you enter into the city of woes 
through me you enter into eternal pain, 
through me you enter the population of loss. 
. . .
abandon all hope, you who enter here. 

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