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White People: MTV Documentary Breakdown

White people built America, they also created the means by which illegal immigrants such as Jose Vargas, the presenter of MTV's Anti White documentary,  can reach White countries, they also built countries which immigrants such as Jose Vargas would want to live in. In a sane world Jose Vargas would be either already deported to the Philippines or sitting in a prison cell with a White man in uniform demanding to know why he was in America. But America is no longer a sane country, now the illegal immigrant gets to wander around questioning White Americans in a passive aggressive fashion. Jose Vargas is a deeply irritating person, his face has large moles or wart type adornments and he continuously raises one eye brow as if to say ''You aren't serious are you, Whitey?''.

 The Jewish president of MTV, Stephen Friedman explained the motivation for the ''documentary'' as :

“Whiteness often remains unexamined in conversations about race in this country, even as it acts as the implicit norm against which other racial identities are judged,” Stephen Friedman, president of MTV said. “By shining a spotlight on whiteness, we hope ‘White People’ will serve as a powerful conversation starter that encourages our audience to address racial bias through honest, judgment-free dialogue.”

In actual fact it is Stephen's people who need to feel the glare of the spotlight, it is Stephen's people's insidious form of ethnic warfare upon Europeans which should be a ''conversation starter''. To save anyone having sit through this dross here is a breakdown of the documentary.

Minute 1: Jose organizes a seminar, the audience is mixed but Jose informs them he wants to know how White people ''feel''. He introduces himself and explains he's called Jose because the Spanish colonized the Philippines.

Minute 2: Jose tells the White students he's an ''undocumented'' immigrant and shouldn't even be there ''according to the Government'' Jose asks the audience what they are, a very Jewish looking student says ''White is the default race'' other students express with disgust that ''to be White is the good thing to be''.

Minute 3: Jose reels off some stats which reveal White people group with other Whites, he looks on benevolently as a self loather laments how ''Whites are oblivious to issues of racism which effect non White people''. Jose goes Down South and we meet a homosexual White student who enrolled himself in a Black university. The homo talks about how racist his people are.

Minute 4:  Jose meets the homo's family, they explain that they live in an all White area and the sister says ''I don't think it will ever change'' Jose nods but gives a sinister ''We'll see about that!'' glance.

Minute 5: We're off to Dakota the homo's college where we meet his friends, both black, one morbidly obese 'Dakota is sooo cute'' she blurts out over her Mega sized cola and pizza.

Minute 6: Jose raises his cheap Filipino  version of the Roger Moore eyebrow as he asks the obese Black what she knows about Dakota's very White area, they are going to visit...

Minute 7: Jose stirs up tension at the dinner table, Dakota's sister admits she once crossed a street to avoid a Black man, but she would ''never do that now'' the skinny Black girl gives an example of stereotypes Blacks have of Whites, Dakota steps in it by explaining Whites think Blacks ''Go ghetto real fast''. 

Minute 8: The fat Black girl bursts  into tears upon hearing the word ''Ghetto'' the camera hangs on Dakota's sister, who is becoming the icy White bitch of the scene through skillful editing. Fat Black girl gives an emotional lecture on how hurtful words can be, evil icy sister, who is becoming a heroine, shrugs her shoulders in a ''whatever'' gesture.

Dakota's evil sister

Minute 9: We're back at Jose's seminar where he asks them about their ''White Privilege'' predicable replies ensue such as not being stopped by the cops, the Jewy looking kid is back ''You don't have to show people like, you're one of the good ones'' he says. An Oriental whines about being accused of dog eating and being good at maths, a gruff looking White man questions if this is the first thing he thinks about each day, possible Thought Criminal Trigger....

Minute 10: Jose is off to an Indian reservation which has a few Whites, the school teachers are mainly White.

Minute 11. Jose asks the Indians about the White teachers, doesn't seem pleased with the relaxed attitude of the Indians.

Minute 12: Jose hits White Guilt overdrive to make up for the previous section, the White teachers explain they can't escape from the sins of their forefathers, Jose narrates a short section on Whites killing Indians as part of ''America's centuries long history of atrocities against Native Peoples''.

Minute 13: The Indians have now decided they do hold a grudge against White people, more White guilt from teachers.

Minute 14: Jose gleefully explains an Indian word which means ''Greedy White people'' Jose demands a White teacher explain the word to him again and then again.... 

Minute 15: Back in the seminar, Jose asks the students ''What are the disadvantages'' of being White. A Black girl with an African accent doesn't think there are any.

Minute 16: Amazingly there is still an area of discourse in which Whites are openly expressing unease, scholarships. Jose reels off some stats and, White students question why they have to fill ''race'' questions on the college forms.

Minute 17: Jose meets White girl Katy and effects the attitude of a cop investigating a crime. Katy feels she is being discriminated against on the college application because of her race, Jose looks intensely and says ''How does that Feel!'' 

Minute 18: Katy's mother agrees with Katy, Whites are being discriminated against. Jose trots off to consult a very greasy and dirty looking expert called Nolan L Carbrera. Surprise surprise, Nolan drags out a load of stats to prove the Whites wrong, they are actually over represented on campus. Nolan and Jose prattle ''what are we supposed to tell these people? will they accept the truth?'' Jose says Katy will not want to hear the truth.

Minute 19: Jose lectures the already guilt riddled White students on the need to keep their mouths shut about being under represented at college. More self loathing and flagellating ensues.

Minute 20,21,22,23,24,:  The next few minutes of the documentary consist of Jose and a mulatto hippy berating Katy and her mother. Katy feels they are ''ganging up on her'' Jose looks at her with loathing and disgust. Jose pulls out his magic statistics to prove Katy and her mother wrong. Beaten and bruised and having had all resistance crushed Katy promises to stop complaining and simply try harder to get a college scholarship.  Jose agrees, just keep your mouth shut.

Minute 25: Back in the seminar, more stats revealing that Whites are colour blind, more quotes from White kids expressing how colour doesn't matter. Gruff guy from earlier, who has a Southern accent, isn't buying it, he says people are just scared to mention it.

Minute 26 : Jose heads off to a small and pleasant looking White town were we meet Lucas, a dorky looking student and White Privilege lecturer.

Minute 27 : Some Asian Indians pop up and tell us White Privilege lectures are best coming from another White person so ''they don't feel like they are being attacked'' Lucas the dork has conservative parents, Jose raises his eyebrow especially high on hearing this, they even watch Bill O'Reilly! ''Oh I like Bill'' says Jose sarcastically.

Minute 28: Jose ''So basically this White Privilege workshop should be happening in your own home?'' Lucas replies with a giggle ''Yeah, perhaps''.

Minute 29: Lucas's dad has nothing but contempt for White Privilege theory, he never knew Lucas was peddling this stuff, awkward moments over dinner as Lucas comes close to tears while telling dad he was always a closet Liberal. Tomorrow they will go to the White Privilege workshop...

Minute 30: Lucas's parents enter the workshop and seem to be utterly appalled by the self loathing lunatics in the room, including one ridiculous looking chubster with wavy hair complaining that he (unlike Non Whites) can live his life without thinking about race.

Minute 31: Lucas lies to himself and everybody else by telling us his dad had ''opened his mind'' when his dad admits the workshop hasn't changed his opinions one bit.

Minute 32: Back at Jose's seminar once again we meet more crazy White students who think the changing demographics are ''wonderful'' and a ''glimpse of the future'', Jose trots out more stats proving that the White demographic is rapidly shrinking. One student says ''it's cool and not cool at the same time'' Jose's eyebrow springs into action, he's on alert, the guy says ''I have to be careful but, we lose something with the blending'' Jose looks toward him  menacingly and says ''Don't be careful, go for it!!''

Minute 33: We're off to a New York suburb to see how Italian Americans are coping with losing their living space.

Minute 34: Orientals have moved in by the bushel and they aren't happy because Italian Whites sometimes say ''Hey, there's another f****** Chink walking down the street''.

Minute 35: For the next few minutes Jose wanders around the streets with a White guy who is having trouble getting the Orientals to sign a petition allowing a block party.

Minute 37,38, : Italian Americans explain that once they were in the position of the Orientals now, and they assimilated. Jose speaks to a pleasant Oriental couple.

Minute 39: The documentary wraps up back at Jose's seminar, the White students explain that it is their generation that will have to guide White Americans into minority status, Jose agrees, he wishes them the best of luck.

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