Saturday, 19 September 2015

Big Brother's Rugby World Cup Propaganda

The Rugby World Cup introduction video takes us back to where it all began, Warwickshire 1823, the camera swoops past the astounding architecture of Warwickshire  and we are greeted with an explosion of a bucolic England as a choral rendition of ''I vow to thee, My Country'' plucks at  the patriotic heartstrings of every Englishman. Of course, by Englishmen we are, presumably, expected to include the Africans who have been strategically placed in the video as English aristocrats, in 1823, ten years before slavery was abolished (!).

Unlike Football which has historically been the sport of choice, and convenience, of the working class, Rugby emanates from the historical Middle to Upper class tier of British society. From a Cultural Marxist perspective it makes sense to have poor blacks and whites mixing it up, regardless of historical accuracy, because both are oppressed by the upper tier of society, ethnic and racial differences are merely a ''false conscience'' which must be overcome and or destroyed. However, a sport such as Rugby is the sport of those elites and the question then becomes one of how to ''modernize'' it, or how to sell it to the working class masses as something not ''elitist''. The producers hired to solve this problem have certainly taken the ball and run with it, so to speak, their solution is to turn the traditional hierarchy on its head. Prince Harry, the epitome of the modern aristocrat and ''white establishment'' appears as a gardener, while blacks appear as belonging to the 1823 ruling classes of Britain. 

Famed For Its Multi-ethnic Diversity in 1823?
   Cultural Marxism is often misunderstood as having, or wishing to create, something new, it isn't, it is a wrecking ball with no further purpose than to destroy. This is why its internal logic is so often paradoxical and, generally, an incoherent mess. One example of this is the way the modern Left claim to stand simultaneously for Islam and Gay Rights. It doesn't make sense, it isn't supposed to, what matters is that both gays and Muslims are groups lining up to attack the traditional society Europeans have created. Placing blacks as aristocrats, or coming soon, characters in Beowulf, opens up yet another paradox in New Leftist thought. If blacks are a historically oppressed and abused group at the hands of racist Europeans then by the Left's own logic it is absurd to cast them as being a historically integral part of European civilization, as aristocrats and viking warriors etc. If we are now supposed to believe that blacks made up the classes of the British ruling elites are they, then, culpable and guilty for slavery too? what do today's blacks think of this?. 

Viking Warrior?

 Obviously, you aren't supposed to nitpick like this, precisely because Cultural Marxist propaganda cannot stand up to even mild scrutiny. The purpose is to steadily drip the lie into the European psyche that European identity is multiracial and always has been. And if this means having to cast today's victim groups in the role of yesterday's oppressor, contradicting every core Leftist value, then so be it.

 Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." Ingsoc

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