Tuesday, 29 September 2015

France: The Land Without Race?

In a recent TV interview french politician, Nadine Morano, caused her interviewer to be ''shocked'' by expressing the opinion that France was a ''White Race Country''. 

 “We must keep a balance in the country, [preserve] its cultural majority to have national cohesion,” she told TV channel France 2. “We are a Judeo-Christian country – as General de Gaulle said – of white race that welcomes foreigners. I want France to remain France; I’m not looking forward to see it become a Muslim country.”
From a biological perspective this was certainly once true, less so now, but the Native French are at least still there, they do exist. Morano then went on to defend her comment by pointing out that the word was '' in the dictionary''. The word ''Race'' might still be in the dictionary but it isn't in the french legal system or Government bureaucracy anymore because the Left succeeded in banning  the word in 2013. Here in Britain official documents are crammed full with questions of ethnicity and race, in France the Government does not keep track, officially at least, of the racial make up of the country. Ostensibly this is in accord with France's post enlightenment, revolutionary  ideals of Liberté, égalité, fraternité. The Brotherhood of Man made real. All are equal, all are citizens, equally, all are free unless hurting somebody else. Such lofty ideals may have seemed laudable to 18th century philosophers but they could not possibly conceive of these ideals extended to Millions of Africans and Muslims, and even if they could they never had to live with it. The ''Rights of Man'' is easy when your fellow man is an English fisherman or Flemish farmer, somewhat more troublesome when a Gambian or Algerian religious fanatic. Such laudable universalist values placed a poetic noose around the necks of the french long ago, all it took was the Left to yank on the lever and watch them fall. Besides, even the ''Liberte'' is compromised, in France you do not have the Liberte to deny that the Holocaust happened.

The Left Front coalition, the political force which pushed to have the word banned, claimed:
 “In eliminating the legal category of race, the Assembly has helped our country move forward on ideological and educational levels,” 
That would be ''helping'' Leftist ideologies and education programs. The preamble to the bill itself claimed:
 “The word 'race' has no scientific validity and it has been the basis for racist ideologies,” 
That would be ideologies of the Right, ideologies which would see the french remain a secure ethnic group, a white ethnic group, within their own land.The ideologies which have got Nadine Morano into trouble and ''shocked'' a TV host. Cultural Marxist ''Repressive Tolerance'' in action.

 The problem is of course, banning words and changing bureaucratic jargon does not in any way effect the biological realities of race and ethnicity. Officially there are no races in France because they are all french with equal rights and respect. As the Left well knew, this just means it's impossible for white french people to find out how rapidly they are being phased out of existence, well, almost impossible. 

So despite the word race ''having no scientific validity'' non Northern European racial groups are massively more effected by the illness, white children will not even be tested. Above we can see the appalling magnitude of the french demographic problem. But it still isn't enough, and the lies and double think continue. On the 17th of December 2008 President Nicholas Sarkozy delivered this speech in which he suggests the ''raceless'' french state should actively coerce the Native French into interbreeding with non whites.

But why? if race is merely an outdated concept and belongs only to ''Hate ideologies'' then what does it matter if the Native french interbreed with non whites, indeed, it hardly matters what colour the population is if French ideals are to be believed, isn't that the point?. 
 The truth is, far from being a land where race is no longer relevant, France is a land which has morphed its entire civic code to destroy one race. 

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