Monday, 7 September 2015

Muslim Lives Matter. English Girls' Do Not!

On Saturday an Anti Islam protest group called ''Britain First'' marked the first anniversary of the breaking of the Rotherham grooming scandal by holding a street  march in Rotherham. This blog  is no friend of the Counter Jihad movement, but it is always heartening to see normal white British people take to the streets and 

do something, even if they are being lied to, misinformed, misdirected and used as pawns on a larger Zionist Chess board. Britain First certainly doesn't seem to be as prone to Israeli flag waving and ''Bomb Iran'' stupidity as the others, but whatever. Rotherham, of course, is the English town where thousands of English girls were raped  sexually enslaved and tortured by Asian men, mainly Pakistanis.
The reason this travesty was allowed, besides the English having this horde dumped on us in the first place, was because the child protection services, the local councils and the local police were worried they would be called ''racist'' or that their fantasy ''community relations'' would be damaged if their dirty little secret got out. It was claimed that the mass rape of white girls at the hands of immigrants we never wanted would ''play into the hands of the Far Right''. Thousands of little white girls were horrifically violated, mentally and physically and emotionally wrecked because of the cowardice and Neo Marxist insanity of the establishment, their lives meant nothing. And so you can imagine my utter astonishment, then, when I discovered that the Anti Fascist counter demonstration was called ''Rotherham Unites:Muslim Lives Matter'' (!) 
 In the main picture to this article stands two Left Wing lunatics with a Pakistani outside Rotherham police station, this would be the same Rotherham police station which, according to the police themselves:

 The report said South Yorkshire Police also failed in its role to protect victims, turning a blind eye to their plight and in many cases holding them responsible.
Police were said to be aware that a victim was 'raped with a broken bottle' and some girls were 'ordered to kiss perpetrators' feet at gun point' but never took any action.
In one case an officer told a victim: 'Don't worry- you aren't the first girl to be raped by XX and you won't be the last'. 

But heaven forbid you actually pay attention to the truth, to what we used to call ''reality'' because Unite Against Fascism and the Pakis have decreed that Muslims are the real victims here. The ''Lives Matter'' meme comes out of the equally controlled and Anti White arena of the American media which has it that a 150kg Negro robbing a shop and charging a cop is also the victim when he's gunned down by the cop. Within what logical framework can Muslims adopt the memes created by Jews for blacks in America?  is 1400 raped and tortured white girls not enough? should it be legalized? how are Muslims, Pakistanis, lives at risk? where was the backlash which burned down their areas and drove them into the sea? The ''Lives Matter'' meme has as a precondition that there has actually been a disproportionate number of a given group killed or persecuted, but in the case of Rotherham the Pakistanis and Leftists were the persecutors, not the persecuted! The persecuted were girls called Emma and Tracey who had their tongues nailed to tables while being raped, or were doused in petrol and threatened with being burned alive. In what parallel universe, what reality or metaphysical thought realm can Pakistanis possibly suggest that they are the victim group when they were allowed free reign to rape and pillage  young English womanhood at will?

 Ok, the Pakistanis are just an invading force doing what an invading force always does, but what of the white Leftists? Pathological Altruism is one thing, being a cowardly creep in the police force scared of losing your job is, disgusting, but it is at least possible to understand. The bleeding heart middle class Liberal will go coy over Rotherham, it messes with their mind and a couple of platitudes of ''A few bad apples'' will be it. But the behaviour of Unite Against Fascism, it's few remaining whites at any rate, can only be called psychotic. It is insanity, the country is a gigantic lunatic asylum.

 To be a normal white man in today's England is like being Charlton Heston in Planet Of The Apes. It's a mad house.

Final Note: As I publish this piece news is breaking of yet another case of White girls being horrifically abused by Asians:

  ''Mr Saxby told jurors: "Notwithstanding that they were children, they spoke in terms of these men being their boyfriends. And they were passed from man to man - sometimes on a daily basis.
"The scale of it is, you may agree, horrifying. ( girl) A estimated that she had sex with about 60 men - six zero - almost all Asian."

 But don't forget what those sick, rancid bastards of ''Unite Against Fascism'' tell you ''Muslim Lives Matter''.

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