Saturday, 12 September 2015

Project White Genocide: Globalists Prepare Eastern Offensive

In a recent speech Jean Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission said :

In a plea for European generosity towards the 500,000 he said had entered the EU this year, Juncker said: “Europe is the baker in Kos who gives away his bread to hungry and weary souls. Europe is the students in Munich and in Passau who bring clothes for the new arrivals at the train station. Europe is the policeman in Austria who welcomes exhausted refugees upon crossing the border. This is the Europe I want to live in.”

And just in case you're wondering, Europeans in the east, that means you too. That means you too are going to be enriched, that means you too will have to become accustomed to seeing your women walk down the street with Negros and aggressive Muslims triumphantly erecting Mosques in Budapest, Bratislava, Vilnius and Bucharest.

Membership of the European Union has thus far been a great boon for the former eastern bloc Nations. Western Europe was made available and the youth of east Europe could flow in freely and undercut the native's wages. A young couple from Poland working shifts in factories and restaurants could shuttle the money back home and buy a house. Hip and trendy multinationals started popping up in dusty east European towns and a new ''cosmopolitan'' atmosphere took hold. Subsidies raised from taxes in the west flooded in and rejuvenated the post communist infrastructure, and then there was the safety blanket of being part of ''The West'' and tweaking the nose of the Russian bear. Great days. 
Romania's Traditional Border Control Policy Worked

The problem is, when you sup with the devil, or rather, Marxists, Globalists, Banking Cartels, Multinationals, elitist Liberal politicians and Jews, you have to pay a price, and that price, when it arrives, is extraordinarily high. The European Union is not about creating a sphere for Europeans to trade and co-operate toward mutual goals, it is about creating a gigantic slave farm for the profit of the Globalist elite. A racially homogeneous Nation can galvanize and redirect the public will toward resisting this enslavement, a broken mass of rival ethnic groups forever going for each other's throats cannot. Eastern Europe rushed into the EU for the goodies and within just a decade or so they are now beginning to understand that it is in fact another gulag, and the doors have slammed shut behind them. And now there is talk about ''compulsorily quotas''. ''You want the money for the roads and hospitals? first you have to settle 10,000 Africans, then we will talk''.

 The men of the East have traditionally provided Europe with a ''watcher on the wall'' the history of the east is awash with White European men shedding blood to keep the Islamic horde at bay. Because the Neo Marxist mind rot has not yet really set in, the Globalists might well decide to bypass that, for now, and use Africans as their biological weapons of mass destruction in eastern Europe.  
 From the perspective of our enemies eastern Europe must be diversified.
Look who's back

1. Despite the relentless lies and propaganda of the Jewish controlled media in the west the multicultural project is, and was, always despised by the vast majority of people. An eastern Europe which is still white and still recognizably European is a constant reminder to west Europeans of what they have lost. The tough responses of east European politicians such as Victor Orban and Kristina Ojuland are seen, by the still remaining sane people in the west, as voices of hope, that all is not lost. An eastern Europe which has ''embraced diversity'' removes that hope.

2. The Jews who left eastern Europe at the beginning of the last century are now the most powerful group of people on earth. They have spent generations stewing in the perceived wrongs they have suffered at the hands of the east Europeans, and they will have not forgotten, they never do. Lacking a history of colonialism and slavery, the lies used by Neo Marxism to guilt trip western whites, the holocaust and ''pogroms'' will steadily drip their way into the media and political establishment via the EU. This will be framed as ''The dark history of eastern Europe' indeed, it is already but it will increase exponentially as the campaign to dispossess eastern Europeans gathers speed. Likewise the traditional animosity with Islam will be re-configured, Hungarians and Slavs and the orthodox church will become aggressors with a history of ''Islamophobia''.

3. Zionist Neo Cons sitting in New York and Washington would love nothing more than to see, or for their children to witness, an ocean of Africans and Muslims lapping up against the borders of Russia.

4. One of the greatest creations of the world elites to have placed, subconsciously, in the minds of Europeans, is the idea that ''Globalization'' is inevitable, that the steady erosion of European identity and living spaces is merely a naturally occurring phenomena, it is evolution, the forward thrust of the human experience. This is of course a great lie that they have used in their media relentlessly. And so, for example, when Romanian president Klaus Iohannis decides:
 President Klaus Iohannis says Romania can take about 1,785 migrants, but opposes the European Commission's call for it to take 6,351 migrants.
 It is of no concern to the Globalists because Romania is already on the defensive, the rot has already begun. Quibbles over numbers are operating within the intellectual prism of having non Europeans in Europe. A truly free European mind would see the accepting of any non Europeans into the European living space as a grotesque infringement of natural law and European rights. This is the new morality we, both east and west, must forge.
You cannot have both

5. As noted above, a homogeneous nation can, and the Germany of the 1930's did, cast off the shackles of the Money Power and permanent debt, maximum exploitation with zero risk involved necessarily means breaking down that homogeneity and the nation within which it resides.

The mistakes made in the west are multitudinous, the cowardice and apathy a scourge, the crimes committed against us incalculable. But all is not yet lost, and once again the men of the east must preserve Europe with an eye to supporting European men of honor in the west, in this, our last fight. Given that the eternal ones are hell bent on eradicating us all, do we not now finally see the ancient petty troubles between Europeans as infantile? does it matter to Poles if Germans go extinct 50 years before they? can the Irish be proud that slightly fewer Irish girls were raped by Pakistanis than were English girls? 

 We must either become the greatest generation of European men to have ever lived, or become the last generation of European men to have lived.   


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