Friday, 4 September 2015

Re-Configuring The Narrative

The annual summer invasion of Europe by brown and black people got off to a decent start for  normal Europeans as far as the media coverage was concerned. As always we had the Jews rolling out the Holo-Guilt in their media, the Liberal Left looked even more moronic than usual as their ''starving children'' were obviously just 100,000's of fighting age men from the Third World, and because no sane civilization has ever welcomed 100,000's of racially alien men of fighting age into the bosom of their homeland the Liberal Left were largely ignored. 

David Cameron tried flexing his Right Wing hard man credentials by using the term ''Swarm'' to describe the swarm and there were mutterings about how these people would fundamentally change Europe.
Week after week we were allowed to witness aggressive young blacks and Arabs, literally, forcing their way into Europe, climbing fences, fighting with border police, running through the channel tunnel. There was a sense among some that perhaps this was it, perhaps the Globalist Machine was running too quickly and at some point a washer would work itself loose and Europeans would finally be able to address their impending dispossession freely, the boiling frog would jump out of the pan.

 And then a boy from Syria, Aylan Kudri, tragically drowned at sea and his body washed up on the Turkish shore, and the media howled. The tone of the narrative changed directions so swiftly many are probably suffering from whiplash.
 In Britain, and presumably the rest of Europe, sane people  argued that muscular young Africans holding I-Phones are not the type of people who are fleeing persecution, and even if they were, it's high time we took care of ourselves, but now the media masters had done a mid air back flip and those same sane people could be emotionally blackmailed.  All across the bars and offices and works canteens anyone objecting could be called a vile Nazi who liked seeing dead children on beaches. And that is that.

 Liberal emotional hysterics trump conservative rationality every time, and the elites know it. As noted above, the bleeding hearts had been denied a sugar coated emo-trip throughout this summer's invasion, but the dead Syrian boy was handed to them to satiate their blood-lust, their episode of morally superior cold turkey was about to be ended. Why? It is of course tragic that a boy dies and  is washed up on the shore in this manner, but he was Syrian, living in Turkey and washed up on a Turkish beach. Yet this was a source of shame for Europe. Why?

 The media, politics and Money Power are as one on the issue of European people being replaced as fast as possible with Non European peoples, this is the ''thesis''. The natural reaction of Europeans to being replaced is to reject it, this is the ''antithesis''. Originally Prime Minister David Cameron had refused to allow ''refugees'' to settle in Britain but now because the photo of the dead Syrian boy has been grossly propagandized and used to stir up the Liberal Left into a frenzy he's ''buckled'' under the pressure and thus the ''synthesis''has been achieved, the intended goal reached, to a certain degree.

 Of course, the retards of the Liberal Left also gain from this, they can carry on believing that they have spoken truth to power. In their infantile brains David Cameron represents a stern White conservative patriarch, they are in the situation of saying ''Oh please daddy, let me have the brown immigrant pony, pretty please you monster!''. In reality the stern patriarch David Cameron is a shill for Jewry and the Money Power and has already rammed homo marriage and 4,000,000 immigrants down the throats of middle England against their will, but the truth doesn't matter, reality doesn't matter, that all of the middle east and Israel flatly refuse to allow hordes into their countries does not matter. What matters is that Europeans be erased as majorities in their own countries and that the discourse used to achieve this deploys the sugar and syrup coated faux morality of the suicidal Liberal Left to out- screech the slight objections of the still sane Europeans.

 We are living in an ''Unreality''. 

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