Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Resisting The Chosenite BBC

Jewish scamster Alan Yentob was back in the news this week, fresh from the ''Kids Company'' operation which saw hundreds of millions of pounds bled out of the public purse and retarded liberal celebrities, Yentob is under scrutiny yet again for taking BBC license fee payers to the cleaners for another £8 Million to fund, yet another, pet project. This time the scam involves a new BBC ''Digital Arts'' project which is described as ''exciting''. We'll get back to that later...

I don't usually indulge in personal anecdotes in blog posts but this is an exception. For at least five years I have flatly refused to pay the BBC any money whatsoever, I'd love nothing more than to see it descend into bankruptcy and disappear completely. After all, the corporation despises me and everything I hold dear, Jewish boss of programming,
Trust Us With Your Media, Or Else
Danny Cohen, openly campaigns to have fewer white people appearing on the BBC, and I'm expected to be coerced into paying for an organization, run by Jews, who want to replace my people. BBC News is headed by a another Jew, James Harding, this is the news which insists on reporting everything relating to children from an inner city London slum so the audience are left with the impression that non white majorities are the norm and that's just fine, this is the organization which replaces ''Muslim Terrorist'' with the gentler, non judgmental sounding ''Militant''. And this is the organization which sends people to knock on my door and demand to know why I'm not handing over money for this filth. The last time was about 5 weeks ago, a middle aged white man stood before me as I opened the door.

 The conversation went something like this:

 Hello there, got the television on have we? 
No, I rarely watch it, are you from the BBC? I'm not paying for Cultural Marxist shit! 
You are required by law to have a TV license, how long have you had the television? 
About four years, I rarely use it. How did you get this job? Have you any idea that the BBC hates us? doesn't political correctness drive you mad? for f**** sake man! the BBC is evil!
 *(deep sigh). Look mate, I f****** hate this job, I'm sick of my bastard life! it pays pennies I have people like you screaming in my face for 8 hours a day. What am I supposed to do? go home and tell my wife I jacked in my job because the BBC is full of Lefty wankers? 

Suddenly I understood, I was berating one of my own, a working class white man just trying to earn a crust in a country whose institutions and media and political figures loathe him. My attitude softened, I gave him a number of a place I'd heard were taking on. The early days of the Soviet Union must have been something like this, albeit infinitely more deadly and barbaric, ethnic Russians forced to strong arm and harass other Russians on behalf of the Jewish commissars far away.

So what were the fruits of all of this, was it worth it? The BBC signed off on £8,000,000 worth of license payer fees to fund This new ''Digital Arts'' wheeze, the BBC license fee is £145 per year, and that means 55,172 people's license fee money for last year went on Yentob's latest hoax, was it worth it? what artistic wonders have 55,172 people paid for? Lets take a look.

 Exhibit A is a half caste Dancer of some sort called ''FKA twigs'' 

This is probably the best of the three. I have tried to pick out the shortest videos these people have to spare the reader undue stress and irritation.

 Exhibit B are called ''Top Goon Reloaded'' and are Syrian immigrants who do puppet shows:
I lasted 1 minute.

 Exhibit C, I saved the best for last. This is Tuulikki and she ''explores bird song in Gaelic'' this is her master piece called ''red bird red bird''

Thanks, once again, Jews.

If seeing your people robbed of £145 to pay for a Muslim Punch and Judy Show, a Mulatto break dancer and a lunatic in a field gets you down, then fear not, perhaps all is not lost. I'm delighted to report  I never did hear back from the BBC after 5 weeks, could it be my fellow white man threw my details into the trash and went to get a new job? Could we be beginning  to thinking conspiratorially and forging a mild resistance? 

Let us hope so.

Appendix A (from Agenda™ monitor Tony Hayers)

JEW Danny Cohen : Director of BBC Television , previously Controller of BBC1. (Married to JEW Noreena Hertz)
JEW Alan Yentob BBC Creative Director ,previously Controller of BBC1 and BBC2
JEW James Harding , BBC Head Of News and Current Affairs
JEW Anthony Reuben Head Of Statistics
JEW Ian Katz Editor, "Newsnight",previously Dep.Ed. "The Guardian"
(Current Guardian editor: JEW Katherine Viner , JEW Jonathan Freedland)
JEW Emily Maitliss, presenter, "Newsnight"
JEW Robert Peston ,presenter "Newsnight" and BBC Economics/Business Editor
JEW Jon Sopel, presenter, "Newsnight", and BBC Washington Editor
JEW Katya Adler , Europe Editor

Correspondents /reporters /editors, "Newsnight" and other BBC News Progs:

JEW David Shukman : Science
JEW Joshua Rozenberg : Law (Husband of Melanie Phillips)
JEW Steve Rosenberg : Moscow /USSR
JEW David Stern : Ukraine
JEW Will Gompertz : Arts and Culture
JEW Simon Gompertz, Personal Finance
JEW Martin Lewis "Money-Saving Expert"
JEW Suzy Klein : Classical Music
JEW Tim Samuels : Investigative Reports / Correspondent
JEW Simon Schama (Historian, Haberdashers' Aske's)
JEW Simon Sebag-Montefiore : History
JEW Jo Coburn : presenter , "Daily Politics"
JEW Jenny Abramsky ,former Director Of BBC Radio,former BBC Director Of Audio and Music,
JEW Mark Damazer , former Radio 4 Controller, former "Newsnight" editor. Former Head Of political Programs, Former Head of News programs,former Head of Current Affairs,Former Director of BBC News
JEW Caroline Raphael Former Commissioning Editor Comedy and Fiction, Radio 4
Former BBC radio head of drama, etc

JEW Tony Hayers, fictional former Chief Commissioning Editor, BBC Programmes.

Presenters , Pundits, Performers, Directors, Writers etc

JEW (Homosexual) Stephen Fry
JEW (Homosexual) Matt Lucas (
Haberdashers' Aske's)
JEW (Homosexual) Dale Winton
JEW (Lesbian) Sue Perkins
JEW Claudia Winkleman

JEW Eve Pollard (Mother of Claudia Winkleman)
JEW Gaby Roslin
JEW Clive Roslin (Father of Gaby Roslin)
JEW Alan Dein ( Guardian, R4, etc)
JEW Naomi Alderman (R4, Guardian, etc)
JEW Tracey Anne Oberman
JEW Maureen Lipman

JEW Jack Rosenthal (Deceased, husband of Maureen Lipman)
JEW Melanie Phillips : Daily Mail. etc (Wife of Joshua Rozenberg)
JEW Will Self (writer -Guardian etc)
JEW Howard Jacobson (writer-Independent, etc)
JEW Sir/Lord/Baron Robert Winston
JEW Emma Barnett (Columnist -Telegraph)
JEW Angela Epstein (Columnist :Telegraph ,etc)
JEW (Lord/Sir/Baron) Daniel Finkelstein (Editor-The Times)
JEW David Aaronovitch (Columnist -The Times , etc)
JEW David Baddiel (Columnist -The Guardian, etc

Haberdashers' Aske's)
JEW Ivor Baddiel (Brother of David Baddiel, Haberdashers' Aske's)
JEW Micheal Rosen (children's laureate)
JEW Jay Rayner -Food/Cuisine /Observer ,Guardian, etc . (
Haberdashers' Aske's)
JEW Claire Rayner (Deceased, mother of Jay Rayner)
JEW Peter Kelner (President of YouGov, former Newsnight political analyst) Sunday Times, Independent ,Observer, etc Haberdashers' Aske's)
JEW Victoria Coren
JEW Giles Coren : Times / Independent, etc

JEW Alan Coren (Deceased, father of Giles & Victoria)
JEW Ruby Wax
JEW Ben Elton
JEW Richard Curtis (Married to Emma Freud)
JEW Emma Freud (Married to Richard Curtis)
JEW Alice Levine
JEW Adam Richman
JEW Dave Berry
JEW Vanesa Feltz

JEW Jeni Barnett
JEW Miriam Stoppard (Former wife of Tom Stoppard)
JEW Tom Stoppard (Former husband of Miriam Stoppard)
JEW Mark Steele
JEW Peter Kosminsky (Haberdashers' Aske's)
JEW Gaynor Faye
JEW Yvonne Francas
JEW Kay Mellor (Mother of Gaynor Faye & Yvonne Francas)
JEW Jim Rosenthal
JEW Tom Rosenthal (Son of Jim Rosenthal) 
JEW Dan Swimer
JEW Robert Popper
JEW Jonathan Freedland
JEW Neil Gaiman
JEW Simon Amstell
JEW Adrian Goldberg
JEW Mike Mendoza
JEW Jonny Gould
JEW Andy Goldstein
JEW Andy Jacobs
JEW Murray Gold
JEW Rebecca Wilcox (daughter of Esther Rantzen)
JEW Esther Rantzen
JEW Tim Franks  
JEW David Elstein
JEW Josh Widdicombe
JEW Andy Zaltzman
JEW Helen Zaltzman

An honourable mention for Laura Kuennsberg BBC Chief Political Editor (some jewish ancestry). She replaced JEW Nick Robinson, who, in turn, replaced JEW John Sergeant who like Robinson was a former Chief Political Editor at IT.

Jewish population of Great Britain is around 263,346

85 names of people alive and currently or recently working in BBC TV/radio. That turns out to be 1 out of every 3098 jews in the UK. (The list is far from complete of course)

Since white British people outnumber jews by at least 200 to 1, to get a comparable representation of white British people in the same strategic/on-air/editorial/writing functions there would need to be at least 17,000 of them. The BBC only employs 18,900 people in total in all capacities!

(Of course many presenters/writers etc are not employees so the comparison is fuzzy)

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