Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Easy Jet Breaks The Cycle Of Life

I recently happened to catch this Easy Jet commercial, the budget airline is celebrating 20 years of no frills travel and dubiously exploiting aviation legal loopholes to provide the masses with cheap flights and holidays. The advert deploys a clever metaphorical trick by using a ferris wheel to depict the wheels of time turning.

 A handsome young white man and woman jump aboard, awkward, hesitant, they fall in love, the years pass. We witness their hairstyles and clothes change as they evolve from teenage dorks into their 20's. The woman shows a bump, she's pregnant, and soon our happy couple are joined by a lovely little white daughter. Mum and dad go through life's changes, stressed, responsible, doting, dad appears with a neck injury, they've celebrated their first holiday. Our lovely little girl likewise grows, and the wheel of life goes round and round, as the years pass by. Sitting in between mum and dad our cherub progresses from baby to infant to pouting teenager.

 It is the circle of life.

For countless generations this cycle of love and birth and death has repeated itself, the European genome is pass on down through the eons by white men and women, from the times which forged us, scratching out a living on tundra and ice fields, to masters of technology and civilization. Onward through time and entropy, the cycle repeats. Eventually the time has come for our little girl in the Easy Jet advert to leave the comfort of the ferris wheel seat between mum and dad and plant her family. The wheel turns yet again and this time our little angel is gone, and an older mum and dad sit alone once again. But wait, another turn of the ferris wheel, she's back, and sitting alone. Now comes the time for her to find her soul mate and life partner. 

And what could be better than a racially alien African buck preparing to obliterate everything the previous thousand generations of Europeans had striven for by producing freakish abominations such as this?

It's the offhanded manner these adverts endorse our dissolution which hurts the most.

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