Saturday, 3 October 2015

Get The Women & Jews To Safety!

Watching the recent Pat Condell video I was reminded of why the cuckservative, Counter Jihad Right can be so irritating. Condell hits all the right beats, Europe is undergoing an invasion, it does mean more rape for European women, we have been betrayed by the people ruling us and the European media have largely cooperated in everything which is transpiring. No argument there.

 I'll even give Condell a pass on rather disingenuously slipping in ''culture'' and ''Muslim men'' when the simple fact is we are being submerged into the foul genetic swamp that is the Third World, Muslim or not. No, what really trips the mine fields of my mental border bullshit detector, is the manner in which Condell and Gates of Vienna and Breitbart and all the rest of the Counter Jihad cucks  never stop slipping 'The Jews'' into the instant role of victimhood alongside European women. It isn't just Jews of course, this Neo White man's burden would see us be equally concerned for Islamic apostates, women with mutilated genitals, militant homosexuals, militant atheists, Arab Christians, African Christians, but the Jewish burden weighs most heavily.
 When European men still had courage and honour and a healthy sense of racism and suspicion toward non Whites, the phrase ''Women and Children First'' was meant as a moral obligation and sacred duty, our women and children are everything, and if you were not prepared to die for them you were a coward and deserved scorn and ridicule. What we are now being asked is to think in terms of ''Women, children and Jews first''or ''The Muslims have invaded, get the Jews to safety and then fight to the last man!''
''Get The Women and Jews To The Caves!''

For the cucked Right every day is VE Day on the History Channel and every Jew is a tattered beggar running from the latest Fascist menace, so in order to score a few gold stars, and perhaps some shekels via a New York think tank, they have included Jews alongside with our  women and children. In Condell's latest he repeats it again and again, more Muslims means more rape for women and more danger for Jews. 
 The problem is, I don't care, my allegiance is old fashioned, it is to White women and White children. To the Islamic obsessed Right we are now seriously expected to count Jews as our most sacred kin? a group we should weep over when harmed as much as our women and children? I find the very idea repulsive. 

According to Professor Frank Salter on his research into ethnicity and the corresponding chaos of multiracial societies:
Within the clan the nuclear family is the most intense concentration of kinship , while geographical races and humanity as a whole are the least concentrated. In descending order of concentration, kinship runs thus: Nuclear family, extended family (clan), friends, ethny, race, humanity.
The reason the Left are insane is because they think with enough bloodshed and government tinkering they can disconnect the laws of nature from Europeans, in theory all of humanity, but they are only interested in doing it to Europeans. The reason the centre Right and Counter Jihad are cuckolds is because they have introduced an alien element and are trying to fit it somewhere in the ethnocentric pyramid of Europeans, all it takes, they would argue, is enough respect for the cultural norms and whatever abstract values they decide upon.  Obviously, Jews are the worst example because it is they who have spend at least the last 100 years demonizing the existence of and respect for, European ethnocentrism. Some would argue that the history of the Jews is so uniquely destructive that they hardly even belong in the bracket ''humanity'' on Salter's scale, at any rate, they sure as hell do not belong in the category of my ethny or clan or race alongside White women and children. This is the very essence of cuckoldry.
Winter Is Coming, Get The Women and Children and Jews To Safety!

 The tragic irony, of course, is that these Right wing talking heads and pundits are unable to speak bluntly about the threat to their own kin and ethny, their own women and children, without shoehorning the Jews into victim roles alongside their women and children, because if they were to do so the Jews themselves would howl that they were Nazis and White supremacists who wanted to gas them. 
 And so we have ended up in the mind bending situation of having the people who have the ability to destroy, and or, suppress our natural feelings for our own people over others, become a victim group at the hands of hostiles their own machinations are responsible for us having to accept. 
 When observing this game of identity poker in which the Left and Right match up their own victim groups, or try to outmaneuver each other using Jews and gays, you can't help but look upon racial Nationalism as a beautifully simple and honest concept.
 I care about my own, anything beyond that is a matter of indulgence, that's the game everyone else is playing.

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