Thursday, 15 October 2015

Kai Murros: National Revolution For England

I wanted to draw this video of Kai Murros's address to the London Forum to people's attention as it is one of the most stirring and fearless nationalist speeches I have ever seen and should be viewed by as many people as possible. If you haven't already seen it, I urge you to watch it in its entirety.  

Kai Murros is a Finnish intellectual who started out as a Maoist before switching to ethnic nationalism. His early interest in Maoism and the politics and mechanics of revolution give him a very interesting and provocative perspective on how the aims of ethnic nationalism might be achieved in practice. 

Kai Murros believes that suicidal. genocidal, cultural marxism is reaching its high watermark in Europe and that the fightback to save our nations and our continent must come soon, if it is to come at all. 

He believes that nationalists love their people, warts and all, whereas leftists hate their people and want to change them or replace them altogether. This makes nationalism an inherently more attractive proposition for the masses than leftism. It would be foolish to choose the side that despises you over the side that loves you. 

Mr Murros's revolutionary tendencies cause him to sail pretty close to the wind as far as inciting violence goes. He imagines a future Khmer Rouge style nationalist revolution where angry disenfranchised young working class Englishmen burst into the halls of academia and seize the academics and intellectuals, who are the driving force behind cultural marxism, and that they be subjected to show trials, made to confess and recant, and then publicly executed. This is strong stuff. The left have been using this rhetoric, and carrying out these acts, with impunity for a century. However, I fear that the powers that be may come down hard on Mr Muross's  dangerous heresy. 

I in no way wish to incite violence or condone criminal acts. However, Mr Murros's radical ideas do provide food for thought. Just how are we going to get out of this mess? The existential crisis the people of Europe face is now so perilous that it seems unlikely that it can be resolved through peaceful or political means. The main political parties and mainstream media are as one in their support for cultural marxism and race replacement levels of immigration. Even so called *far right" groups like the EDL and Britain First have nothing to say about the British people's need and right  to remain the dominant population in their own homeland. They would be quite content for Britain to be 90% African, so long as they immigrated legally and weren't radical muslims. They are more afraid of being called "racist" than they are of losing their country. You might even call them cuckservatives. 

Therein lies the problem. The evil hand of global Marxism's control of the levers of power is so complete that anyone who dares to speak out against his people's dispossession and planned extinction stands to be arrested for a hate crime, lose his job, lose his children, be socially ostracised and lord knows what else. The nation which gave the world free speech, personal liberty and representative democracy has become a soviet police state where the regime cannot be questioned. If the very purpose of the law is to destroy you, how can you defend yourself within the law? The day may well come when Kai Murros's vision of a violent revolution is more attractive than the alternative. 

My own expectation is that in the not too distant future mainland Britain will come to resemble 1970's Northern Ireland. Cramped living conditions and shortages of resources will cause increasing inter ethnic strife. With the police having become so hidebound by political correctness that they are functionally useless, bands of armed citizens will form to protect their own communities in a manner similar to Northern Ireland's paramilitaries complete with punishment beatings, the forced removal of unwanted outsiders and so on. I am surprised that this hasn't happened already after Rotherham, but it can't be far away. No doubt other ethnic groups will form their own armed gangs too. What a joyous future awaits us. Even this nightmarish scenario would only serve to preserve a precarious status quo rather than deal with the root of the problem. The more I think about it, the more I hope that Mr Murros's view of the future is right, because the alternative could be far worse. 

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