Saturday, 24 October 2015

There's No Shame In Shaming

Personal behaviour can be regulated through either state force or societal pressure. State force, through the criminal law, is only appropriate to regulate behaviour which directly harms another person. This leaves a broad range of undesirable behaviours which don't cause direct harm to someone else but are still self destructive or harmful to society as a whole. The best, indeed the only,  way to deal with cases like these is through social pressure, including potentially hurtful methods like shunning, shaming, ostracism, mockery and bullying. This is how human societies have regulated the behaviour of their members since we first began to live in settled communities, long before laws or governments were invented.

Shunning and shaming were, and still are, highly effective methods of regulating undesirable behaviour. In extreme cases, the subject of the shunning might even be expelled from the group or denied the opportunity to mate thus tending to gradually reduce the prevalence of those negative traits from the gene pool.

The  promiscuous have been shunned since premodern times as fidelity is essential in establishing successful pair bonds for the raising of children. If no man can be sure whether the children he is raising are his the bonds which bind a society will soon fall apart. Similarly, any man who abandons his children is damaging to the cohesiveness and security of the group as a whole and deserves to be shunned by that group.

Public shaming is an appropriate and effective means of dealing with a broad range of personal failings which damage the individual concerned, or the group as a whole, such as drunkenness, laziness, obesity, cowardice in time of war, effeminacy or homosexuality in men. People will always have moral failings, but if there is a threat of ostracism from their community this will at least compel them to attempt to conceal their failings therefore reducing the harm they cause to society as a whole.  

Gentleman Jim Crow's Prescription For Miscegenators

If the Scold's Bridle  had remained in vogue we might have been spared the worst excesses of feminism. If the tarring and feathering of women who consorted with the enemy was still in practice we might have been spared the abomination of mixed race relationships and children. If having a child out of wedlock was still a matter of social scandal our society would not be falling apart at the seams through welfare dependent single mothers and uncontrollable fatherless children prone to delinquency and criminality. If boys who behaved like sissies could still be mocked and bullied by their peers homosexuality would still exist, but they would at least have the good taste to be discreet about it and we would be spared the obscenity of mincing uberfags like Gok Kwan and Alan Carr, both of whom would have benefited enormously from a few schoolyard beatings. Shaming as a means of enforcing the values of a society on members who flaunt them has persisted for thousands of years because it works. 

However, in the last few decades the whining cry babies of the left have decided that shaming is mean and nasty and must be stopped. No one must be made to address their personal failings. Who cares if our boys grow up to be effeminate wusses or actual homosexuals, or obesity becomes a national crisis, or illegitimacy and all of its attendant social problems become rampant? Who cares if sloth, gluttony, drunkenness, drug abuse, porn addiction and wanton promiscuity cause our society to become a moral cesspit?  The most important thing is that no one has their feelings hurt or hears anyone say anything unpleasant about them. They must be allowed to destroy themselves and their society without fear of censure or public opprobrium. Now we even have the absurdity of terms like "slut shaming",  "fat shaming", "homophobia" and "transphobia" entering public discourse. 

A Herd of Fat Bastards

We have young women marching through the streets dressed like whores to prove God alone knows what. We have people launching campaigns to encourage people to take pride in their gluttony, sloth, and resulting obesity.  If you dare to voice objection to men dressed as women or white people miscegenating with negroes you could even find yourself arrested.

Some Clueless Bints

Once again, the left imposes its morality on others by suppressing all dissent against their destructive madness through the use of state force. The vast majority of normal, well adjusted people still deplore the sorts of antisocial behaviour humanity has condemned for thousands of years. They might still tut disapprovingly under their breath, but after decades of cultural marxism they no longer feel the self confidence to correct their fellow citizens who are in error.

Of course for public shaming to work the vast majority of the public as a whole must have a shared morality which they can impose upon a few deviants. However, when a society has no common foundation, shared history, heritage or culture there is no common morality which can be enforced. This is where we increasingly find ourselves in the multicultural morass that the western world has become. In this, as in so many other regards, a combination of mass third world immigration and cultural marxism have served to destroy the fabric of our society like a cancer. 

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