Monday, 30 November 2015

The Ultimate ''Cucks''

It's a situation we've all been in at one time or another, sitting with your beloved snuggled up in the sanctuary of your home a question arises:

 ''You know something, my darling, something just isn't right, we're missing something..'' 
''Oh! what is it my dearest? perhaps more of those scented candles?'' 
 ''No, that it isn't it''
  ''Perhaps an aquarium, just to add a little more ambiance to our private space''
 ''No, I was thinking we could house a 15 stone Negro buck fresh in from Africa, my sweet''

So must have went the conversation between Jonas Kakoschke and Mareike Geiling, the German couple behind the ''Refugees Welcome'' site which now facilitates and encourages Europeans to take the Third World directly into their homes. Jonas and Mareike were a couple with their own place, now they're a couple with Bakary, the African immigrant. You really have to just stop and think for a second as the jaw dropping cuckoldry sinks in. Most men like to think of themselves as a bit romantic, if not soppy.
Jonas is a bit romantic too, and soppy, except he is overly tender towards strapping Africans who just invaded his country at the behest of the EU elites. When Mareike skips past in a towel  revealing a little too much, Bakary will get an eyeful too, when Jonas and Mareike feel like having a cosy night in with a bottle of wine, Bakary will have to have a glass, when Jonas and Mareike giggle at an inside joke just they know about, they will have to then share the joke with Bakary. A Son of Africa will be there watching, always watching and listening, within the confines of the privacy of their home.
Jonas and Mereike enjoy the intimacy of reading a book together....with Bakary
Mereike tries out her sexy new Lingerie...Bakary likes
Jonas and Mereike enjoy a special moment by the sea....with Bakary

 Asked of the benefits to the hosts 28 year old Mareike Geiling, her altruism having been thoroughly misdirected by Jews into funneling it towards conscienceless, violent, parasitic invaders, tells Vice that "of course, living together also enriches the hosts".

Here in the UK where we have had decades of ever-intensifying levels of what the media and politicians have tried to sell as "vibrant" and "enriching" "diversity", most of us aren't able to even keep a straight face now if someone tries to use these terms in a serious way. We've watched how as areas becoming more "vibrant" magically also become less friendly, dirtier and more crime ridden.

To White people who have spent time in multicultural areas or who pay attention to the news, the phrase "living together enriches the hosts" is likely to conjure up something like this

than this

Asked about her reason for starting this bizarre scheme, Mareike says,

We don't like how refugees are treated in Germany. No one leaves his country without a reason, and [the government is] putting them into mass accommodation, where 100 people have to share one bathroom, outside of the city center, where there are no Germans living or people that speak German. You are put together in one room with many people, not from the same country, [whom] you maybe don't understand. You have to stay there for a lot of months; you get depressed.

Firstly is the laughable "no one leaves his country without a reason" platitude where she is obviously meaning that there must be some desperate reason to flee. Aside from lying Jews, globalist UN and "charity" apparatchiks and completely brainwashed White liberals who screw their own people over for a feelgood endorphin kick, literally everyone in the entire world from middle class Malaysians to Nigerian souvenir craftsmen will tell you it's for free houses, healthcare and cash from hated White taxpayers.

Secondly is Mareike's complete and utter schoolboy error here in believing the omnipresent media lies and propaganda claiming humans are all the same. These levels of naivete are found only in White liberals and precisely no one else in the entire world - Arab, South Asian and Black men do not want to be living with Germans, they want free money and for the authorities to turn a blind eye as they get on with whatever raping and other activities criminally and violently inclined young men want to be doing.

They are not like Germans and they don't want to be like Germans. They do not see you as equals and potential friends however nice you are or however well you treat them. You are forever in their outgroup and they only see you in terms of what they can get from you, your friendship not being something they desire. As an individual you are a purse, wallet or phone to be snatched, or a body to rape and as a society you are there to provide them with as many gibsmedats as you can, on threat of rioting.

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