Monday, 23 November 2015

Tonight, On Global Village TV....

As Parisian cleaners mop up the blood of French people massacred by the enrichment, once again, the same Europeans who touted their Right On Liberal credentials with rainbow flags for Homo marriage and howled over the injustice of the dead beach boy have now, once again, managed to click a few hashtags and fiddle with their tablets and I Phones long enough to conjure up a tricolor flag to show ''solidarity'' with their fellow Europeans shot, blown up and throat slit to death by the hulking psychopathic Muslims they thought were merely 7 year old shark bait. 

These are the people Julius Evola regarded as ''Sacks of Potatoes'' they form the great mass of the population and are what both the Left and ''Far Right'' are fighting over, and always have been. Right now they sit slowly stewing in the multicultural pot trying to acclimatize to the latest addition of spice, which is being mass murdered. The reaction  of the Nationalist Right has been one of ''For Christsakes do you get it now!!!!''  Because despite it all we love these potatoes and want to create a world in which they are no longer baked alive. The reaction of the Liberal Left has been somewhat different. 

The article in the Independent continues:

 It’s a dismaying and damaging truth that Westerners care about and empathise with images of white-skinned women grieving in Topshop bobble hats far more than brown-skinned women grieving in niqabs and, when you lend your voice to Euro-centric campaigns such as Facebook’s flag filter, you exacerbate this. When we buy into such easy corporate public mourning, we uphold white supremacy. We’re essentially saying that white, Western lives matter more than others.
Facebook of course is run by a Jew, Mark Zuckerberg, but we can only expect the Liberal Left's Anti Establishment narrative to run so far. The ''White Supremacy'' in this case is Jewish, but that hardly matters because that is a straw man anyway, what they, the Liberal Left, are looking at here is the phenomenon of White people grieving over Whites. The question  being put to Europeans is thus ''Why do you grieve for the French more than Lebanese or Nigerians or Afghans?''  Despite the Liberal Left's ideology being responsible for bringing the terror into Europe they are now, not only washing their hands of guilt, but asking why Europeans are showing more empathy with their fellow Europeans who have been butchered by the Liberal Left's pets than with non Whites everywhere. As noted before, across the West there operates a vast mentally tuned  spiders web and the slightest murmur of European ethno-centrism sets the web vibrating and the Cultural Marxist spider springs into life. To the non racist European to be asked ''Why do you grieve for the French more than Lebanese or Nigerians or Afghans?'' is akin to being wrapped up in silk by the spider because the only truthful answer than can be given is because you sympathize more with other Europeans. 

 What, then, would our world actually be like if even to take interest in European affairs was deemed beyond the pale and ''racist'' if we  adopted an egalitarian attitude to reporting on world events?. Is a girl raped in Mogadishu to receive the same amount of coverage as a girl raped in Leeds? Millennial Woes explored this extreme universalism in a recent video . In Sweden (of course) a prosecution lawyer argued against returning a Somalian rapist to Somalia on the grounds that he would merely end up raping a Somalian woman instead of more Swedish women. In this case universalism has reached such towering heights of insanity that the safety of the girl in Mogadishu supersedes the well being of Swedish women, in the eyes of a (repulsive) Swedish ''man''. The ''Eurocentrism'' displayed by the media is perhaps still a faint whiff of ethnocentrism still being allowed to White people, if the media were actually to begin reporting world affairs from a genuinely ''Global Village'' perspective wherein, say, the politics of Vietnam was supposed to be of equal interest to the Irish as British politics, or, eventually, Irish politics, then Europeans would no longer have any idea as to what was happening in their immediate surroundings. 

The problem from the perspective of the Jewish media barons would be Whites simply switching off and looking elsewhere for their news. Hence the massive over representation of non Whites in the media, the Global Village, non Eurocentric goal is achieved from within, rather than externally. 
 As always Europeans are the only group to be disappeared into the Global Village, Brotherhood of Man casserole, a quick glance at some random headlines from around the world confirms that other groups are not in the least bit coy when it comes to reporting about, and striving for, their own interests. 

Mongolian Newspaper The UB Post reports:

''The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that they will not be renewing the visa exemptions of 42 countries due to safety issues related to the ASEM Summit in 2016.The Mongolian government exempts entrance visas for passport holders from 42 countries. Citizens from these 42 countries, including Austria, Andorra, Argentina, Denmark, Great Britain, Iceland, Spain, and Italy, are allowed to travel for 30 days in Mongolia without a visa until December 31, 2015. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that it will not be renewing this policy due to safety concerns for the guests of next year’s ASEM Summit, which will be hosted in Ulaanbaatar.''

In other words, countries which Mongolia thought as safe are now liable to have terrorists sneaking their way in, the chance is small but no sane country would take the risk.

 Meanwhile in Indonesia the Jakarta Post reports:

Depok is being overwhelmed by the rising numbers of foreign immigrants, according to the city’s immigration office, which has recorded that as of Nov. 19, there were 248 illegal foreign immigrants living in the city, with many suspected of involvement in crime.

In the Bangladeshi The Daily Ittefaq, the ''One Love, One Humanity'' squad take another gut punch:

Activists of Ganajagaran Manch are waiting in Shahbagh area for the execution of death-row war crimes convicts BNP leader Salauddin Quader Chowdhury and Jamaat-e-Islami leader Ali Ahsan Muhammad Mojahid.They gathered and started a sit-in in front of National Museum around 3pm and vowed to continue the programme until the two war crimes convicts are executed.Ganajagaran Manch spokesman Imran H Sarkar said they will end their sit-in only after the war crimes convicts are hanged.“We’re awaiting the execution by 12:01am and will end our programme through a procession to celebrate it. The nation will get rid of a 45-year-long stigma with the execution of the verdicts,” he said.

In Argentina the Buenos Aires Herald has an interview with a Jew, doing what Jews do best and taking care of Jews:

''In light of what is happening in Syria, the Paris attacks, and the nuclear deal with Iran, there has been some political rapprochement with Iran in the West. Iran is also strongly against the Islamic State (IS)...

Yes, against IS but it helps Hezbollah and Hamas. In the first place, we don’t think that the nuclear agreement is complete. There are things that could happen in the future that we don’t have information about. Ten years from now Iran could be on the threshold of building a nuclear bomb. For Israel it is a bigger threat, because in parallel Iran threatens the so-called “Zionist” entity in their own words, and which they want to remove from the map, and that Israel does not have a right to exist.

Do you think that Saudi Arabia approves of, or promotes terrorism, or the contrary?

I don’t know. Years ago, when I followed its politics, it appeared that Saudi Arabia was willing to pay organizations to leave the country. Now what is more interesting is the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran for hegemony in the Middle East. We are talking about a Sunni county and a Shiite country. And we have no problem with Saudi Arabia. The situation in the Middle East has changed dramatically in the last few years, since the Arab Spring — which no longer exists — perhaps it is a good time to look at, and there have only been a few articles about this, to look at the advantages of cooperation with Israel.''

The Turks are being terribly Turkocentric by worrying that Russia will bomb Turks living in Syria, surely they are just Syrians now?No?

The point here is that these would be our headlines too if ''Eurocentrism'' was abolished completely, it would be an existence wherein Whites disappeared from the News entirely but what would replace it would not be infantile Left Wing rubbish about ''Universal Humanity'' but the opposite. The world is Nationalist, the world is ethnocentric, Universal Humanity extends no further than the borders of the lands where the 8% of the world's population who happen to be White live.

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