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The Jewish Subversion Of Star Wars

A fantastic analysis of the Jewish influence on Star Wars, as it is now, which I found here

Reams of goon literature will no doubt be written about this new film. They'll pick it apart from every angle except the angle that matters: the ethnicity of its creators. Since we alone are mighty enough to wield the sword of real talk, I'm preemptively chiming in with an effort post about "The Force Awakens" and its obvious Jewish influences. I'll also expound on why I feel this film will subvert and destroy a modern goy mythology.

It will be helpful, throughout, to think of Star Wars as America. It began as a rebellious, epic vision imagined into existence by a goy. It achieved enormous success that very few thought possible. It was filled with whites. It was a technical marvel to behold, a colorful and unwieldy circus of kinetic energy. Then it was purchased by Jews and turned into a pornographic negation of anything resembling human goodness.

First of all, we must make note of all the obvious poz boxes that are ticked (as so many others have)...

- A heroic nagger buck makes a courageous ethical decision to defect from the First Order (something a nagger would never, and I mean ne-eh-eh-ever do)
- A strong, independent womyn who don't need no man and lives alone in a junk heap is our protagonist
- An imposing, Reich-style imperial force consisting of white males (and one white bull-dyke in chrome armor) eyes galactic cis-het domination
- The villain literally wields a burning cross
- A multi-racial, multi-gendered rebellion are the bringers of justice
- Women are portrayed as capable physical combatants and fighter pilots, stoically staring death in the face, and no mention of this will even be made (because, uh, we're, like, past that)
- The dichotomy of good and evil will basically boil down to: hierarchy and homogeneity = bad, egalitarianism and diversity = good

All of this is easily gleaned from the trailers and TV spots alone. It's an obvious reflection of the SJW zeitgeist, sure, but it's also a perfect projection of Jewish sensibilities upon the Star Wars galaxy. And this isn't just shitlords extrapolatin' bullshit. (((Lawrence Kasdan))) himself said in a recent interview that, when he and Jew Jew Abrahamic sat down to discuss ultimate evil and craft a new story, they imagined, "What would it be like if the Nazis all went to Argentina but then started working together again?"

Wow. And all along I thought the chatter about Jews having no imagination was just BIGOTED shitposting. You read that right. In a space film for children, one where anything is possible, where 7-foot-tall ape men pilot starships, it all relates back to THE SHOAH. 

But none of that actually matters when we get down to it. What really matters is the underpinnings of the Star Wars myth. Why has it captured the hearts and minds of so many goyim over the decades? Why does it somehow endure in the culture, passing from generation-to-generation in an Arthurian manner?

The answer lies in its adherence to classical western tropes of mythology. Beneath the high-tech facade, there is a skeleton built from the collective memories of pastoral European life. Much of it is positively medieval in origin. The callow youth living in a mundane agrarian setting. The knight, wise in the old traditions, presenting the youth with his own Excalibur. The male-centric nature of proving one's manhood (a feat not required of women, nor does it even make sense with a female as the protagonist). Notions of honor, of meeting evil with a pure heart, of striking against the machinery with the power of God. 

All of this changes when a Jew makes the rules. Now, you may argue that (((Kasdan))) has written two Star Wars films (Empire and Jedi), so my theory must be bunk. But actually, he didn't have much say in the overall mythology of the world: its major themes, its broad strokes, etc. He punched up the dialogue and made clever suggestions about details. But Lucas's vision is absolutely western, and most of it was established in the first film that he alone imagined.

So the most essential, profound parts of the story will be clumsily handled (if not downright subverted) in Jewish hands. Why? Because Jews do not have western sensibilities. Rare is the story of good and evil written by a Jew. It's always shades of gray, always Talmudic, always relativizing and rationalizing. The idea of a "dark side" or, indeed, pure evil does not compute for the Jew. His religion and his heritage reject dualism. 

I don't know any real spoilers about this film, but I will make the following predictions based on my deep-seated and well-cultivated anti-Semitism...

- The villain will not be clearly, wholly evil despite being a cartoon Nazi stand-in. He won't fulfill his role as Lucifer because the Jews have no Lucifer. He will be (unlike a true mythological character like Palpatine) a political enemy, not a moral enemy. Thus it will fail to be a timeless myth.
- The characters will be funny. They'll be clever. They'll run and yell a lot. They'll be decent simulacra of Star Wars characters. But there won't be a scintilla of innocence or naivete in the entire film (crucial ingredients in the success of the original films).
- The gender-swapping of the protagonist and the wise sage (Lupita N'igger's character) will ring hollow. The Jewish fetishizing of female wisdom and power will not approach the moral authority wielded by the likes of Ben Kenobi and Yoda. 
- The audience will laugh, they'll gasp, they'll enjoy themselves, but the film will be entirely forgettable. It won't bore deeply into the human imagination because Jewish intelligence rides on the surface. It will be shiny and gaudy and completely disposable.
- The only legitimate emotions felt during the film will be when the original characters, who we actually care for, appear on-screen.
- Instead of feeling the life-affirming thrill of good conquering evil, we will be left with shades of gray. No certainty, no decisive hero's journey fulfilled, nothing of the sort. That sort of simplicity is for the goyim.
- The overall theme will not be about destiny or the power of one man following the will of God. It will be about how "anyone can tap into the force, even the lowliest and most unlikely characters".
- Deep below the surface of the entire charade, perhaps beneath the conscious thoughts of even the creators, there will be a subtle suggestion to the western world that its special power (wielded by its male heroes) has been stolen and handed to The Other now.

So yeah. I'm pretty sure it will be a fun little nostalgia trip. And to be honest, the original films were not masterpieces by any stretch. Nevertheless, to the seasoned anti-Semites among us, it will continually remind us of the ongoing cultural degeneration. 

This isn't the first time Star Wars has appeared on this blog, my take on Abrams extraordinarily Jewish career path can be found here and some earlier thoughts on politics of the new movie can be read here 

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