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The Limitations Of Sargon Of Akkad's Liberalism

When Individualism Fails

I've never been particularly interested in popular You Tuber ''Sargon of Akkad'' I don't watch his videos, It's not that I'm particularly hostile, I just find endlessly banging on about feminists and ''Social Just Warriors'', the lowest hanging fruit on the Cultural Marxist tree, rather dull. I also find Sargon to be smug and irritating. That said, the recent tumult surrounding his ''hangout'' on Google+ with Millennial Woes and other ''Alt Righters'' was highly entertaining, more interesting still was Sargon's reaction video in which he went into more detail explaining his own world view and why he disagrees with the Alt Right. Many of the issues raised, such as The Nazi Question, have been so hotly debated within the Alt Right they need not be addressed here, it's also worth noting that Sargon rejects the idea that White people face an existential crisis. The focus here is the assumption that a classical liberal position is objectively superior to a White Nationalist one in terms of ethics and morality. In other words, this isn't just another ''hit piece' on a popular internet figure, it is analyzing a clash of two  belief systems.

 The Enlightened Middle Ground

Sargon sees himself sitting in the "sane centre" of the Cultural War, to his left he has the mental Social Justice Warriors and to his right the crazed Nazis and that they are, in essence, a reflection of each other in that they both believe in collectivism. The moderate centre rejects collectivism and prejudice and judges a person on their merit, rather than race or gender or religion etc. And it does this because individualism, and judging the individual, is the highest achievement of Western Civilization. The Enlightened Middle Ground sees racialist thinking as crude and uncouth, if not downright evil/Nazi. Thus, the Alt Right and Cultural Marxism are threatening Western Civilization with their collectivist ideas, albeit from opposing extremes of the political spectrum.
 Sargon explains to us that his own views have been largely formed by Maslow's ''Hierarchy of Needs'':

Sargon, and presumably the bulk of Western Civilization, see themselves as inhabiting the upper tier of the pyramid; they have overcome prejudice and tribalism. Humanity is a collection of individuals and if not everybody has attained that level of ''Self Actualization'' then it is still the road we must all embark upon toward enlightenment because it is the highest ideal of ''The West''. It's interesting to note here that Social Justice Warriors would also see themselves as operating within that upper strata, but we shall return to that later. White Nationalism, or the Alt Right, sits rather far down on this scale - we believe that we are facing an existential crisis and thus we are inhabiting the rather lowly zone of ''Safety'' on the Hierarchy of Needs.  

 Team Work vs Individualism

The Social Justice Warrior will certainly see themselves as occupying the upper echelon of Maslow's pyramid but at the same time they can justify non White groups, or ''minorities'' still gathering at the ''Safety'' zone because of the very fact of their minority status. But this presupposes a society wherein Whites are racially conscious and also acting at the safety level when in fact, just like Sargon, they are at the top and so no longer think in collectivist terms but individualistic ones. So what we see emerging is a paradigm wherein Whites are atomized individuals and non Whites team players agitating for more group security, not individualism. The reaction of Liberals such as Sargon to this reality can only be, and only is  ''Well I don't agree with that'' or ''they should be eschewing collectivist ideas'' while remaining totally impotent to the reality of the situation, to the reality that there is more to be gained by ethnic solidarity, and that ethnic solidarity is the human norm rather than the unfettered individual ''free of prejudice''.

The Liberal mind is pretty much tied in a paradoxical knot here, the unfettered individual free of prejudice can exist in an ethnically homogeneous society where all of the individuals have similarly disregarded collectivist thinking as, after all, it wouldn't really be needed. However, it is precisely because of that lack of prejudice we are unable to stop collectivist racial aliens entering our own living space. Liberalism is a snake eating its own tail.

The ''individual free from prejudice'' is the girl who was raped and tortured 

In England we are seeing an epidemic of racially motivated gang rapes and ''groomings'' committed by non Whites upon English girls. One of the primary reasons for this lies in the fact that English girls have been, literally, brainwashed by the wider society into not judging people based upon racial and ethnic markers while the non White men have retained their sense of prejudice, their understanding of an ''Us and Them''. The English girls can be horrifically brutalized and dehumanized because they represent ''The Other'' and having had their natural tendency toward ''racism'' dismantled the girls are no longer capable of understanding they are at risk from Asian men. Of course, the Left and the politically correct local governments have played a part in these scandals, but after the fact. You would need a police state to stop Asian men exploiting English girls who have had their natural racist instincts removed. This is where the lofty ideals of non judgmental, non prejudiced Liberalism lead. Again, Liberals such as Sargon have no clue as to how they must deal with this, other than platitudes of ''This is terrible'' or ''This is why people should not think in racial terms''. But that doesn't change the reality of how the world is, or the essentially tribal nature of humanity. If these Asians are all on the road to ''Self Actualization'' then how many White girls have to be raped and tortured before they get there? the answer is not forthcoming because the ideal is unattainable and therefore the rapes and tortures never ending.

Sargon first garnered notoriety with the Alt Right when he claimed that the rape gangs were not a Muslim problem but instead a British problem. Rotherham and similar instances of Muslim grooming and gang rape were not simply cases of young White girls having no moral values and choosing to have sex with scores of middle-aged Pakistani men but much more serious affairs that have no place in our society.

In just Oxford, girls as young as 11 were subjected to the following:

• A forced back-street abortion
• Girls covered in burns from stubbed out cigarettes on their bodies
• Girls urinated on

• Torture with knives, meat cleavers, and baseball bats
• Threatened with a gun
• Girls subjected to biting and suffocating

The Jay report clearly spells out that the Pakistanis very much act as a cohesive group, prioritising group interests. The majority of the Pakistani community young and old, male and female were aware of what was happening and that Pakistani councilors, taxi drivers, social workers and police officers actively colluded in the rape and exploitation of White girls. This pattern is repeated all over the country in towns and cities with large Muslim populations and they take advantage of White people's lack of collectivism and the fact our group interests are delegitimised.
Some sections of the report:

Mick Gradwell, a former detective superintendent, said that the targeted abuse of young white girls had been known about for decades, but police feared being labelled “institutionally racist”. “How many young girls have been abused and raped because of the reluctance of the authorities to say exactly what is happening? ” he asked. Mr Gradwell said that he had encountered abuse of white girls by “Asian” men as far back as the 1970s: “When I joined in 1979 one of my first tasks was to police around a Blackburn nightclub where one of the issues was Asian men cruising around in BMWs and Mercs trying to pick up young drunken girls. The main pressure police have is being called institutionally racist if they highlight a crime trend like this. There’s a fantastic reluctance to be absolutely straight because some people may take such offence”.

In a particularly warped twist, the pimp will teach his victim that her parents are racist towards Asians, which is why they disapprove of their relationship – absolutely nothing, of course, to do with him being a violent, controlling thug. Gang members have grown wise to the wimpy ways of Western society. They exploit the fact that police, newly trained in “cultural sensitivity”, are terrified of being accused of racism. So the pimps operate with impunity until, years later, the slave girls find the courage to testify in court against their masters.

By attacking people who recognise that White people have group interests as "Nazis", Sargon is part of the problem, as it is precisely due to Whites' individualism and society's stigmatising collective group interests that this is allowed to happen. White people are the only ones to have had 70 years of anti-racist training while the rest of the world knows full well that different groups of people are competing for resources and thus working as a group is vital. Biologists write that different subspecies cannot live together in the same area as they are in competition for the same resources. Regardless of liberals and their high-minded values, humans are not separate from nature's laws. Other groups come to the UK and quickly learn the rules of the game are already in their favour - White ethno-centrism is "racism" and this is a crime, whilst non-Whites working in their own group interests is praised and even given funding! "Anti-racism" essentially makes non-Whites untouchable and White people perpetually vulnerable to having their entire livelihoods ruined at the say-so of a non-White. In fact, in the aftermath of the MacPherson report, non-Whites are actively encouraged to destroy White people in this way:

• The definition of a “racist incident” will now include incidents categorised in policing terms both as crimes and non-crimes. It will now encompass “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”. A new Code of Practice will record all such crimes.

• The public will be encouraged to report racist incidents by making it possible to report them 24 hours a day, and not only at police stations.

What Sargon seems incapable of seeing is that White people cannot possibly win with this system being the status quo. White football fans in Paris who said racist things while barring a Black man entry from their train carriage made international news for several weeks whilst the following incident went unremarked upon by the BBC, Sky News or any international outlets which heavily pushed the narrative of evil White racist football fans.

The solution is to have racial segregation, this means also being separate from Pakistanis who've never raped and groomed an English girl, just to be safe. But according to Sargon this goes against the grain of Western Civilization and is morally wrong. The abstract Utopianism is just as prevalent in this thinking as it is in the mad ramblings of the SJW dummies Sargon enjoys mocking.

Collectivism isn't hurting these guys.

Racially aware and tribal Pakistani rape gangs might exist at the bottom of society, dominating the areas and white girls, where they live, but America is one of the most individualistic and, at least in theory, classically liberal countries on earth. Surely here we can see the society being dominated by hyper moral, self-actualized individuals working for the common good of mankind as a whole or collection of individuals, well, no. In actual fact the entire upper strata and the bulk of the American media, political and financial sectors are firmly in the hands of one hyper ethno-centric group. Despite that group making up just 1.7 to 2.6 % of the population of the USA. Here, once again, a liberal such as Sargon is intellectually crippled because even to admit to noticing this trend would require him to judge a person, or people, based on their ethnic or racial background. And besides, because this group in particular is highly adept at demonizing and marginalizing anyone who points out their ethno-centrism and disproportionate power, the raceless, individualistic liberal is utterly helpless. Of course, the enlightened liberal individual can always reply that they simply do not care, but that isn't good enough. Just how ''free'' can an individual's intellect be if it is informed by a collectivist group via domination of media and law? Just as an example of that we shall take a closer look at Sargon's intellectual mentor.

Returning To Maslow

So just who was Abraham Maslow, father of Sargon's worldview?

''Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Maslow was the oldest of seven children and was classed as "mentally unstable" by a psychologist. His parents were first generation Jewish immigrants from Russia who fled from Czarist persecution in the early 20th century.[5] They had decided to live in New York City and in a multiethnic, working-class neighborhood.[6] His parents were poor and not intellectually oriented, but they valued education.[6] It was a tough time for Maslow, as he experienced anti-Semitism from his teachers and from other children around the neighborhood. He had various encounters with anti-Semitic gangs who would chase and throw rocks at him.[7] Maslow and other young people at the time with his background were struggling to overcome such acts of racism and ethnic prejudice in the attempt to establish an idealistic world based on widespread education and monetary justice''
And which sort of people inspired Maslow to hold that a raceless and individualistic world was the epitome of sophistication and actualized humanity?

These studies began with his two mentors, anthropologist Ruth Benedict and Gestalt psychologist Max Wertheimer, whom he admired both professionally and personally. These two were so accomplished in both realms, and such "wonderful human beings" as well, that Maslow began taking notes about them and their behavior.

Ruth Benedict was the student and lover of the infamous Jewish Marxist and con man Franz Boas. Boasian anthropology is long since debunked gibberish on racial differences and is largely responsible for the academic race denial which hamstrings European thinking on the subject, it is, obviously, still perpetuated by Marxists and one worldists and, it would seem, classical liberals.
 Max Wertheimer? Well,

 The Wertheimers were active in the Jewish community in which they lived.[4] The Wertheimer household was extremely intellectual, therefore Max received education from both his parents; he engaged in political and educational discussions at home
And further...
Max Wertheimer began his academic career at an institute in Frankfurt, later to become the University of Frankfurt. Max left Frankfurt from 1916 to 1929 to pursue a job at the Berlin Psychological Institute but returned to Frankfurt in 1929 as a full professor,

Yes, that Frankfurt School, the wellspring of what today we call "political correctness", Cultural Marxism, or Social Justice fetishism. Needless to say, The Frankfurt School was almost an entirely Jewish affair. This, then, is the intellectual milieu which informs Sargon of Akkad's thinking, as he, with no hint of irony, compares the Alt Right to Social Justice Warriors(!). 

But there's a larger point to be made here. Would it serve the interests of Pakistani child rapists to foster a sense of ethnic solidarity within the mindset of White English girls, thereby marking themselves out as ''The Other''? Obviously not because then the raping and grooming would become far more difficult as the girls distanced themselves. Pakistanis do not have the intellect to do that, but Jews have been doing something similar for a very long time, hence their massive over representation within all fields of Marxism and deconstructionist thinking within the West. So deep have these ideas penetrated Western thinking that somebody such as Sargon of Akkad can wheel them out as being the highest ideals of the West, that is to say, and this is the crux of the whole article, the myth of Liberal individualism, free of ethnic thinking and prejudice, is itself the creation of the most ethno-centric people on earth because when individualism is practiced by ''The Other'' rather than Team Work, the individual is incapable of recognizing, let alone countering, the opposing Racial Team. As noted on an earlier post:
 Individualism foreshadows mass-collectivism and the herd of ersatz ‘individuals’. With authorities and societies broken down, nothing stands in the way of pressing individual units of alienated humanity, hitherto existing as persons, into a mass, each homogen- ised unit shaped to fit and imprinted with a set of political ideas and economic desires.
And one of those political ideas is one of not recognizing that you have ethnic interests because it might worry the ethnic collective who create the political ideas which serve them best.
 The supreme arrogance of the liberal is to relish sitting atop an intellectual pyramid claiming to have overcome base instincts and tribalism, racism and prejudice while not knowing that the pyramid itself is a means to geld them and remove them from the game of ethnic interests which continues apace whether they are aware of it or not, or whether they want to play the game or not.

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