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Kafka's Revenge

Whenever one comes across the name of Jewish novelist, Franz Kafka, the mind conjures images of isolation, paranoia, the surreal, oppression and a hostile state bureaucracy impossible to negotiate. Indeed, the term ''Kafkaesque'' is defined as: 

used to describe a situation that is confusing and frightening, especially one involving complicated official rules and systems that do not seem to make any sense, eg
''My attempt to get a new passport turned into a Kafkaesque nightmare.''
Wandering around central Europe in the early 20th century, an ungainly, sickly and noticeable Jew such as Kafka would indeed have felt very much the outsider, his writing was a reflection of this and other Jews noticed it too:

In the opinion of literary critic Harold Bloom, although Kafka was uneasy with his Jewish heritage, he was the quintessential Jewish writer.[114] Lothar Kahn is likewise unequivocal: "The presence of Jewishness in Kafka's oeuvre is no longer subject to doubt".[115] Pavel Eisner, one of Kafka's first translators, interprets Der Process (The Trial) as the embodiment of the "triple dimension of Jewish existence in Prague ... his protagonist Josef K. is (symbolically) arrested by a German (Rabensteiner), a Czech (Kullich) and a Jew (Kaminer). He stands for the 'guiltless guilt' that imbues the Jew in the modern world, although there is no evidence that he himself is a Jew"
  Kafka described in The Castle an individual, the aptly named ''K'' desperately trying to gain entry into The Castle which was closed to him, the Castle represented European society, and K represented, well, The K's. Indeed, the vast bulk of Jewish intellectualism over the course of the 20th century and up to the present is dealing with their paranoia and seeking for ways to lower the defence systems of European society. 

The psychological defences Europeans have, which are perfectly normal and displayed by every group, have been pathologized and associated with evil, ignorance and ''Hate''. The critique is always that no exclusive identity can be allowed to Europeans, White people.The trend runs throughout our society, this is fundamentally what Cultural Marxism is all about, indeed, the Left is itself not much more than a Jewish battering ram being used to smash down the walls of ''The Castle''.

 In Kafka's ''The Trial'' Joseph K attempts to get to grips with an oppressive and contradictory leviathan of a civil service which is charging him with a crime, but they will not reveal what that crime is, or when or where it happened, it's K's drive to uncover the truth which keeps incriminating him further.Again, it's easy to see this actually being the case of a ''Euro-centric'' Prague of the early 20th century in regard to an ugly outsider such as Kafka, however, let us travel to Britain in the 21st century and consider the following exchange...

In the following exchange an Englishman called Bill Short is requesting information from the government regarding the placement of ''Syrian refugees'' in North East England, and the government's response to Mr Short:

Dear Home Office,
Could you please indicate if any plans exist to place Syrian
refugees in Northumberland.
If no plans exist, what plans are there and at what date to develop
such a plan?
When will a distribution plan be formed for refugees across English
counties or county councils?
Yours faithfully,
Bill Short

W. Short,
Thank you for contacting the Home Office with your request.
This has been assigned to a caseworker (case ref 37284). We will aim to send you a full response by 25/11/2015 which is twenty working days from the date we received your request.
If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you,
P. Zebedee
FOI Requests
Home Office
After giving Bill the runaround for a while  the government then come clean as to why it is they will not allow Mr Short to know how many migrants will be arriving on his door step:

The Home Office has obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 and in law generally to
protect personal data.  We have concluded that the information you have requested is exempt from disclosure under section 40.

Refugees that we are bringing to the United Kingdom are very vulnerable people.  Our prime
concern is their safety and protection as they arrive in this country.  We believe that the best way to protect their privacy and ensure their recovery and integration is to limit the amount of information about them that we make publicly available.

We do not disclose the details of where refugees will be resettled upon arrival in the UK under the Government resettlement scheme.   
Of course, the reason Mr Short is so concerned about these migrants arriving where he lives is because he knows for a fact they are not in the least ''vulnerable'' but are, in reality, a rape army of fighting age Muslims with a tendency towards terrorism. On arrival in Mr Short's home town they will constitute the least vulnerable demographic group in that area, however, Mr Short knows not to push the issue too hard or he might end up on a Crime Think data base. Mr Short is allowed to know what the costs of this will be, the local newspaper informs us ''Northumberland could be latest area in the North East to welcome refugees council reveals'' and :

 ''The total cost of housing an adult refugee on benefits would be £23,420, £10,720 for other adults, and £16,220 for 5-18s.
The costs are per year but the cost to Northumberland County Council would be £8,520 per person with additional costs picked up by central government.''
And so, Mr Short is an Englishman who's about to have an African and Arab horde dumped on his home, he isn't allowed to know when or how many or where they will go because the government thinks they are vulnerable. But he is allowed to know that he will be paying for them when they arrive and he is allowed to know how much money will be forced out of him to pay for it. To top it all off Mr Short picks up his local Left leaning rag and discovers he's also ''Welcoming'' the rape army he isn't allowed to know about but will be paying for. This is what we might call ''Kafkaesque''Bill Short is on the outside of The Castle, he's in the role of Kafka trying to get a look into the closed shop of governmental power and the civil service.

So what happens when the non White horde arrive and inevitably start to rape and pillage? You Tuber, Havyton, explored this brilliantly recently using the lot of a Swedish father whose daughter is raped.
This hypothetical father could just as easily be a German or Englishman or Frenchmen or Norwegian, this same trend is now spreading across the continent, as is the trend, first seen in relation to Pakistanis and English girls, of governmental cover up and denial. 

The European dad is a good guy, despite the suppressed wages and feminism and overt efforts to break down the family and laud homosexualism and hedonism, this guy has managed to find a woman he loves and they have a little girl of 15. His daughter comes home in tatters, she's been raped by a gang of third world savages. 

 It's the end of the world, even people who shy away from ''controversial issues'' have heard rumours but now it has literally come home. Angered, enraged and heartbroken our dad wanders into the local police station to register what is normally seen as one of the gravest violations in a civilized society.

 What stares back across the police desk isn't a fellow White man struggling to hide his rage at what is being reported, but a "dead eyed" zombie, a shell with all the meat scratched out, a coward. He's heard all of this before, it's become tedious and he's had Understanding Diversity seminars and questionnaires, rather vague orders came down from on high but he got the message, White girls being raped by the ''vulnerable'' Third world were a matter of Inter-Communal trust issues and this was a "sensitive area" which could be exploited by Hate Groups, best to just, you know, get the statement and shuffle dad off the premises. 

Nothing will be done. 

And so he goes home, he was unable to stop the Muslim rapists entering his country, he couldn't stop them raping his little girl and he can't seek justice from the police and government, he is defeated, his family is broken and will never be the same again. He pours a drink and thinks on it, he understands one thing, there's a power structure and a bureaucracy, a government a "Castle" and that Castle has locked its doors to him and is now populated by people who hate him.

 He is now on the outside, he is aware of his own isolation, paranoia, oppression and a hostile state bureaucracy impossible to negotiate, he sits alone, wondering how to get back in and make it serve him once again...

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