Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Santander - Get a Little More.

What is it with furniture outlets and banks and their wholesale commitment to The Agenda™?

This time it's a bank - Santander.

0:00 And we're off! No messing about. In a game/DVD shop with a black male, white female couple. Or perhaps just an implied couple? He's looking at games and wearing glasses [nerdy, safe, harmless]. She's massively pregnant [fertile]. She's also looking bored because *sigh* lads [white or black], eh, they're all the same with their games and whatnot, bless 'em.

0:06 Scene two, we're indoors and gaming. The regulation racially mixed group of lads: three black, two white, although the white boys are at the centre [importance, status] perhaps the black guy from the shop is amongst them? Again the message is reinforced, we all do the same stuff, there is no 'other'.

0:07 This shot tells us a lot. It's pregnant white girl ascending the stairs and look, there are six mugs on the tray? The double staircase reminds us that this a large, old house, maybe three stories [wealth, higher social class, status, security]

0:09 And look who it is! Speccy four eyes from the shop, the sixth mug was for him! See they were a couple all along you ignorant racists, you need to educate yourselves, it's the current year ffs! (Bonus continuity error - look closely, the mugs are arranged differently when she hands them over to how they were on the tray coming up the stairs)

0:14 Now she is in bed, a double bed to reinforce the notion of her and speccy as a couple. And we can hear the lads mucking about in the wee small hours. This reminds us, like two earlier shots, that lads are all the same, and us girls, we just have to put up with it. Again, there is no 'other'.

0:18 Mrs Race Traitor rises in the morn and heads off to see what's been going on all night. And what do we find - they weren't playing games, they were decorating! Aw, you guys! This shot is another rich vein. It tells us that they had the space and resources to devote to a man cave [wealth, stability, high value] now converted into a nursery. [high parental investment] Don't any of you naughty racists go thinking he'll have legged it within two years. TYR - Two year rule. We also get a view out of the window and it confirms the earlier suspicion we are in a respectable Edwardian neighbourhood with large houses. [wealth, status]. These days in the UK few couples this young could afford a house like that. Unless, like speccy dindu, they are clearly members of a highflying, high earning elite obviously.

0:26 The usual punchline. Speccy is seen manhandling the heavily pregnant white missus. [ownership, fertility]

All in all the usual blatant Agenda™. Whites and blacks are all the same really, black men are wealthy, successful, desirable partners and fathers (amirite ladies?!)

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