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The Mystery Of Hope Not Hate's Missing Counter Jihad Report

At the end of last year the anti White hate organization called ''Hope Not Hate'' put together a rather glossy  report on the spread of ''Islamophobia'' and the growth of the Counter Jihad movement throughout the West. Each country in the West has its own arm and Hope Not Hate traced the hierarchy of the Counter Jihad from the lowliest EDL marcher up through the various regional organizers, the prominent writers and thinkers, and from there to think tanks in New York and Washington. I happened to read the report which genuinely was interesting, and then I happened across a jubilant Douglas Murray on Twitter:

Douglas Murray is a Neo Con, indeed, he's written book entitled '' Neoconservatism: Why We Need It'' He certainly isn't the worst of them and has come close to advocating White European interests, but that's where his loyalties lie. You see, like the Dwarves of Middle Earth, Hope Not Hate had dug too deep and disturbed a Balrog, in this case, a Zionist Balrog. And then their report was Shut Down. Despite that a screenshot or two still exists:

In pretty much each and every case cited in the Hope Not Hate report a Pro Israel, Zionist, organization was sitting at the top pulling the strings, one example is the ''Gatestone Institute''
According to the Gatestone Institute website, the organization is currently forming its Board of Advisors.[1] Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, former Central Intelligence Agency Director R. James Woolsey, Jr.,[15] Hebrew University professor Petra Heldt[16] and publisher Ahmed Charai[17] are the first individuals to be named to the board.[1]
It's worth considering how morally awkward this is for Hope Not Hate, the entire New Left/ Neo Marxist ideology is predicated on the Jews suffering at the hands of Nazis/ White people, and yet Hope Not Hate have revealed that Jews are heading up what they think of as the new Nazi movement in Europe, and in Elie Wiesel they have a real actual ''Holocaust'' survivor too! 
 Of course, if Hope Not Hate had a smidgen of integrity they could have powered on regardless, but they don't. Hope Not Hate would like us to believe that they get their funding from black bus drivers, coal miners and Billy Bragg concerts, in actual fact, as Breitbart reported in December:

Hope Not Hate’s foreign funding is exclusively being reported on by Breitbart News, who revealed earlier today that the organisation has accepted nearly half a million dollars in recent years from a high profile, hedge-fund manager who also donates to almost every pro-migration organisation in Europe, as well as the Democratic Party of America, and the hardline “BlackLivesMatter” groups.
Mr. Lowles said of his organisation’s foreign funding: “Given Breitbart’s blog this morning on William Reeves there is nothing more I can or wish to add”.

The group funding Hope Not Hate is called ''Unbound Philanthropy'' and its board members are Debbie Berger, Kiki Fordham, Bill Reeves and Hilary Weinstein. As noted before on this blog the Left are merely Willing Dupes of the money power they claim to despise, and a quick glance at Debbie Berger's background proves this point once again:

Debbie is Co-Founder and Board Chair of Unbound Philanthropy, a foundation dedicated to promoting the ideal of self-determination for immigrant and refugee populations as well as strengthening the host communities in which they live.  Prior to Unbound, she worked for JP Morgan in New York, Tokyo and London as well as for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  She holds a Graduate Degree in Law (UK) and a BA in Economics from Smith College.  She serves on the Board of Governors of the Hawaii Community Foundation, is a director of The Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture (INPEACE) and is a trustee of Punahou School.  She was born and raised in Hawaii though she spent much of her youth in Japan.
 And these are the people who gave the clowns at Hope Not Hate £320,000 to produce a report claiming (quite rightly as it happens) that Jews, including a ''Holocaust'' surviving Jew, are behind the hate and Anti Islam organizations sweeping the continent (!). All it would take would be an email or call from a Jew in New York to a Jewish banker in Hawaii...

Obviously, the various Jewish groups and organizations which distanced themselves from Hope Not Hate, as one moves away from a turd in a swimming pool, didn't see it this way. The Jewish Chronicle sniffed:

 Hope Not Hate said it wanted the report – published on Wednesday – to highlight the “mainstreaming” of anti-Muslim hatred.
But critics said the document libelled some anti-jihadists – both Muslim and non-Muslim - as being Islamophobic, implying they were among those driving organised hatred against Muslims, creating a target list for extreme Muslim groups.

The report profiles 920 organisations and individuals in 22 countries, exploring, it said, “the connections between politicians, bloggers, street activists and funders in the widespread ‘counter-jihad’ arena”.
Hope Not Hate said the aim was to raise awareness of “the new face of the far-right”.
The list includes individuals such as controversial Jewish American activist Pamela Geller, who has previously been banned from Britain because of her comments about Islam.
But it also highlights progressive Muslim voices and Muslim reformers who have attempted to counter jihadi groups, while appearing to label them as Islamophobic.
Among those it singles out is Jewish journalist Melanie Phillips, who it describes as a “fierce critic of Islam and supporter of Israel”.
The report lists organisations such as the International Free Press Society, an umbrella campaigning group which has in the past given awards to journalists including Ms Phillips for their writing on Islamism.
In response, Ms Phillips said: “To support its libellous claim that I promote anti-Muslim hatred, this document headlines me as a ‘supporter of Israel’. It is extraordinary and shocking that supporting Israel, which I am proud to do, is presented as self-evident proof of anti-Muslim hatred and therefore a hateful attitude in itself. This suggests a deeper HNH agenda of anti-Israel hatred and the vilification of those who support it.
Non Pasaran Didn't Quite Cut It

And so yet another front opens up against the sad shambles that is Hope Not Hate. Even if the Zionist power mongers in Washington and New York didn't merely give a quick call to ''Unbound Philanthropy'' suggesting they put the squeeze on this bunch of dopey, hippy, self loathing cretins, a new narrative was being born in which Hope Not Hate could well be responsible for a terror attack upon such vocal Jews as Melanie Phillips or even the moderate Muslims Hope Not Hate had named in their report. To be fair this isn't an entirely implausible scenario, but Hope Not Hate cannot admit that their report into ''Islamophobia'' might result in the assassinations of the people who were in that report calling Islam violent because then people would ask what in God's name Hope Not Hate were playing at and why. Hope Not Hate had produced a report on prominent Jews speaking out about how dangerous Islam was, therefore inciting Anti Islamic Hatred, now the Jews had replied that that might mean the Jews in the report were killed by the Muslims, but if Hope Not Hate admitted that those Jews might well be in danger then on what premise was their report based and why ignore an obvious reality, what are they doing? can they really be this imbecilic?

 At any rate the Jews had run circles around Hope Not Hate. 

 If we leave aside the Zionist string puller theory of why Hope Not Hate pulled their own report and take the ''Assassination of Mel'' theory as valid there are yet more questions which need to be answered. If Melanie Philips, or Douglas Murray, or the moderate Muslims are at risk from a terror plot then why aren't White British people, the type of British people Hope Not Hate ''expose'' daily on their site and Facebook groups?.

 The New Left maxim in regard to racism is ''Power + Prejudice=Racism'' Hope Not Hate understood what the ''prejudice'' was, as they saw it, dislike of Islam, they then went on to reveal the ''power''and when they did, the power told them to go f*** themselves and Hope Not Hate dutifully obliged. And yet these ghastly bastards, without any shame at all, are now ''outing'' and ''exposing'' UKIPers and EDL members who might slip up on Facebook and say ''Paki'' they can do this because they are a people without power, it's safer that way because they aren't part of a powerful tribe which can complain that they will be terror attacked, or threaten to have Hope Not Hate Shut Down or bankrupted. 

 But this is what we must work towards...

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