Friday, 29 January 2016

The Silver Lining

This post was written by Doug...

Things are looking bleak. Charles Dickens on a downer bleak. Reports come in daily from around Europe describing the sheer scale of the rapes, sexual assaults, muggings, beatings, stabbings, and murders at the hands of the migrant horde. Terrorists run rampant. Police men and women fear for their lives as politicians equivocate, obfuscate, and lie to their own populations, with the aid of the complicit tame “news” media, about the situation unfolding around the continent. European civilization stands on the precipice and for what? So that a few liberal utopianists could feel good about themselves for five minutes for “rescuing” a hostile, culturally, ethnically, and racially alien swarm from the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker?

To make matters worse, spring and summer will soon be upon us. Unless Poseidon intercedes, the becalmed Mediterranean will soon see hundreds of thousands – if not millions – more invaders attempt to make the crossing to Europe, safe in the knowledge that they will be picked up by Europe’s naval forces who have long since abandoned any pretence of a defensive role. The people traffickers will continue to ply their evil trade; the invaders will continue to come. Europe’s destruction is assured cheered on by the liberal left elite, their useful idiots, and their paymasters.

Or is it?

A change is occurring across the continent. The scale of what has been done to Europe and to Europeans is now too big to hide. As the reports continue to come in, as day-by-day the true nature of the Arab, the Muslim, and the Negro reveals itself to the wider population, as the day-to-day lived experience of many millions of Europeans is affected by these revelations, attitudes are necessarily hardening and a cover up is becoming far harder.

Key to this transformation is upon whom these rapes, attacks, and muggings is perpetrated. If these attacks had been solely confined to working class communities – the truly voiceless in society – and to their children, then excuses could be made. It would be a systemic failing of some sort or another, a collapse in “community cohesion”, a need for greater inter-faith cooperation and understanding, or some other script from the handbook of political spin and hand-waving.

However, these attacks are not solely confined to the voiceless. These invaders know no bounds, and nobody is off limits. Also in the firing line are the smart, well educated, liberal, affluent middle classes; those who thought there would be no consequences to retweeting a hashtag or liking a Facebook post, who poured moral opprobrium on those who voiced a concern, and who sat around in their liberal cliques happily signalling their virtue as if nothing bad could ever happen to them. These people are not voiceless; they have votes and, more importantly, are net tax payers rather than beneficiaries. These people have influence and are beginning to experience the darkness descending upon Europe; suddenly the warm glow of moral superiority is instantly frozen by the feel of cold, sharp steel on the neck.

We should not, however, expect miracles. Change is a gradual process and we cannot expect widespread nationalism to breakout overnight. We can be sure that the mass media will attempt to change focus, perhaps on the conditions of migrants already here, perhaps on the migrants to come. But it is evident that another “beach boy” incident is unlikely to inspire the emotions of the gullible in the same way.  Already in the aftermath of Paris, in the aftermath of Cologne, in the aftermath of each and every atrocity we begin to see some action. The EU has suspended Schengen, Denmark has imposed confiscation laws, France is staring in face of a right-wing insurgency, Sweden has done the almost impossible and cut migration numbers, and who knows what the Germans will get up to, and all-the-while Brexit looms.

2016 is a year of change in Europe. That change is unpredictable, but inevitable. The awakening of Europeans – even the lefty-liberals – to the tragedy about to befall them drives this. This is the Silver Lining: by hook, or by crook, politics is shifting towards the right.  

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