Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Meta-Politics Of The Great Shutdown

For some time now there have been murmurs that something is heading our way, that censorship of a nature which we have not yet had to deal with is being drafted in various Jewish led think tanks and pressure groups. Many of us have noticed this steadily increasing over the last year, a favourite You Tube channel suddenly disappears because of a bizarre copyright infringement, a forum goes quiet, a Twitter account disappears. In many ways Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer have been the canary in the coal mine, with unrelenting attacks upon the hosting of the site, the means by which readers can pay, attempts at hacking and Disqus disallowing the site from using its comments system. Richard Spencer recently made a thoughtful video on just how far this could potentially lead.

As Spencer notes, the inclusion of High Social Justice Warrior witch, Anita Sarkeesian, and the anti-White Jewish muscle group, the ADL, within the ranks of the new Twitter Thought Police, the aim is to silence us, that is Nationalists, or as is more commonly referred to today the "Alt-Right''.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

After June 23rd

Originally Posted at Majority Rights

My record on political soothsaying is by no means perfect.  But tonight, for the first time since the Tory triumph in the General Election last May, I am starting to feel optimistic for a Leave triumph in the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, which we now know will take place on June 23rd.  The arguments for Remain have already been rehearsed and written off as Project Fear.  They will not grow stronger with repetition.  All the positive noises, all the energy and excitement, the populism, the passion, the patriotism belong to Leave.  I have been amazed to see the freedom and frankness with which even hitherto rigidly loyal journalists at the Telegraph and the Mail have, almost without exception, derided Cameron’s so-called “deal” with the other 27 member states and declared for Leave.  It is said that up to half of the Tory parliamentary party will campaign for Leave, an unknown number of them mindful that victory for their cause will very likely remove Cameron from office and put Boris Johnson in his place.  But that is but a small detail of the huge change - a genuine metapolitical shift - which will be triggered by a Leave victory.  Let us just consider that for a moment.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Halifax - Mark Watts.

It's about time we had a look at that Halifax TV advert. *Groan*

I wanted to link to the genuine Halifax version on their own YouTube channel but for some reason they don't feature it. Maybe just because they don't feature anything over a certain age? (Plenty of other Agenda™ fare on there though, so it's probably not for political reasons). Instead I've linked to this copy which seems to have been put up by one of our guys. Sadly, the picture quality is useless which means these screenshots are useless too.

0:00 School age children and a black gentleman.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Amazing You Tube Videos Of Granville Thorndyke

The following are a selection of You Tube videos from the excellent Granville Thorndyke.

His You Tube channel is here:

If you enjoy his videos don't forget to 'like' them and subscribe to his channel.

Lindbergh's America: The Road Not Taken

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Analysis Of A BBC Immigration Debate

Scattered around the prole-feed of British MSM television scheduling are little segments dedicated to "debating the issues" such as mass immigration, the establishment is so paranoid (and rightly so) about these ''sensitive subjects'' that even the terminology used to describe them is an issue. At the moment they prefer the term ''Refugee Crisis'' because the moral high-ground is superficially bequeathed to the people who want to see Europeans totally dispossessed and destroyed on their own soil. 
 These segments which pop up on political shows and as extras to news coverage follow a standard format and the one selected here is very typical of what the Native British can expect by way of debate on the subject of their End of Days, or Welcoming Refugees, depending on your perspective. The only reason this particular back and forth could be considered noteworthy is that it took place in the immediate aftermath of the Cologne mass sex attacks, or, as the BBC would have it "a few isolated incidents".

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Resisting The Lions Of Judah

Written by T 1000.

One of the things we often spoke about on White nationalist forums in the 00's was Jews and their neuroses and addiction to psychotherapy.  The "sin chicken" thing goes back to the scapegoat.  The scape goat was a goat that was thrown over a cliff to expiate Jewish sins.

Jewish neuroses would seem to be a handicap, but they use them as a weapon.  It's hard to wrap one's mind around -- Conquest through Mental Handicap, but there you go..

Saturday, 6 February 2016

No Thanks, Roosh, We Already Have Enough Rapey Non Whites

A curious thing happened at work this week, sitting at the canteen table with the other lads having our dinner break I heard one of them sigh heavily:

 ''Look at this, another black bastard coming to rape, he's even going to give a speech on it!''

 I glanced at the newspaper which had caused this distress to see non other than Roosh V staring back at me. Being a little more familiar with the personalities and cults which constitute the ''Alt Right'' than my colleague is, I asked him if he knew who ''Roosh'' was or what this was all about:

''It's some sort of American thing, this Darkie invented it, they get White women drunk and shag them, it's typical Muzzie shit but this one is clever about it. The lads from the EDL are going along, I reckon he'll get a good kicking ha ha ha ha ''
 There's a lot in that. 

Monday, 1 February 2016

The Jews Are Against Nature - Or Are They?

Written by RW Jetz

Whites used to structure their civilisations upon the firmest ground possible: the laws of the eternal governess of the planet Earth – Mother Nature. They were rewarded with the blessings of healthy and strong children, who themselves grew up to pass the same traditions proudly to posterity. Our people, sure of who they were and what they had to do to survive, thereby conquered large swathes of Nature’s creation. They ruled the other peoples of the earth with a fair fist, albeit one that knew how to tighten with iron resolve when their enlightened laws were disobeyed. The strong would rule the weak; the highest, best blood and stock would  express its genetic destiny in leadership, and the people were kept strong and ready to struggle for their place in the world by the meritocracy of honour which ruled Europe and her people for thousands of happy years.