Saturday, 20 February 2016

Halifax - Mark Watts.

It's about time we had a look at that Halifax TV advert. *Groan*

I wanted to link to the genuine Halifax version on their own YouTube channel but for some reason they don't feature it. Maybe just because they don't feature anything over a certain age? (Plenty of other Agenda™ fare on there though, so it's probably not for political reasons). Instead I've linked to this copy which seems to have been put up by one of our guys. Sadly, the picture quality is useless which means these screenshots are useless too.

0:00 School age children and a black gentleman.

0:04 Mark Watts, you're our kind of person. [trust, inclusion, not the 'other'] And he's getting wet in the rain [self-sacrifice]

Our kind of person.

 0:06 Another view of the team, they are all, or most of them, white children. If there are any others they are somewhat indistinct, no attention is drawn to them. The primary message here is: white children in the care of a black man. Non-white kids would just confuse the issue. Furthermore we learn he's a teacher [intelligence, responsibility] and he helps with extra-curricular activities [altruism, trust]

0:13 He's the coach! Helping catch a stray (white) dog but note the careful juxtaposition with the very white blonde girl on the team and a blonde boy. White adults in the background [less important, lower value].


 0:14 He's also the physio. Note that it's a blonde kid he seems to be attending to. [trust, parental investment]


0:15 And shoelace tier. Yet again it's a blonde girl he is paired with.[trust, parental investment]. Funny isn't it, blonde people are quite thin on the ground on-screen these days, except in this advert.

Shoelace tier.

Having established that Mark Watts is a fit and proper person to be around all those white kids, with him exhibiting multiple indications of high parental investment (Two year rule? Nah, never heard of it!) We move to phase two of the advert.

0:21 Some think they can do your job. Idiot white man shouting from the sidelines, what makes this fool think he knows anything about football? [unfashionable, object of ridicule, low value] Mark Watts keeps a dignified silence but we, the knowing cucked audience, are invited to share in his contempt.

Note how the shouting man is dressed, he's not that old but is made to look older by his unfashionable, dated clothing. And look who else is there too - older, short, fat, bald white man with a hat worn in an absurd manner to emphasise his follically challenged status [low value]. Thus strong, silent Mark is contrasted with two white clowns.

If we go back slightly to:

0:20 We see something else, something that often sneaks into these ads. Fat white clown is standing next to a white woman but note that clear gap, he is physically separated from her [non-couple]. In fact Mark is surrounded by white men. He's in front of them [status, leadership] and in close-up they are ridiculed. There is another white soccer mum on the extreme left with the the white guys, but she's so peripheral I don't think she has as much impact as the right hand grouping.

0:24 Onwards, more emphasis on Mark's all round awsomeness [trust, responsibility, parental investment, high value]


0:39 And here it is, the money shot! Mark's new signing. His pregnant, white trophy wife. She is massively pregnant and exhibits the trappings of solid, middle-class background in hair and clothes, Hunter style wellies and model looks. Subtly implying her higher status than those soccer parents. Note also the way everyone else has their backs to her, emphasising her separation from them and focus on him. She literally turns her back on her own!

From then on the couple remain in close physical proximity demonstrating each others high value and desirability.

0:44 Note we see her clutching her baby bump. Just in case, somehow, we hadn't already cottoned to the fact she was impregnated by this black demi-god.

0:52 The final kick in the teeth. We meet Mr. Cuck the bank manager. He's white, clearly older, silver haired and shorter than Mark and is seen nodding deferentially. Thus further demonstrating Mark's high status and value.

Update: Katana offers the following observations:

* The white dog is a male. This could be seen symbolically as the magic negro having to bring the unruly stupid White male into line.

* The magic negro gets hit on the head with the ball several times, with him reacting with patience and understanding. This could be seen symbolically as him demonstrating tolerance and understanding of all the knocks and harassment he receives in daily life from racist Whites. We are meant to admire him for that.

* The magic negro demonstrates his patience again in the broken down van scene. As it is a school owned van it implies the incompetence of the White school administration, who can't manage to have a vehicle maintained properly.

* Of all the people in the ad I noticed only one other non-White, a little monkey on the team. Making Mr magic negro the leader, the alpha male of them all and therefore deserving of the attractive White female.

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