Saturday, 6 February 2016

No Thanks, Roosh, We Already Have Enough Rapey Non Whites

A curious thing happened at work this week, sitting at the canteen table with the other lads having our dinner break I heard one of them sigh heavily:

 ''Look at this, another black bastard coming to rape, he's even going to give a speech on it!''

 I glanced at the newspaper which had caused this distress to see non other than Roosh V staring back at me. Being a little more familiar with the personalities and cults which constitute the ''Alt Right'' than my colleague is, I asked him if he knew who ''Roosh'' was or what this was all about:

''It's some sort of American thing, this Darkie invented it, they get White women drunk and shag them, it's typical Muzzie shit but this one is clever about it. The lads from the EDL are going along, I reckon he'll get a good kicking ha ha ha ha ''
 There's a lot in that. 

Newcastle is a tough, earthy, town and feminism as seen from American ''Manosphere'' chat rooms doesn't exist beyond the student unions and media, what exists is wage slavery and, in Newcastle itself, hedonism as a substitute for a stable family life. The ''Returning Kings'' were coming to Newcastle, not to challenge anything, but to revel in the debauchery and the lost souls of English girls in post modernity. The Manosphere aren't Anti liberal, they are the epitome of liberalism. But one has to give off a veneer of rebelliousness and so Roosh and the ''Neo Masculine'' movement have smeared their wafer thin outlook with some reactionary Right talking points, they aren't slipping a tired 18 year old an extra vodka so they, like every other man in modern Europe, can get an easy shag, no, they are Uber Men, Returning Kings, testosterone fueled alphas radically challenging the system. And according to them feminism IS the system and not merely a minor tentacle of control. 
 One of the reasons Roosh ''Daryush Valizadeh'' has gained notoriety is the following quote:

 “If rape becomes legal under my proposal, a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone. 
 “If rape becomes legal, a girl will not enter an impaired state of mind where she can’t resist being dragged off to a bedroom with a man who she is unsure of—she’ll scream, yell, or kick at his attempt while bystanders are still around. If rape becomes legal, she will never be unchaperoned with a man she doesn’t want to sleep with.
 “After several months of advertising this law throughout the land, rape would be virtually eliminated on the first day it is applied.”

  Lets just see how Roosh's legal rape on private property would play out in an actual situation removed from Manosphere huddle groups and their discussions on carbs and armpit waxing:

 Lady neighbour: 

''Hi, I just ran out of coffee, any chance you could lend me a cup till I nip to the shop?


 ''Yeah no problem, just come in''

Lady neighbour:

 ''Great, thanks''

''Surprise! You're on my property without an adult male and now I'm going to rape you legally ha ha Bitch

Lady Neighbour:
''Oh shucks! damn those Jewish inspired feminists and media bosses and politicians I never agreed with or had any control over! ''

''Too late now stupid slut bitch!''

  And so what he advocates, as an Iranian immigrant, is tantamount to Sharia law for White women. Presumably if a woman is out late and unaccompanied by an adult male she can also be harassed on the streets or suffer the Cologne ''Tarraroosh'' thousand hand enrichment treatment. If Roosh had adorned himself in his native middle eastern garb and explained to the Lefties that treating women like meat was his cultural background they would've given him a free pass. The reaction of the Returning Kings to the Islamic invasion doesn't seem to be to oppose it, as working class whites do, it is to join the Muslims in loathing and disrespecting European women! 
Listen carefully and you can actually hear the Sorcerers of Cultural Marxism laughing and rubbing their hands.

When I opened the blog I knew about the infighting and schisms, the petty grudges and minor ideological differences which hamper ''The Far Right'', Libertarian vs Socialist, I can see that argument, fair enough, Christian vs Atheist, that's a debate to be had and both sides have powerful arguments. I made a pledge that this blog would never become involved with any of that in order to try and stay focused on the interests of our people and the forces aligned against them, without compromise.
 But how are we supposed to react when the most prominent figures in the Alt Right movement support this guy?:

''Yeah but he carried a couple of articles about Jews so he's a great guy!''

What is there to understand? what is there to intellectualize?  if you endorse the right of an Iranian  conman to trick White Women into sleeping with him while he spits in your face then what the fuck are you doing in a Pro White movement? And this is what it comes down to. Yes, the SJWs went mad in Newcastle, obviously, but so did the local Far Right under the guise of the EDL. In other words, actual White men who can and do fight against the ''Mudlsime'' invasion, they aren't schooled in Nietzsche , they don't read MacDonald on the Culture of Critique, but they recognize a swarthy shyster with an eye to bedding White women when they see one. You do not need a master class in Heidegger or Evola to recognize this.

As it turns out the returning knights of old didn't return, or even set foot in the city. The local newspaper explained:
 Roosh V cancels neo-masculinist meeting in Newcastle over safety fears
Presumably the idea a man must over come and face his fears as a central tenet of masculinity was ditched for another article on how to slyly slip a condom off during sex or how to get legally binding permission from an inebriated Polish girl. 

The online fantasy....
Meets reality, reality bites, literally.

The King of Kings, the Alpha Wolf, the Manliest of the Manliest may have fled in panic at the prospect of facing chanting Lefties or a smack in the mouth from working class White men, but as the Daily Mail gleefully reports, he hadn't even managed to cover the most basic right of passage into manhood, namely, breaking free from the protection and sanctuary of mother;

 It beggars belief that this obvious scamster now has so many smart people within the AltRight running around defending him. The arguments seem to fall into a few categories:

1. Our enemies hate him so he can't be that bad.

 This is obviously absurd because we are defining ourselves as to how our enemies see us, SJWs and Leftists probably also hate people who kick puppies to death, shall we then start defending puppy killers?

2. I don't agree with everything he says but I'm happy to see men against feminism

 Feminism is the smallest and weakest tentacle of the enemy, this is why it is immediately jettisoned when it collides with Muslim rape. Roosh is a non White conman who has dressed up a ''fuck em good n hard lads'' mindset with Reactionary Right ideas. 

3. I disagree with what he says but I'm against him being Shut Down.

 Why? why go full Libertarian retard for somebody who mocks everything we stand for? are we to start supporting White Privilege and ''White women can't be raped'' seminars on the Left because of freedom of speech?

The real reason for this baffling behaviour is, I suspect, desperation. He's famous, and becoming more so, and there's a chance to piggyback our ideals into a MSM audience, but if that succeeds the masses do not get ''White people have the moral right to retain their identity and homelands'' they get ''Far Right supports woman hating Pro Rape campaigner''. 

How so many intelligent people can miss this is a mystery.

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