Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Resisting The Lions Of Judah

Written by T 1000.

One of the things we often spoke about on White nationalist forums in the 00's was Jews and their neuroses and addiction to psychotherapy.  The "sin chicken" thing goes back to the scapegoat.  The scape goat was a goat that was thrown over a cliff to expiate Jewish sins.

Jewish neuroses would seem to be a handicap, but they use them as a weapon.  It's hard to wrap one's mind around -- Conquest through Mental Handicap, but there you go..

To really understand what we are up against, it's important to look at Jews and psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy, like Cultural Marxism and Hollywood, is Judaism by other means.  Hollywood producers are not far removed from these guys waving chickens over their heads.

Fucking with the goyim is how Hollywood Jews gets their sin chicken on.  We are the chickens, if we let ourselves be.

Anti-racism and the endless white guilt propaganda is the using of us as sin chickens, and as payment for their sins.  When white children are forcibly integrated with blacks, and the over riding ideology of education and mass media is that the white children are guilty before the black children, it is a form of human sacrifice of the white children.

White children are the scape goats, the kaporot chickens, for Jewish guilt.  They feel guilty about the blacks; we do not unless we are trained to feel guilty.

Sigmund Freud complained that Irish people were not susceptible to psychotherapy because we don''t feel guilty, we lack neuroses.  So they implant their Jewish neuroses in white children via television and public school.  They forcibly judaize us with their shitty white guilt propaganda, and we have every right and duty to violently reject it.

But most especially, we must protect future generations of White children from forced judaization.  Every coal burner, every transnoodle who needs feminism because, every 6 year old "transitioning" to another gender, is the forced judaization of white children.

Liberalism should be called Political Judaism as a synonym.  And the racial guilting and shaming of white children should be called Ritual Abuse.

What can we do?  We can save as many white children from Ritual Abuse as possible, by putting our resources and efforts into owning businesses so we can be financially secure and homeschool white children so they are raised to be strong and not be Ritually Abused by the Institutions of Political Judaism.

We should understand white nationalism as a group effort by responsible White Adults to save White Children from Ritual Abuse.  Kind of like the famous Battle of Kruger.  Those Cape Buffalo who take on lions to save one of their children are better than we are, who allow our children to be eaten by the lions of Judah.

We are those Cape Buffalo marching back to the scene where the baby buffalo is being eaten  alive.  We must make our moves to push the lions of judah off of our children.  I have the plan of how to do this.

This iteration of anti-semitism will be savvier than past iterations.  This time we will entrench ourselves into their Niches.  We will practice Ruthless Niche Warfare on banking, economy, distribution, et cetera.  We must turn our prey drive, our predatory, hunting nature, to contest the control of the Merchant Niche.  We don't have to get it all; a big enough fraction of it will be sufficient to ensure our political domination and liberation of our chlidren from being sin chickens for Political Jews.

Come with me if you want to live.

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