Monday, 1 February 2016

The Jews Are Against Nature - Or Are They?

Written by RW Jetz

Whites used to structure their civilisations upon the firmest ground possible: the laws of the eternal governess of the planet Earth – Mother Nature. They were rewarded with the blessings of healthy and strong children, who themselves grew up to pass the same traditions proudly to posterity. Our people, sure of who they were and what they had to do to survive, thereby conquered large swathes of Nature’s creation. They ruled the other peoples of the earth with a fair fist, albeit one that knew how to tighten with iron resolve when their enlightened laws were disobeyed. The strong would rule the weak; the highest, best blood and stock would  express its genetic destiny in leadership, and the people were kept strong and ready to struggle for their place in the world by the meritocracy of honour which ruled Europe and her people for thousands of happy years.

Then the Jew came; or, rather more accurately, he was there all along, waiting to seize his opportunity. This moment was a long while in coming. Heretofore, his  grasping nature and avid materialism, his absence of metaphysics and inability to understand the concept of honour, his capacity to organise ethnically to seize control of institutions, and above all else, his alien culture, fanatically promoted; all these characterised the Jew as eternal outsider. European history is littered with stories of the moment at which Gentile leaders were forced to acknowledge this and take preventive action, whether this was through state-sponsored pogroms or, much more commonly, expulsion. He was always distrusted, because he was anti-nature, and therefore anti-White. A brief clarification may be necessary, here. Nature is characterised as female because of her most remarkable ability, to create life where before there was none. She is the eternal creator. Because he is anti-nature, the Jew is destructive, and his presence diminishes or removes the Darwinian drive to life amongst his cohabitants.

Speaking this way, about ‘the Jew’ as abstract symbol of an expansive people, I would make the typical Guardian-reading bien-pensant’s mouth gape open. ‘It’s wrong to generalise!’ he might cry, his capacity for balanced thought having long been buried beneath an avalanche of arid platitudes, his arms and legs bound by the sinewy strings of ‘respectable’ society. ‘You can’t judge the many by the actions of a few!’. What pretty rubbish! What racial realists come to understand is that it is possible to stereotype races based on their behaviour, because genetic information can predict and explain it, as in the case of the violent behaviour of blacks, for example, which springs from the toxic trifecta of the low IQ, weak impulse control, and high free testosterone levels of that people. Regardless of the peculiarity of historically being a people with a home both nowhere and everywhere, Jews have also been stereotyped, in virtually the same way since antiquity, and these stereotypes should therefore also warrant consideration, and investigation. But upon doing so, the learned reader is troubled. The Jew’s particular function in Nature’s scheme is, at first glance, a puzzling one, because he would seem at first to long to defy it. What purpose does this serve, considering the infinite wisdom of Nature in seemingly providing for all forms of life elsewhere on our planet?

First, let’s restrict ourselves to an examination of the most peculiar traits of this people like no other - for to list all their unique traits in their entirety, a library of books could be filled (and indeed, the unfolding of history has without doubt produced such a library). These are: he is an animal without a defined habitat; a people uniquely capable of living anywhere on the planet and equally prospering, always through cunning manipulation of the resident population. He rebels against the natural order, of patriarchy in the best interests of both sexes, of the laws of genetic continuation and reproduction uber alles, of eternal struggle for survival and power being not anachronistic impulses, but the means by which Nature determines her rulers, and of the rule of nobility by these criteria, as a meritocracy of men. He has no time for metaphysics, believing himself already Godly, and devotes his time to the relentless pursuit of money, a quest which would scarce be halted by such distractions as scruples or honesty. The Jew is the ultimate materialist, and his high intelligence therefore dedicates itself to such trades by which he can most easily and effectively profit. His ruthless pursuit of money finds its best expression in the banking field which he has consistently dominated for centuries, and particularly in the swindle that is lending at interest. The money earnt from this usury, and other activities like it, goes to help other Jews, whether this be by recommending their works and produce over those of Gentiles, buying from their businesses, politically activating to raise boycotts against their national enemies, or buying out or bribing organisations which work against Jewish interests. Eventually, Jews have control of the central nervous system of the political body, with banks, press, popular culture, and legal system entirely in their hands. At this point, the civilisation begins to collapse, and the destructive instincts belonging to this people are truly unleashed.

During and following the monopolisation of the key industries, it has often been noticed that Jews will systematically work to promote the works of other Jews, regardless of their objective worth in comparison to the often unfavourably reviewed productions of Gentiles. This is as much true in the field of commerce as it is of the arts. As if in symbolism of his alien nature, the base mockeries that Jews call ‘art’ seldom represent anything natural, and more often represent crude representations of reality in bizarre and twisted shapes and forms, never the honest, careful depiction of the ‘thing-in-itself’. It matters not. His skills in propaganda could present Heaven as if it were Hell, and a bath in broiling flames as a balming soak in holy water. ‘Piss Christ’ is, therefore, a masterpiece; while the most beauteous of European artworks reflect dated attitudes of a time best forgotten.
On making the latter point, my premise that Jewishness is against nature is halted somewhat. For it is undoubted that in Jewry we see a people aptly capable of struggling for existence in a world characterised by as much. True enough, his weapon is not strength in the natural sense – for Jews tend to number amongst the smaller and weaker races of the earth – but his truly masterful Darwinian struggle materialises in preaching the language of lies. His victories, when he achieves them - and to our peril, he does - are therefore spiritual victories, for he is the ultimate fanatic, radical, rabble-rouser. How ironic, then, that these selfsame terms are heaped upon Hitler by the Jewish press so pejoratively! He seeks to understand human psychology, but not to advance humanity; only to learn how best to exploit it for the benefit of his own people and kind. It is through understanding of this fact that we see why his modern aegis bears the lofty-sounding slogan of ‘Equality’, a powerful logo to lead the masses. Of course, in the cold light of day in which reality-hardened wrongthinkers best operate, the fulfilment of this mantra is revealed to be impossible. We cannot all be unique and equal. In the animal kingdom, hierarchy reigns, just as it did in the society of the European, and does elsewhere in the world.

But in the mind of the Jew, this is unjust. As the ancient priestly caste, he seeks to raise the weak to the level of the strong through cunning preaching, colonising the spiritual life of his host nation until it embodies the Nietsczhean ‘slave-morality’ in which he best thrives; where the weak and meek are exalted and heroism and strength crushed underfoot as if man has progressed beyond it, a feat anyone who appreciates the rule of nature knows is impossible. The Jew is able to fight all obstacles in this same way. While heroic White tribes might have once crushed their enemies underfoot, the Jew simply conquers his foes through money. An example would be in the case of Arthur Schopenhauer, the extraordinary German philosopher who called Jews the ‘masters of lies’ and ‘dregs of humanity’. Yet after his death, it was Jews who started up the Schopenhauer Society. He who controls the past, it is said, controls the future, and there is no people more powerful in the publishing and broadcast press than Jewry. The ambition, of course, doesn’t change – tear down the cultural and political level of the White race, in the hope of finally wiping it out through organised conflict and miscegenation through the sheer induced apathy of its once proud representatives.
It is worth mentioning that not all of Nature’s creations need to have an obvious purpose - or at least, one understood by the limited faculties of human thought. One of the most well-known pejoratives the anti-semitic German National Socialist Workers Party used against the Jews was that of ‘parasite’. Hitler himself used this metaphor to describe the behaviour of a people who, he claimed, rotted the body of a nation from within, all whilst being entirely dependent on the framework of the nation to carry out their rascal activities. Parasites feed and prosper on the decline of their host, upon whom they depend to live. However, those who, like many on the Right, respect the philosophies of Spengler and Nietszche, may even argue that these too, as unpleasant as they may be in the short term, play a role in Nature’s eternal bestowing of life. Living in comfort for too long causes degeneration – who, living today, could seriously try to counter this in regarding the ugly, gender-bending, multicultural menagerie which comprises the Netflix and Facebook generation?   To regard the purity of the Third Reich in its heyday suggests that perhaps, in a world of eternal suffering, the holy struggle against the subverting instincts of the Jew can provide life anew to a political body which summons the antibodies to shake him off.

Finally, and in conclusion, it might be realised that Jews clearly operate naturally, and always have, in one respect at least: the understanding that they are a unique people on the earth, engaged in a struggle with outgroups. Sure, the bourgeois philosophers of equality might argue that the world can look past its prejudices and join hands in a rousing global chorus of ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing’, but those who accept reality know that the world doesn’t work like that, and never has. Different people have different blood, tainted by different evolutionary stories and accompanied by different abilities. They cannot live together because their genes express themselves differently, and are conducive to living in different ways, as with separate animal species. And it is here when it is finally time to reveal the last trait of the Jewish stereotype that hasn’t diminished in relevance throughout the ages: the base hypocrisy of the people, the crass contradictions and distinctions between his behaviour amongst his own people, and amongst the Gentiles. When living amongst his host people, Jewish behaviour opposes nature, and thus undermines White society, which was constructed thereupon. But amongst themselves, Jews show that they know the rules of the planet, and have for centuries practiced a highly endogamous, eugenic mating strategy, resulting in the much-vaunted difference by standard deviation of their IQs above Whites today. There are few traces of the feminist credos and multicultural delights that the apostles of Jewry love promoting for Gentiles being practiced in Israel today, for example.

It is for this reason that, although Jewish behaviour seems like it is anti-natural, it is consciously so, and forms part of a cohesive strategy of disarming and ultimately defeating the outgroup. If the world seems upside down at the moment, it is only a reflection of how small numerically as a group Jews actually are – most of the world are Gentiles, and because Jews control the developed world’s cultural institutions, we are fed the biological weapon of our eternal enemies without cease, and are not usually privy to the private political musings which presumably swirl around the synagogue. For as much as the metaphor of being against nature, and thereby a destroyer at heart, may ring true and help the newly awakened understand our enemy, it is important to realise that much of what seems as much is a conscious Jewish group strategy, and has proved tremendously successful in ensuring the prosperance of their genepool, whilst sustaining the separateness they pride themselves upon. The real test now, will be whether Whites, as the long time kings of the genetic jungle, will be able to find a counterstrategy to paw away the greedy hyenas encroaching successfully onto his territory, and restore order and honesty to an increasingly dark and contrary world.

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