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The Meta-Politics Of The Great Shutdown

For some time now there have been murmurs that something is heading our way, that censorship of a nature which we have not yet had to deal with is being drafted in various Jewish led think tanks and pressure groups. Many of us have noticed this steadily increasing over the last year, a favourite You Tube channel suddenly disappears because of a bizarre copyright infringement, a forum goes quiet, a Twitter account disappears. In many ways Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer have been the canary in the coal mine, with unrelenting attacks upon the hosting of the site, the means by which readers can pay, attempts at hacking and Disqus disallowing the site from using its comments system. Richard Spencer recently made a thoughtful video on just how far this could potentially lead.

As Spencer notes, the inclusion of High Social Justice Warrior witch, Anita Sarkeesian, and the anti-White Jewish muscle group, the ADL, within the ranks of the new Twitter Thought Police, the aim is to silence us, that is Nationalists, or as is more commonly referred to today the "Alt-Right''.

 The question is why? why now?. In order to understand why a ''Far Right'' sub-culture almost entirely restricted to the internet is scaring the mighty and powerful we need to look back at what has been happening in the real world over the last year or so. It comes down to four basic areas which are collectively putting unprecedented pressure on ''The Narrative''. The rise of Trump, the migrant invasion of Europe, the increasing popularity of the Alt-Right and the Cultural Marxist Left having had its core ideals trashed by reality. 
The big losers have been the Jewish owned political and media establishment in America who couldn't control Trump, and in Europe the Left who are now in the position of welcoming terrorists and rapists from all over the world into Europe against the express wishes of the European people. Many Nationalists become exasperated by the infighting and quibbling within our ranks, but just imagine what the Left has to deal with. 

The New Left becomes old.

The Anti-Fa Group ''Hope Not Hate'' was recently ''No Platformed'' by blacks because it had carried a few articles on Islamic extremism. This is symptomatic as the various tentacles of the Left retreat into ''Safe Spaces'' and newspapers such as The Guardian simply shut down their own comments sections completely on ''sensitive issues''. And then the average Lefty still has to wrap their head around:

Homosexuals vs Transsexuals
Transsexuals vs Women vs Men
Non Gender Aligned Trannies vs ''Normal" Trannies
Women vs Men
White Privilege Theory vs White Leftists
Blacks vs Whites
Anti Zionist Leftists vs Jews
Classical Socialism vs Cultural Marxism
Muslims vs Jews
Muslims vs Feminists
Muslims vs Homosexuals, Trannies, Intersectional-(whatever?!)
Muslims vs Atheists
Muslims vs Non Muslims in general.
Muslims vs Free Speech

To name but a few.

More important is how the Left is now perceived by normal Europeans...

Not a Fake! This is what the Left offers European women now
After the bloodbath of Judeo-Bolshevism a more subtle and sophisticated form of Marxism was cobbled together to attack Western Whites. After its ''long march through the institutions'' was completed this ''new'' progressive left galloped onto the political and cultural discourse like a knight on a charger, its dazzling armour of equality and its razor sharp lance of Social Justice and "anti-racism" blinded and subdued our people into abject surrender of their values and identity. All forms of conservative thought were pilloried, Christianity utterly marginalized and nationalism all but made illegal.

Yet this ''New Left'' is nothing but a colossal fraud! 

The purpose of Cultural Marxism was to act as a battering ram, vindictively and tenaciously deconstructing the pillars that held White, European civilization, the most marvelous, fair and successful in history, intact. However, the people with the most to gain from this were the left's supposed enemies - globalist banking cartels, multinational corporations and elitist politicians who are distanced from and hold great disdain for the people - all areas, like the New Left itself, are heavily dominated by Jews. Where the Left hails "diversity" the money power seeks a Balkanised populace unable to coalesce and reject their usurious, debt slave economy. As noted before, the Left are willing dupes doing the bidding of the people they claim to oppose. Literally everything the neo-Marxist Left stand for benefits the globalist financial elite.

In truth the Left is more like the chief henchman of a sorcerer than a shining knight, more like Darth Vader is to the Emperor or the Witch King of Angmar is to Sauron. The simple fact is, if you're in the business of corralling all strands of humanity together in order to create a gigantic consumer/producer debt slave serf population you need some sort of ethical code to peddle, and the neo-Marxist Left provides that code and smashes any dissent. That is its purpose.

''I want homo marriage legal within two years, can it be done?''
''Yes, my Master''
For reasons which we can discuss another time, the Dark Lords of Globalism Inc. have, over the last year, increased the work load and pressures that their Leftist Champions have to deal with exponentially. As of writing, for example, the last week alone has seen the EU referendum announcement in Britain and the left will be defending the Globalism Inc. side of the argument. In America Donald Trump announces he wants to audit the Federal Reserve but the left attack him and back the Goldman Sachs backed psycho and warmonger, Hillary Clinton. In Hungary a referendum has been announced over the validity of multiculturalism and once again the left will be forced to take the side of universalist principles and Bankers over the Right of a people to remain who and what they are in their own land. And all they can expect in return is accusations that they're traitors and lunatics who should be hanged. It's untenable, the champions of globalism are worn out, exposed, bloodied and wounded and the option of skulking off to a ''safe space'' is increasingly the only option remaining.

The Return of the Nationalist

The principles of nationalism can never be truly defeated because they are rooted in nature our greatest ally and, indeed, the greatest ally it is possible to have. Without the universities and media and political control, abstract values systems shrivel and die. People do not need to be ''educated'' into loving their own kind and land, it is innate. The ''Alt-Right'' is an embryonic White Nationalist movement layered with lashings of irony and rebelliousness topped off with anime memes and a complete disregard for the morality of New/Old Left. 

It is as the Left was 50 years ago but it isn't sanctioned by scheming (((merchants))). This new rebooted form of nationalism also knows exactly how to target the left/globalist combo at their weakest points. It is what could prove to be a virulent counter cultural narrative, and it collides with a waning neo-Marxist Left. As noted above, the tasks demanded of the left by the money power Globalist structure are already immense, now they have to deal with young Whites forming a counter cultural narrative which mocks everything they stand for.
That's a lot of ''Red Pills''
To pick one example of the kind of damage which can be inflicted on the globalist machine by one person with a keyboard or I-Phone, the Twitter user above has so many ''followers'' that a few comments on the Jewish director, JJ Abrams, Star Wars being anti-White became a ''trending topic'' world wide and resulted in the Western media and Abrams himself having to make statements on race and identity politics. When Angela Merkel has to chat to the Jewish boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, on how to police anti-immigrant sentiment in Germany it is an admission that the battered old champion of Globalism, the ''New Left'' can no longer cope. It is saying:
"Our Muscle isn't what it once was, we'll have to move to Plan B"
  The Empire Strikes Back   

With a burgeoning White Nationalist subculture going ''viral'' across the internet and Social Justice Warriors retreating into intersectional post re-alignment gibberish, the money power are now being forced to take matters seriously themselves, finally. But with that comes a whole new set of problems. Consider Google, the Big One, which owns this blog, Google's mission statement is

 "Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," 
 And unofficial motto:
''Don't be evil''
These are the words of Sergey Brin, the ''Russian-Jewish'' co-founder of Google. Brin is worth $35 Billion and Forbes magazine described him, along with co-founder Larry Page, as the fifth most powerful people on earth. Are such people willing to tolerate the growth of a movement which shares information about Jewish power and networking? or do they consider that ''evil''? particularly when we consider this quote from Brin's father:

 Michael Brin claims Communist Party heads barred Jews from upper professional ranks by denying them entry to universities, and that Jews were excluded from the physics departments in particular. Michael Brin therefore changed his major to mathematics where he received nearly straight A's. He said, "Nobody would even consider me for graduate school because I was Jewish."[12] According to Brin, at Moscow State University, Jews were required to take their entrance exams in different rooms from non-Jewish applicants and they were marked on a harsher scale.[15]
 Are people with this background going to ''tolerate'' a counter argument or explanation by somebody such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn whose book on the subject was, mysteriously, never translated into English?

“They(Jews) have forgotten,” marvels the author, “quite sincerely—they have entirely forgotten. How difficult it is to remember the evil one has done!” (p. 490).
They obviously do to a certain degree, but when those ideas begin to question why seemingly everything that matters is owned or dominated by one ethnic group, is that ethnic group going to allow mass red-pilling on the digital media they own so that everyone is staring up wondering why they run and control everything that matters?. They can't, it would be suicidal. 

 The task now is to figure out how to deal with what is becoming known as ''The Great Shutdown''.

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