Saturday, 5 March 2016

First They Came For Ben Shapiro.....

One of the problems Jews on ''The Right'' have is to perform the juggling act of attacking Political Correctness while making sure their own ethnic group is shielded by a titanium like umbrella of social taboo and possible legal action if the gentiles get too uppity.
 Consider this piece by Ben Shapiro, Breitbart boss and, increasingly, the most outspoken critic of Donald Trump:
''Now, I hate political correctness as much as anyone alive. I’m the sort of fellow who goes on national television and refuses to acknowledge politically correct garbage about men being women; I’m the kind of guy who tweets the truth about the circumstances of Trayvon Martin’s death when leftists decide to deify him as a racial martyr; I cut videos about the actual percentage of Muslims on the planet who believe in extremism. I believe political correctness gets Americans killed.''

It's a boon for Zionist Jews to drip pearls of anti PC wisdom into the conservative mind, a mind which is literally dying for anything even resembling a release from the Marxist-Jewish infection of Political Correctness. It also serves a purpose, the more Hank in Alabama believes in a Muslim/Feminist alliance to take away his guns and freedom of speech while Islam invades the West, the more likely Hank is to send off Hank junior to die in the desert for Israel. 

In order to perpetuate this narrative it is necessary to allow Islam to be pilloried relentlessly, we might also get some juicy articles about Black criminality which hint at race realism. In other words, the more Zionist leaning Jews on the Right have been throwing other protected groups under the bus for geopolitical gains and they have done this as being anti-Political Correctness, seemingly having forgotten why Political Correctness was invented. 

 But why be satisfied with the flabby gristle of feminism or the bloody pork chop of Islam when, in the distance, there's a huge succulent rack of ribs called ''The Jewish Question'' for the, newly awakened, dissident mind to grapple with?. All it takes is a surge of confidence, or Donald Trump, and the masses begin to return to the source, and worst of all is that Jews such as Ben Shapiro can no longer count on the brain-inhibitor in the gentile mind to dissuade them because that would be "Politically Correct". Writing recently at The Wire Shapiro sniffed:

It’s not just me, of course. Jake Tapper of CNN now says he’s received anti-Semitic tweets “all day.” My friend Bethany Mandel, another orthodox Jew who opposes Trump, just bought herself a gun out of fear of unhinged Trump supporters. John Podhoretz of Commentary says he receives tweets consistently from “literally neo-Nazi White supremacists, all anonymous…I don’t think I can attribute being a supporter of Trump to being a validator or an expresser of these opinions, but something was let loose by him.” Noah Rothman of Commentary tweets, “It never ends. Blocking doesn’t help either. They have lists, on which I seem to find myself.”
This isn’t Trump’s fault. Politicians often have supporters they can’t stand and don’t control. But one thing is Trump’s fault: Trump has been reaching out to these supporters. They feel empowered by his rise not merely because they agree with his policies, but because of the language Trump uses and the people with whom he associates.

Shapiro now seems to be realising what his brethren on the Left could have told him from the start, once you allow the goyim a certain level of intellectual freedom it's only a matter of time before they come after the people who took away that freedom in the first place. Writing recently for the Jewish Journal  ''Benjamin'' Shapiro tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube:

 Trump entered the race vowing to bring that reign to an end. Because of his celebrity, he’s been able to say politically incorrect things many Republicans believe must be said: that Muslim refugees to the United States must be treated with more care than non-Muslim refugees thanks to the influence of radical Islam, for example, or that illegal immigration brings with it elevated levels of criminality. He’s slapped the leftist media repeatedly, something that thrills frustrated conservatives. 
But Trump has gone further than fighting political correctness: He has engaged in pure boorishness. His fans have lumped that boorishness in with being politically incorrect. That’s foolishness. It’s politically incorrect — and valuable — to point out that single motherhood rates in the Black community contribute to problems of poverty and crime, and that such rates are not the result of white racism but of the problematic values of those involved. It’s simply rude and gauche to mock the disabled, as Trump has, or mock prisoners of war, as Trump has, or mock Megyn Kelly’s period, as Trump has. The list goes on and on.The distinction between being a pig and being politically incorrect is a real one. But Trump and his supporters have obliterated the distinction — and that’s in large part thanks to the pendulum swinging wildly against political correctness.
Obviously, Megyn Kelly's period isn't what's on Shapiro's mind here, he's trying to find a way to make it acceptable to call the Prophet of Islam a child raping psychopath  (Political Incorrectness) while at the same time, portraying people who ask why the Republican Party view the borders of Israel as more important than the borders of Arizona as ''boorish idiots''. 
 You see, it isn't about Political Correctness, asking questions about Jewish influence is just uncouth, vulgar, bad manners.
Ben to us, Benjamin to his own.

 It's hard not laugh at it all, these "Right Wing" Jews bought us the drink of Political Incorrectness, they whispered sweet lines of anti-Islam sentiment, they caressed us with hints of race realism, then when we reached for their bra-strap they ran from the room screaming ''rape!''. 
 If this is the future of political discourse then we can expect to see Jews leave the Right of the political spectrum and return like refugees to their Marxist brethren on the Left, where they will be greeted with a "We told you so..''.

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