Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Liberal Media Snowflake Responds To Brussels Bloodbath ''Don't Send Us Mean Tweets!''

As the good people of Belgium frantically called their families and friends seeking information on whether a loved one has been blown up, incinerated, decapitated or beheaded, the people who are largely responsible for the atrocity had a different set of priorities, amounting to ''Oh God, I'm going to get hell for this on Twitter''. 

After all, just a few days ago we had ''Anti Racism Day'' which combined itself with ''Refugees Welcome'' in an orgy or White guilt brown skin worship and hug a Muzzie fetishism. And now this. 
 Writing in The Independent, one of so many putrid, Liberal trash outlets which constitute the prole feed of MSM, Chris Hemmings explains what really ruined his day, not his Muslim pets increasing their already massive head count on European soil, no, what really bugged him was how ''The Right'' might react. 

 The headline to his piece:

 From #StopIslam to Allison Pearson and Katie Hopkins, the social media response to Brussels has been shocking
It didn't take long for some social-media-savvy Neanderthals to craft their careful messages of bile, determined, before the blood of the dead has even dried, to score political points and lead the charge against a considered approach to terror attack response.
 For them, bombs going off in Belgium validates all their preconceptions that the EU = immigrants, immigrants = Muslims and Muslims = terrorism.
It's always ''bile'' with these people isn't it, whereas they adpot the ''considered approach''. The considered approach is the Liberal Left approach and he's doing it now, it is to do absolutely nothing about the Islam question while attacking anyone, any White person, who opposes what this lunatic supports, which is the complete surrender of our living space while trying to stop your family being burned alive. To address his point, as a racist and a bigot I agree completely that my views have once again been validated, that the EU literally forces member countries to accept immigrants, most of those immigrants are Muslims, and Muslims bring terror. That is objectively true, and saying it with a twattish Left Wing wink and oodles of sarcasm does not make it untrue.

Thus, some Brexit supporters openly used this terrible event to promote an anti-EU message. For them it was clear proof that we should leave the EU, and they’re determined you should know about that as soon as possible.
 It started early this morning with Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson who, at 7.45am, tweeted a pro-Brexit message citing Brussels as her motive. “Brussels, de facto capital of the EU, is also the jihadist capital of Europe,” she wrote. “And the Remainers dare to say we’re safer in the EU! #Brexit”.  This led Sky News’ Kay Burley to respond that it might be a little too soon to be scoring political points out of a terrorist atrocity.
The problem he has here is that his newspaper was carrying a story, alongside his own! proving that Allison Pearson was totally correct in her statement that Brussels is ''Jihadist capital of Europe'':

Then there's the likes of Katie Hopkins who, just hours later, leapt on this occasion to not only attack the existence of the EU but also the entire religion of Islam. She blames the left for not “joining the dots” when it comes to Muslim refugees and clarified with “Merkel – and her ilk – blew up Brussels #brexit”. “Open borders = open season for Isis”, she continued, and her current pinned tweet reads: “Every one of you who said refugees are welcome, if you said ‘let them in’. You are responsible for Brussels. And you still can’t see.”

You may happen to agree with Hopkins and Pearson. I don't, but, regardless of your views, this morning was not the time to argue about Brexit.  We don't know anything about who carried out the attacks, and these hastily sent tweets show nothing more than a complete disregard for those caught up in the violence.

And indeed, he can't see it, he literally cannot see it. Those of us who're not brainwashed Liberal Left cuckolds knew for a fact that Muslims would commit more massacres, it is simply what they do. The reason why we shout about these issues is because we don't want to grieve for the victims while listening to a shitty John Lennon song, we don't want there to be victims in the first place. We don't want Islam here. But the Liberal Left cleaves to a moral high ground which isn't in any way actually moral. How moral is it to strive toward creating conditions within which a Muslim terror attack will occur, and then when it has occurred, chicken out of taking any responsibility? and then go further still by insisting the people who were right about the issue silence themselves out of respect for the victims the Liberal Left have created.

He then continues with this absolute gem:

On his LBC show today James O'Brien was a voice of reason, telling listeners he wasn't interested in hearing anything other than “substantive” debate over Brussels, but clarifying that there probably wasn't anything substantive to say so soon after events unfolded.
 On Sky News, Faisal Islam did similar. When asked what the political reaction had been, he said that now wasn't the time for that discussion.
James O'Brien is an ardent Marxist, what he's telling his audience, and this writer agrees, is that he doesn't want to hear anything negative about either Islam or Leftists, indeed, probably better for everybody to just remain totally silent on the Brussels terror attack. Unsurprisingly Faisal Islam wasn't too keen on discussing it either, and this utterly contemptible journalist is fine with that too. 

  In reality these bad people in Brussels probably aren't recent immigrants. As we learned from the Paris attacks, they're most likely Belgian nationals. Also, we don't have open borders. We're an island with our own strict entry policy, so that's an irrelevance.
''Bad People''?! This is a main stream British newspaper. He's also regurgitating a shockingly flawed Liberal Left argument, we saw it during the Cologne rape rampage. The point they're trying to get across is that we can't blame immigrants or refugees when, in some cases, the Muslims were born in the country where they committed the mass rapes, terror, muggings etc. But this just compounds the utter failure of the multi-racial project, they are saying the previous generation of Muslims are still just as violent and backwards as the incoming ones.

And then we finally come to the real issue, it isn't the terror attacks, it isn't the innocent people being burned alive and painfully slaughtered which is the issue, it's confronting the filth with what they are responsible for, it is the collapsing narrative of the Liberal Left.

They are saying ''Please, please just leave us alone in our safe spaces!''

And now I'm being forced to counter your arguments because you couldn't bear the thought of not sending that tweet. I'm no better than you now. I’m joining an argument that shouldn't be happening at all. The more measured among us are, rightly, not trying to score points today. They're smart enough to know that it's deeply disrespectful. But that means social media is solely awash with one-sided bile. As most tweet sympathy, the rest to leap on fear.
They're entitled to an opinion, but those involved are also entitled not to have their grief hijacked for personal ends.
Think before you tweet, and show some respect.

And to that we must say ''No!you will answer for what you have done''.

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