Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The ''Nazi EU'' Conspiracy

If Only...

There's a surprisingly large segment within the British cuckservative Right who, when they look across the channel at Europe today and the European Union which governs us, at Europeans suffocating under mountains of falsely generated debt, at millions of Muslims and non Whites flooding our homelands, at the mass rape of European women by those non Whites, at the Hate Speech laws which silence us and the fanatical doctrines of anti-racism...these Britcucks then look upon all of this and think:

 ''Yes, yes, it's clear to me now, Nazis won the war and are running the European Union, we are living in the Fourth Reich!''

Boris Johnson recently alluded to the EU  being comparable to a Nazi Empire, UKIP MEP Gerard Batten defended Johnson and went further still, pointing to his own research on the subject. You see the ''Nazi EU'' meme splattered all over comments sections and twitter accounts and blogs leaning toward the EU-sceptic Right of British politics, you hear it in the pub, one of the more common phrases is ''The Germans are doing with peace what they couldn't do by war''. One nut-job has even written a book called 'The EU: The Truth About The Fourth Reich - How Hitler Won The Second World War'

Friday, 27 May 2016

The Last Whites Of The East End

"Have you ever wondered, perhaps, why opinions which the majority of people quite naturally hold are, if anyone dares express them publicly, denounced as 'controversial, 'extremist', 'explosive', 'disgraceful', and overwhelmed with a violence and venom quite unknown to debate on mere political issues? It is because the whole power of the aggressor depends upon preventing people from seeing what is happening and from saying what they see.Enoch Powell.

This week the BBC broke with all protocol and historical precedent by airing a documentary which was somewhat sympathetic toward the White British who've been ethnically cleansed by the British establishment. 

There was some element of the usual BBC trickery, for example, one of the most prominent of the 'White British' fleeing Newham, the East London Borough where this was filmed, was mixed race, half Black/White who was married to a Romanian woman, they had a young daughter, another young man was half Indian and one of the people most sympathetic toward the fleeing Whites was a Bangladeshi. But nevertheless, the BBC broadcast a documentary in which White British people who're being ethnically cleansed had an opportunity to look  straight into the camera and say ''We're being ethnically cleansed!''. Usually, when the BBC report on 'sensitive issues' they neuter the content by overlaying a moronic slapstick-lite soundtrack to make it all seem a bit of lark, Last Whites of the East End was mercifully spared it.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Life Is Defeated & Other Granville Thorndyke Masterpieces

The brilliantly creative, Granville Thorndyke, has been rather busy of late and I thought a post was in order highlighting some of the most thoughtful and artistic video work coming out of our movement right now. 

The Present Is a Foreign Country

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Radiohead In The Age Of White Genocide

I was pleasantly surprised to see Radiohead return with their weird, and strangely addictive, brand of angst laden introspective ambient rock. Listening to music which could, understandably, be deemed miserable and depressing has often struck me as a particular and peculiar European pass-time. What bands such as New Order or Joy Division or Nirvana or Radiohead are actually singing about is by the by, they tap into a latent melancholia which has always existed in the European soul, which European musicians, whether modern or classic, have always explored.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

7 Origins of Modern Order

From 'Angel's Orchid' by ''Arjuna Krishna-Das'' 

Part 2: In the Wild

“You see,” said Json, “that’s how the whole Vedic Meritocracy got reborn.

Once Orchid stabilised between the three forces of light, dark and random, Robert injected an idea, a kernel that would just wouldn’t stop growing: IQ-based control and ownership of the social media space.

“How did that work?”

“Back in the early daze of the interwebz, they had to try and block AI spambots.”

“How could they block a higher intelligence?”

“Oh this was way before the Tyrell Corporation hired Weev as their principle Architect and brought out the Nexus 7 series.”

“So there were these little puzzles to solve before you could register on a website, just distorted phrases to type in at first.”

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Why I Hate: Part 1: Anti Fascists & Friends On Facebook

I thought I'd add something of a personal touch to the blog with a series of posts which will detail some of the experiences and mental changes I went through which turned a politically aloof young man from northern England into...well, the kind of person who runs a blog like this. It isn't that my experiences have been particularly brutal or grueling, but rather that millions of White people will be undergoing something similar, a sense that something is seriously wrong with the world around them. Each of these people will be grappling with mental road blocks and psychological hurdles, my aim here is to use my experiences living on the European continent with the diversity and coming across the struggle online etc, to perhaps find a way to identify where our people are in their transition and then to help bump them along a little more swiftly.

These posts will not be in any chronological order, each will be a stand-alone post which will go up every so often and will have the label ''Why I Hate''...

Anti Fascists & Friends On Facebook

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Great White Leader

Europe’s Last Dictator and Prince Joffrey

By Rationality 

There is a country in Europe that is not obliged to take in millions of refugees. A country that is more like a theme park modelled on the Soviet Union; the hammer and sickle are everywhere. A country that has very strong borders and proud of it. A true European ethno-state. Welcome to Belarus...

Sunday, 8 May 2016

The BBC Euphemism Handbook

Here is a brief guide compiled by Blog regulars which lists and explains some of the trickery and psychological deceit used by the BBC to mislead and misinform our people. 

Chapter 1 - British Men

Use "British Men" when discussing Blacks, Asians, Muslims, or any other non-British and/or non-White males who perpetrate crime.

Chapter 2 - British Women

Use "British Women" when discussing Blacks, Asians, Muslims, or 
any other non-British and/or non-White females who perpetrate crime.

Chapter 3 - Community

Use "Community" to describe any disparate group of people, especially freaks, to create the impression of harmony.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Commie Bad Goys, Shabbos Good Goys & Those Powerless Jews

I'd like to thank the Labour Party for the show, don't get me wrong, I still long for the day the bastards responsible for the rape of England stand trial and get shot in the back of the head and thrown into pits face justice, but for now I'm happy enough watching the ongoing meltdown. No political movement pushed the meme that ''Diversity is our strength'' harder than Labour, and now Labour is in a state of collapse as Muslims+Marxists face off against Liberal Lefties, Zionists/Jews and their shabbos goy enforcers. 

It hardly matters anymore that what ''Red Ken'' Livingstone said was factually accurate, as the Jewish virtual library confirms ,what it really boils down to, as always, is preventing non-Jews having any opinion of Jews without a Jewish mandate. 

Transat 2016

It's hard to imagine a preoccupation more quintessentially White and European than the 3,000 nautical mile, east-to-west, single-handed Transat yacht race from England to the USA.
The race is held every 4 years and is organised by the  Royal Western Yacht Club of Plymouth. Transat 2016 will commence from the port of Plymouth at 2.30pm on Monday 2 May as the boats, along with their solo skippers, begin their grueling voyage to New York.