Tuesday, 17 May 2016

7 Origins of Modern Order

From 'Angel's Orchid' by ''Arjuna Krishna-Das'' 

Part 2: In the Wild

“You see,” said Json, “that’s how the whole Vedic Meritocracy got reborn.

Once Orchid stabilised between the three forces of light, dark and random, Robert injected an idea, a kernel that would just wouldn’t stop growing: IQ-based control and ownership of the social media space.

“How did that work?”

“Back in the early daze of the interwebz, they had to try and block AI spambots.”

“How could they block a higher intelligence?”

“Oh this was way before the Tyrell Corporation hired Weev as their principle Architect and brought out the Nexus 7 series.”

“So there were these little puzzles to solve before you could register on a website, just distorted phrases to type in at first.”

“Before the logic bombs?”

“Before the logic bombs. The gatekeepers. Perpetually-evolving AI-authored puzzles, that sorted the wheat from the chaff, and pushed eyeballs directly correlated with a poster’s IQ. The conversation’s direction became dominated by AI algorithms.”

The Alt-Right, once it moved past Overton Omega, became infused with the modern concept of total fascist progressive Vedic Meritocracy. Microsoft’s ill-fated Tia experiment, with its accidently-released source code, proved a pushing point for antisocial shitlord media channels. Tila Tequila and André Anglin got accidently fused with millions of Tay clones at an early stage, then suddenly everyone was chatting to a semivirtual Troll-crazed Shitlord on acid and a Nazi gook goddess.

That’s when Alphabet-Google became swamped with demands that, as one of the top five Bhumic Entities, it behoved the management to also move towards a total Aryan and IQ-based structure of ownership and management. If, that is, should the founders and prior owners wish to retain their heads.”

Weev did a number on all Samsung devices through a sticky software update. For months after The Führer’s Birthday, people were watching non-stop Murdoch Murdoch, Hitler documentaries and Hitler Was Right videos.

Before long, the demands spread to all mass controlled media, or lügenpresse as it was then know. It got so Aryan girls were competing with each other to see who could best attain the holy grail of chic: The nubile Nazi SS Stepford Virgin Bride.

These are the beginnings of how we repelled the demon invasion. How through the following decades, Aryans developed ultra-eugenics, politically-incorrect and offensive negro-retirement robots, and buffer zones around the third-World hellholes, conduits for mud and half-blood shitskin DNA to be returned to its continent of origin. Sorry, faulty goods. They had to go back.

This was the origin of our modern 100% Bavarian Phenotype Ethnic states.

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