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Commie Bad Goys, Shabbos Good Goys & Those Powerless Jews

I'd like to thank the Labour Party for the show, don't get me wrong, I still long for the day the bastards responsible for the rape of England stand trial and get shot in the back of the head and thrown into pits face justice, but for now I'm happy enough watching the ongoing meltdown. No political movement pushed the meme that ''Diversity is our strength'' harder than Labour, and now Labour is in a state of collapse as Muslims+Marxists face off against Liberal Lefties, Zionists/Jews and their shabbos goy enforcers. 

It hardly matters anymore that what ''Red Ken'' Livingstone said was factually accurate, as the Jewish virtual library confirms ,what it really boils down to, as always, is preventing non-Jews having any opinion of Jews without a Jewish mandate. 

 What makes it all the more amusing is that the critique of the Far Left is becoming less centred on Israel oppressing all those non White proletarians, and more on Jewish power in the West, albeit seen through a typically deluded Marxist power dynamics perspective in which Jews are just part of the oppressor class, and not a force, racially driven, in and of themselves.

Stephen Pollard, head honcho of the Jewish Chronicle, somehow managed to convince The Sun to allow him to write an editorial:
And since it’s perfectly OK to criticise Israel, which is simply a country, the label “Zionist” is used to sanitise ideas and accusations that are, in reality, just traditional anti-Semitism rebadged.
So we are told about “Zionist” control of the media and business, when what is really meant is Jewish control.
The anti-Semitic trope of Jewish media dominance has been taken so seriously that the Jewish editors and writers at The Sun, The Guardian, Financial Times, The Independent  and The Times (pay-wall) all pushed out piece after piece condemning the idea that they have the ability to use the media to further their interests.

Hysterical hyperbole is the order of the day here, for example, Jack Lewy writing in The Independent:
There is an important and fundamental difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, but what we have seen on the Left is an unfortunate bridging of the two: an appeal to old-fashioned anti-Semitic tropes about a Jewish control over the media, and a conflation of criticisms of Israeli policy in the settlements with an outright attack on Israel’s right to exist......When British Jews read about the comments made by senior politicians we are horrified - but more importantly we are scared.
Nick Cohen for The Guardian:
 I saw the darkness of antisemitism, but I never thought it would get this dark
  And Jonathon Freedland also in The Guardian:
So this is my plea to the left. Treat us the same way you’d treat any other minority. No better and no worse. If opposition to racism means anything, it surely means that.
No reply so far...

It's fascinating to spend some time watching this play out on Twitter, the Jews who dominate our media and politics are, regardless of party politics or associations with rival newspapers, all busily retweeting each other, quoting each other and generally working as a team to control the narrative. We can use the analogy of a game of basketball, the narrative is the ball, the Jewish media the team, Pollard to Freedland, to Cohen, back to Aaronovitch over to Simon Schama who lobs it to Portes. The British public are in the position of a dwarf hopping about at the kneecaps of the Jewish players as the ball whizzes far above their heads.

The chutzpah of Freedland in The Guardian is astounding, he beseeches the Left to view Jews as they would any other minority group, as, for example, how the Left would see a black woman. But the problem the Left have is with Zionist lobby groups and the Israeli army, so what Freedland is asking is that the Left treat multi-billion dollar lobbyists, their media empire and their military, as belonging to a certified PC victim group(!) the implication being that Jews are persecuted if this is to denied them.

But sometimes having a monopoly on political discourse simply isn't enough, and the "Zionist" intelligentsia is nothing if not thorough, sometimes it's necessary to send in an aggressive, moronic thug to really lay down the law, and for that they have top shabbos goy, John Mann MP. John Mann is to British Jewry what Joe Pesci was to the Mob bosses in Goodfellas, he's the scary psycho sent in when the schmucks just won't  listen. John Mann has actually stood up in Parliament and proposed people critical of Jews be banned completely from the internet, and more recently he all but smacked geriatric Marxist, Ken Livingstone, in the mouth for claiming Hitler was a Zionist....

The enforcer, John Mann, is now getting to work on hunting down any and all anti-Zionist elements on the hard Left, as Mann quite openly states on Twitter, they have the choice, convert to Zionism or face public ruin and career death. 

 This is actually happening at the highest levels of British politics(!)
Actual Tweets of a British MP!

Where now the golf club Libertarians and Classical Liberals of Guido Fawkes blog and Breitbart London? well, they're rolling around in an orgasmic frenzy. Finally, finally the truth is out, the Left are Nazis! it isn't just that they have the word ''Socialist'' in their name but they really do hate Jews!. The Pat Condell loving, cucked Right, of British politics are reveling in it, the hard Left and their Muslims can be called ''racist"at last.

 George Galloway, that old bruiser of the British far Left, understands exactly what is happening, the (as the Left would have it) Zionists are purging the Labour Party of dissent, they never wanted Corbyn and the time has come for a mopping up operation, the Tories having fallen long ago. The articles above reveal how this is to be achieved. The Left have a history of bypassing the ''anti-Semite'' tag by using the term "Zionism". But this bolt-hole is being filled in, as Pollard explains ''this is just anti-Semitism re-badged".

The "rogue" Jew, Norman Finkelstein, often points out that no group on earth enjoy the power and privilege of American Jewry, and to see them obsessing over anti-Semitism, sniffing it out and wailing about it constantly, is ''grotesque''. As friendly sites have pointed out,  the Labour party was caught red handed in covering up the mass sexual exploitation and torture of White girls at the hands of Muslim immigrants, and the party sailed through it with barely a scratch. A couple of Leftists said something about Jews which the Jews didn't like and Labour is torn apart, purged and pilloried.

 Where was the John Mann hard-case enforcer cornering councilors and MP's involved with Rotherham? where was the purge and the Tweets threatening public shaming?

 The situation is what can only accurately be described as ''Grotesque''.

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